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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Reception Dinner Etiquette

    Is the reception plated or buffet? I had to attend a reception for my graduate program and my friends I sat with knew why I ate a huge plate of salad w/ no dressing and fresh cut fruit for dessert. It was buffet style, and even though they had baked salmon and some kind of green beans, I didn't take a chance. Discretion is certainly the key when bringing your own food, so as not to be "smelly" or a distraction or the topic of conversation. I understand your stance Songbirdy, not wanting to call this time around. I think you did the right thing by considering all the factors (cost, out-shining, etc.) I have had pretty good luck calling ahead to places/caterers and it's just as helpful to know if they are NOT gluten-free so I KNOW I have to bring my own stuff. Of course, I always have a little something with me or I bring my "cake" (Udi's chocolate muffin). I have also started asking close family friends to just hang on to the label when they prepare things for gatherings, that way I get a chance to look at the ingredients, they feel "helpful" but they are not worried about preparing gluten-free food for me. It takes a little while b/f your family/friends/coworkers really understand that you really are not going to eat something unless you can confirm it is gluten-free, but soon enough they forget or don't notice you never drink beer or eat the crackers or bring your own (Hormel) roast beef! On a side note, I also had good luck staying at a Residence Inn (I'm being serious, no Holiday Inn jokes here) where they have breakfast buffets and evening munchies. The staff was so helpful b/c I would just poke my head in the kitchen or catch them replenishing food and ask if I could peak at the food label. Seems most staff, caterers, chefs and the like are happy to oblige if you're friendly enough!
  2. Running or swimming help me. My daily probiotic (Culturelle) and my daily red wine intake seems to help most of the time. I used to get that "full up to my chin" feeling before going gluten-free and it was miserable. It was like I just wanted to let out one huge burp! gross! Sometimes eating a cup of brown rice seems to help me, too, or eating dried prunes. Good luck! Oh, and watch the Altoid minis, they contain wheat!
  3. Ironman Or Triathlete?

    Okay - two sprint tri's down for the summer. Despite my lack of training as compared to past years, I did okay and had a good recovery. In one of our schwag bags we got mini Luna bars and I was surprised to see it was gluten-free. Is Luna Protien gluten free? www.lunabar.com At the beginning of 2011 we started to transition the entire LUNA Protein line to be gluten free. To do this, Clif Bar & Company has looked at all aspects of making our bars. Our ingredient suppliers have confirmed that all ingredients are gluten free, so they contain no gluten from wheat, rye or barely. Where we make our food is capable of making a gluten free food and we test our finished products to confirm that they are gluten free. As of March 2011, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Cookie Dough, and Chocolate Cherry Almond transitioned to be gluten free, as well. You can tell if your LUNA Protein bar is gluten free by looking at the packaging. I had the mini choc/raz Luna bar pre-race along with some coconut water in my water bottle on the bike. The first tri was hilly and WINDY but pretty. The second tri we were blessed with lovely weather so it was a nice quick ride. The lake was way down, so we were swimming in the weeds though. Thanks for the tip on Ultragen ... where do you buy it?
  4. Vitamins

    I can't seem to take Target's Up & Up brand vitamins without getting ill. Any other milder multis out there?
  5. Almost One Year Gluten-Free!

    Good for you advocating at your college! I can't imagine being a college student and trying to be gluten-free. Although, it would have saved me many long, miserable hangovers had I known I was celiac in college. I do so miss my wheat beer! haha! The food log is a great idea and I've tried to track my eating using MyFitnessPal. It is a great app/online tool, but even as convenient as that is, it is still so time consuming! The food labeling is my biggest issue. My husband is very supportive but he still doesn't quite put together that I have to watch out for "natural flavors" and such. I am in school now too, but when I finish, I want to try to get a campaign going in my city to educate restaurants. I feel like those of us who are gluten-free can accept that we can't eat whatever we want, but we can be happy knowing that we can eat what is safe, even if there are only a few choices. I called a restaurant one time thinking they would surely have a gluten-free menu, and the sweet but obviously young hostess told me that the chef would be happy to take the gluten out of whatever I order. Sigh... Do you have any apps or online tools you use for shopping or gluten-free info other than this site? Seems kind of hit and miss ...
  6. Ironman Or Triathlete?

    Open water or pool? Good luck! I would go to their website to see for yourself, only b/c I'm paranoid!
  7. Ironman Or Triathlete?

