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  1. Hello again everyone! So I've been Gluten Free for one week (Due to blood tests being positive and doctors orders). Eating a lot of fruits and vegetables, proteins and rice/potatoes. I even tried gluten-free Spaghetti. (Tinkyada) Yesterday was the first day someone else prepared a meal for me. I eat lunch at my in-laws EVERY single Sunday of the year. My F-in-law made Potatoes, Chicken and Canned tomatoes (Rotel) in the oven. He did not use a lot of spices, only salt and pepper. -I ate a small portion, as this was the first time eating someone else's food in a week. This was around 1pm. Later in the day about 4pm I was feeling OK but sort of sleepy so I stopped at 7-11 for a "gas station cappuccino" I should have located the ingredients, but after reading online I thought it *should* be OK. I was fine after drinking a small cup. For dinner (6pm) I was feeling pretty happy that I hadn't had a reaction thus far and stopped at Chipolte Mexican Grill with my husband and had a "Bowl" But I neglected to ask them to change their gloves when making my bowl, but there was no direct contact with the inside of my bowl with any tortillas/gloved hands. A couple of hours later I started to develop a horrible migraine. I put myself to sleep thinking it would go away by morning. I woke a couple hours later with a severe migraine and feeling nauseous. I felt like the only thing I could do to make myself feel better was vomit, but I did not. I took a LONG hot shower that helped some, took 2 Tylenol and tried to sleep again. I felt so awful I woke my husband up with my crying. Was this just a random migraine or was this because of my over-confidence in my eating yesterday? I am DEFINITELY going to be more careful from now on. I did have a migraine reaction to Barley about 6 weeks ago, so I think this is related. To be honest yesterday I think I was starting to have Gluten withdrawals.. I was craving things I shouldn't have and trying to make excuses in my head so that I could eat them!! It could have been a disaster. I was starting to doubt that I am a Celiac... I have no doubts now.
  2. Frozen Veggies! I've been sitting here thinking fresh, but you're right Frozen are definitely more budget friendly. I do love using the crock pot! Thats good advice on thinking of what I want to make and then how do I make it gluten-free. One of my mother in laws friends is a Celiac, she emailed me today and gave me a bit of advice. She even told me that when she first got diagnosed she would carry around her favorite chocolate candies so that if everyone she was with was having something sweet she could still indulge. That's a huge thing for me, not being able to eat at a family meal. My husbands family is so big and they're Italian, we eat A LOT of meals together.. I actually had never really had much Barley in my life, but it seemed like a great filler and addition to split pea soup. It tasted great at the time, but now the idea turns my stomach!
  3. Also, About 6 weeks ago I made split pea soup with BARLEY, corn, carrots etc. The soup was delicious and I sat down to eat dinner with my husband, about half way through my bowl of soup I got so sick, I had the biggest migraine I've ever experienced and I was instantly nauseous, D and vomiting. I could not eat for about 2 days, my entire body was so tired and I just went to my room and laid in the dark for hours. Could the migraine be directly related to my eating Barley? I've noticed migraines more often than I've ever experienced them before. At the time I had thought it was just a migraine that happened to make me nauseous but now I am thinking it was the barley?
  4. I am overwhelmed by the amount of responses!! Thank you so much for all of your support and helpful information! I will probably have to read it 3 or 4 times until I get it all in. Obviously I still feel overwhelmed, but after reading all of your responses I am starting to feel like "I am not alone" I can't believe how many people feel the same way I do. I still cannot imagine life without constant D or knowing exactly where the nearest bathroom is ALL the time. I definitely felt it was in my mind... People told me it was, my own husband thought I was exaggerating. I did have blood tests and the results came back that I do have Celiac, and that is when the doctor called to tell me to start a Gluten Free diet ASAP.. and that she was not scheduling any more tests at this time, so apparently for her a blood test was enough? Jen D- We are definitely not alone! I am so very happy I found this form. IrishHeart-- You have such an incredible amount of knowledge! Thank you so much for posting all of your recipes and helpful hints. All of you are amazing! Thank you!! I know this is going to be difficult for me. I'm a college student (married to another college student) so our budget is definitely already limited, it seems like eating fresh always costs so much more-- i think that's why i was such a big fan of the processed food aisle. I graduate in 6 months, it is going to be rocky for a while- But eventually I'll get this under control. --if I was asked a specific question, I apologize for not answering it!
  5. My test results came back today. They're indicative of Celiac. Now what? I got the call over the phone so the doctor didn't really go into detail, but I've spent many hours online researching. I have appointment on the 17th with a dietitian at the doctor's office to help me get started on a Gluten Free diet. I had no idea what Celiac was a month ago. My doctor was asking regular questions at my annual appointment. I am 23, Anemic (I've been on Iron 4x daily for a year now).. That is the reason I started going to the doctor. I had blood in my stool, purple lines under my eyes and I am ALWAYS tired. I am also overweight! I have been most of my life. When I was 12 I started missing school because every morning when I woke up I would be so sick, I'd be in the bathroom for multiple hours. My mom used to think I was faking it. At 13 I had an endoscopy and a colonoscopy, the tests came back fine according to my doctor, my intestines *looked* fine. They were looking for signs of Crohn's disease as my maternal Aunt has had Crohn's since the early 90s. My mom also has extreme Colitis. Fast forward 10 years.. by now in my world constant diarrhea, stomach pain, vomiting, constipation are just the normal part of my life. It actually didn't even occur to me that other people don't deal with it! My husband would hate to go to dinner with me if we were going to go shopping after, because he would know not even 30 minutes after eating dinner I would need to hit the bathroom. I just figured it was "IBS" In my mind I was thinking vegetables/lettuce are upsetting my stomach, gluten never occurred to me. I schedule my life around being sick after I eat. So when I mentioned to the doctor "Yeah, I have diarrhea all the time.. I have for over 10 years." Combined with the other symptoms I have that I read online, I am now thinking "Why did no one mention this before??" My doctor told me when she suggested I be tested that it is constantly misdiagnosed and they are trying to catch it faster now. So my reason for posting is to ask, what now? I asked her if I need more testing or what and she just said "No tests right now, we need you to start a Gluten Free diet" So was the blood test enough to diagnose this? I read about the biopsy from an endoscopy... Do I need that? and HOW do I live Gluten free!! I made my first trip to Target tonight to read labels and it seems like everything has wheat/gluten. By the time I left the cereal, snack and bread aisle I was ready to cry.. How can I be depressed about things I didn't even like before, simply because I can't have them now? ..What happens if I eat Gluten, is it only the diarrhea/stomach cramps/pain.. If I am accidentally glutened, should I be worried? So many questions Sorry guys, I know this was all mixed up, I just have so many thoughts running through my mind I can't seem to get them out before I forget it or something else is in its place... And Sorry for being whiny. Thanks All. Happy New Year