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  1. Thanks for all the replies! Since I posted, my appetite has had yet again another "swing" and all I have been interested in is ice cold fruit and veggies. (raw, uncooked) so I'd say that's not such a bad thing lol I am 30 years old. I have been off gluten for 3 months now. I think my first day of quitting the gluten was somewhere around mid-december, as I recall going nuts when my mother brought out her calzone for xmas lol. It was actually really easy for me to start, with the exception of home-made goodies like that. I still resisted! I never really had symptoms that I recognized before I cut out gluten cold turkey. Now, I noticed the few times I had been bad and ate something I shouldn't, I would break out in what looks to be hives, I'd feel terribly bloated, and have tremendous difficulty digesting - and it'd often just come back up on me. You've all brought up some great ideas - and I do have to remind myself that I am not only harming myself, but also am harming the one thing I was sure would never be! So now I'm going to have to find some great meal ideas - and mashed potatoes have been a heaven-sent carb solution for me when I need them most! So for now, I'm going to stick to that being my only starchy fix since the other stuff is just making my stomach turn.
  2. A brief on me: I've been TTC for almost 2 years as I was diagnosed with premature ovarian failure. I was told I have a 2% chance of ever having children, and that I should consider adoption. I decided to leave my fertility doctor after failed IUIs and move on to a holistic doctor. She had me tested for celiac, and it turned out I had it. This was in december. Now 3 months later I'm gluten free, and I got pregnant! Pregnant and healthy and doing well :) So now I'm 7 weeks in and just about a week ago is when I REALLY started to feel the symptoms. My biggest problem is that I am absolutely disgusted by gluten free products. Anything with corn or rice just makes my stomach churn. And I'm CRAVING - in a major way - a slice (or two or three) of whole grain bread. A big hearty chunk and just thinking about it right now is making me hungry. And nothing (I mean nothing!) else makes me hungry. It does the opposite. I just have no appetite for a gluten free lifestyle right now Substitutes are not sufficing. I'm kind of going crazy :/ I don't know what to do!
  3. I'm sorry if this post is disorganized/confusing at all. I have a LOT of questions. Hi there, I'm Julie. 30 years old, from NY. TTC for about a year...I will give you a briefing of my situation - or you can skip ahead if not interested - I have been searching for a larger reason behind my infertility caused by "high fsh" and after seeing several specialists, having unsuccessful IUIs, etc...nobody can give me a reason. They say my eggs are just bad, and suggested that I might have premature ovarian failure. I've had about 15 FSH tests over the last year, and most turned out normal - under 10. Two tests came back spiked which lead to the diagnosis. The first was 15, and the second was 28. My fertility doc told me I have a 2% chance of conceiving with my own eggs, and that I should look for a donor, and not waste my time on IVF. I saw a rheumatologist because I had antibodies present in my blood tests - and he said all of his tests came up negative, and I am not symptomatic of any autoimmune diseases, and that was that. SO----I ended up going to a holistic doctor and acupuncturist. She ran food allergy tests on me which returned results stating that I have gluten intolerance. I later called my rheumatologist to ask if they ever tested my blood for a gluten allergy, they said no. I have a few question - but they all stem from this. WHY, if celiac disease is the cause of many unexplained infertility cases, did my supposed almighty fertility doctor not think to test me for this? When I first had concerns about my health, I had presumed that I had a thyroid condition. I was actually crossing my fingers and praying that a thyroid problem was my issue. That way I could fix that issue, and be on my way to getting pregnant. Unfortunately, those tests came back normal. The symptoms are somewhat similar to those of celiac disease. How could my doctor have missed this?? Is there a link between celiac disease and high FSH? I'm searching high and low for a reason that I cannot have children. I can't give up just yet. I have been avoiding gluten products for about 3 weeks, and have a test for celiac disease next week. Will the test results still be solid even though I've been avoiding gluten? Anybody in a similar situation? I could really use some support. thanks so much. Again, I'm sorry for any confusion. But if you have any questions regarding what I said, I'm an open book.