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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Ok, just when I think I have this thing figured out!!!! I just called the Atkins hotline since I had bought some frozen dinners for my daughter. No gluten ingredients listed but I just wanted to make sure since I had the horrible experience with Campbell's hiding barley in their 2% of "secret recipe". The lady answered and said no, they were not gluten free because of the modified food starch. She told me she herself had celiac. I told her that in all the info, MFS in America has to be declared if it was wheat and should be on the label. It was not. She immediately told me that yes for the FDA but not the USDA. They do not have to declare it. So apparently the meat must have it? She told me that she herself did not learn that until starting to work for Atkins. Does anyone know if this is true? I am stunned. For a whole year, I have thought I was keeping her safe.
  2. If he is getting glutened, I wouldn't think the couch would be the first thing that popped in my mind. I would guess eating out, grandma's house, or playdough. Maybe even another food sensitivity. My GI doctor had a good long talk with me about keeping my sanity after my husband told her I was going crazy. And he wasn't joking. I had accidently given her something with hidden gluten in it (not on label as rye or barely) and it freaked me out for days. I saw everything as poison to her. She (who is a strict doctor) told me, "One cigarette a year won't kill a person. One cigarette a month won't kill a person. It is just like that with gluten. Oh, she might have a little diarreah but it won't kill her to get accidently glutened." So when I looked at it that way, I lightened up. Not with my gluten but with my obsession that everything was going to cause lymphoma.
  3. Cleaning Furniture-Couches Etc

    We are a mixed household. 3 of us are not gluten free and my daughter is. We never worry about furniture. In the kitchen, we do wipe down fridge handles, counters, etc after touching anything with wheat. We wash our hands after eating a sandwich. BUT...we don't do anything different with furniture. My daughter still has normal bloodwork showing no exposure. If that dog died 2-3 years ago, I am sure you are safe.
  4. Newly Diagnosed Baker

    I am so sorry. I met a lady who was diagnosed celiac after her and her husband bought a pizza parlor! She now offers gluten free crusts. She makes them at home and then takes them to the restaurant to prevent cross contamination. (Not sure if that is FDA allowed but I trust that more than making them there!) Children with autism are often on a gluten free/dairy free diet. You could make cupcakes and birthday cakes for them in addition to celiacs. I had a friend this week complain that no one made dairy free cakes! You may could just adjust your specialty. There is a gluten-free bakery that will ship to your house. You could be one of those, too! Celiacs would love a totally dedicated gluten free bakery! I'd love for you to come to my town!
  5. Really? Is There New Info?

    She will tell you her quality of life was better before. Of course, she has no intestinal symtoms and could eat a loaf of bread with no symptoms. So she would revert back to not taking her own food to sleepovers and potlucks. She'd love to be able to eat anything off the menu at any restaurant. She has broken into tears at the sight of Krispy Kreams. But she is 12 and that's just a tough age to be different anyway. So if I was to go on quality of life.....I'd let her eat gluten. But she really does good. She had the donut meltdown within the first 2 months. It's been a year now and she is doing great. I did have her GI appointment this week. I asked her about that topic at the conference. She said nothing has changed and you treat silent celiacs. She said, "they have to come up with topics to get you there." She said every year she has to go to a pediatric GI conference but there is hardly ever anything new.
  6. Really? Is There New Info?

    You can read the whole article called "Mortality Rates for Celiacs with Persistent Villous Atrophy Similar to those with Healthy Guts". It is on the Publications and Publicity board...page 2. I don't know how you tell the difference between refractory sprue and someone who just doesn't stick to the diet. Both would have villious atrophy. Nevertheless, I am keeping my silent celiac child on gluten-free until something cures it. My dh is type 1 diabetic and the doctors are hoping in some small way this may prevent it from triggering in her. Plus the whole infertility thing....just playing it safe and keeping her gluten-free.
  7. So I get my invite to the Chicago Celiac Center's celiac convention. One of the topics is "Silent and Latent Celiacs: To treat or not to treat" Really? Is there any new info? I have kept my silent celiac child on gluten-free to the point of ocd obsession! I thought it was just standard knowledge in the celiac world that you treat silent celiacs...period. At least it is on this board. I did just read an article where a study said celiacs die at a normal rate like other people. (After reading another article that said the opposite) So maybe they are deciding something different?
  8. I have been ready a TON about how type 1 diabetes may be linked to a Vitamin D def. My husband has type 1 and my daughter has celiac. She has both the DQ2 and DQ8 like he does and so, we can't rule out future diabetes. He was 19 at diagnosis and she is 12. Anyway, I know low vit D can accompany celiac. How much vitamin D are you giving your kids? The artical said the 400mg recomendation for kids is wayyyy too low. But it didn't really ever give a number. I am giving her 1,000 mg and I wonder if that's even enough. Do any of you do more than that?
  9. If this is the same brand as I think it is...my daughter gagged. LOL
  10. Oh thanks! I called them today and they confirmed it was NOT gluten free. I asked her to look and tell me what it could have been since all I can do is read labels. She pulled it up and said it could have been the modified food starch. Thankfully, I have read from Peter enough to know that is NOT true in America. So I told her that would not be true since labeling would require them to say wheat. She put me on hold and then came back and said I was right. (Thanks Peter) She said it doesn't have wheat but that they are not required to put every ingredient. They have 2% they do not release due to "secret recipes". Apparently, it is barely, rye, or oats. Who knows. She didn't even know. All she knew was it was NOT gluten free. I told her about my dd reaction and she is reporting it. Just label it NOT GLUTEN free under the ingredients! You don't have to tell me any secrets!
  11. I have a 12 year old silent celiac. (Only found due to her Hashimotos and a great pediatrician) She has been gluten-free a year this month! I made chicken marsala tonight with gluten free rice pasta and the Campbell's skillet sauce. It was actually a new brand of gluten-free pasta...rice plus flax. I couldn't see anything on the skillet sauce that wasn't gluten-free. She had a tummy ache and diarreah after it. Because she usually doesn't react, I find myself OVERREACTING wondering if it was something I gave her. Has anyone had this and did ok? Could it be flax? She only had D once and is fine now...acting perfectly normal. If it really is gluten-free, I recommend that to everyone...it was yummy! I guess it could have been lunch. We went to Hardees and got her a burger wrapped in lettuce. I go in to make the people change gloves and put it on a new paper. I have never had issues with it before. But that was 6 hours before her D. Who knows?
  12. If it would make a difference then do it. They did it on both my girls to try rule it out. It ruled it in. But.... Even though I know my younger dd has dq 2 I am still not gluten-free with her. 30% of the population has it, too. My celiac dd has both 2 and 8 so we are gluten-free with her despite no gi symptoms.
  13. You can have the slides reevaluated for free somewhere else. I can't remember where but maybe someone here can help. My daughters biopsy showed "simplification" and didnt use the word blunt. Make sure you get the report and then I'd send it to a celiac center for a 2nd opinion since he saw it!!!
  14. My dd has a 164 TTg and positive ema and they STILL wanted to do the endo. Of course it was positive and left us with all the hospital bills. I wish I had a doctor like yours who would diagnosis without biopsy. I know they might need it for certain things in school/college but for the price of our medical bills, I could have just paid for the college meal plan! Ha!
  15. Sometimes below the ingredients, it will say "made in a facility that manufacters wheat" or "processed on the same equipment". They do not have to do this by law. It is optional and I am thankful for honest companies. I am sure others do not. But I avoid same equipment when possible.