    I have done several sprint tris and half marathons but none as a celiac yet - first one this summer is in 2 weeks. My standard pre-race is 1/2 pb sandwich (Udi's this round) and a 1/2 banana. I use Nuun tablets in my water during the bike and it appears they are gluten-free: ARE NUUN BRANDED PRODUCTS GLUTEN-FREE? Yes, both Nuun Active Hydration and U Natural Hydration contain only gluten-free ingredients. The wheat germ oil used in Nuun All Day is gluten-free. Nun All Day is currently undergoing testing to verify that the other ingredients are gluten-free as per FDA GUIDELINES. Coconut water would be a good alternative to that though. I'm not big on carb loading, but this time around I may enjoy my homemade gluten-free mac n cheese the night before (Quinoa pasta). I eat lots of nuts and fruits/veggies in general, drink tons of water, and coconut water. Any thoughts?
  8. What's Your Standard "food Bag" When Travelling?

    Great topic! I totally need ideas for traveling! Here's a few things I've been jotting down on my pack list, not all would be good for air travel though: Zucchinni (I use slices to dip in hummus, salsa, etc.) Apples Bananas Oranges Strawberries Spinach salad baby carrots lemons/limes for seasoning avocado Hormel (or other) Lunch meat sliced cheese hard cheese (Dubliner at Costco, mmmm) Sabra Roasted Garlic Hummus Chex Cereals Lays Potato Chips or Frito Lay Scoops HyVee Spicy Bean Dip HyVee Organic Blue Corn Chips Salsa Blue Diamond Nut Crackers Skippy Natural Peanut Butter Chicken Shrimp Cocktail Salmon Bigelow tea Republic of tea Almond, Rice, or Cocunut Milk Udi's bread, muffins Snyder's gluten-free pretzels Blue Diamon Nut Thins Crunchmaster gluten-free crackers Quinoa pasta (if stove available) GR mac and cheese powder Welch's gummy fruit snacks "Kind" bars and/or granola dark chocolate amonds Kind bars Coconut water Wine Captain Morgan San Pelligrino Arianciata or Limonata Culturelle probiotics So is Starbucks instant coffee safe?
  9. Almost One Year Gluten-Free!

    Congratulations Pianoland! It's great you are feeling healthy and have made the one-year mark. I am at 6+ months gluten-free and am looking forward to my first gluten-free anniversary! While there are still some times I think, "really? I can never have crescent rolls again, ever??" I have no doubt that being gluten-free has helped me in so many ways. Aside from the obvious digestive improvements, I have less joint/arthritic pain and less anxiety. As a result of becoming hyper aware of ingredients, I have come to appreciate the organic and local food movements. Where as at one time it was a luxury to buy organic or local, now it seems gross and not edible if I come across something with a string of ingredients that I can't pronounce. I think my biggest frustration, along with most other celiacs/gluten-free people, is the ever-changing ingredient lists and sources. Why can't the FDA just regulate the language and call it a day??? Sure it is helpful if the label says "contains wheat" but it does no good to list natural flavors or modified food starch, etc., if we have no idea what is in there. Now that you're a bonafide gluten-free pro, what would you say are your best pieces of advice for those of us still adapting and learning?
  10. I had a biopsy that was "compatible with celiac" and normal blood panel. I have had a pretty good dietary response 1-month gluten-free. I've limited dairy also and that seems to help some. My father didn't do any tests and went gluten-free after my diagnosis - great dietary response. Seems to add up to me.
  11. This is the second time I've had a huge wave of nausea after taking Target brand multi-vitamins. I checked the bottle and it says gluten free, but there is no doubt that within 10-15 minutes of taking these I have felt horrible. I am taking them with food, but that doesn't seem to make any difference. Oddly enough, (TMI), I also get the urge to go to the bathroom at about the same time. So frustrating ... I am going to contact Target to ask again about their labeling.
  12. domesticactivist - do you do the carrot juice yourself or purchase? The Culturelle seems to be helping. Thanks for the info!
  13. Thanks, Ann, that is helpful info. I loce their Dark Chocolate Almonds but am wondering about cross contam. -jen
  14. Sudden Insomnia After Going Gluten Free

    I'm two weeks gluten-free and am having some trouble sleeping, too - lots of tossing and turning and strangely I seem more restless/anxious on my back and left side (usually my go to side) ... ?
  15. Thank you for the feedback - I have two apples with me here at work today! I will try to find that probiotic mentioned.