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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Turkey Bacon

    I'm sure that it was Jenny-O Bacon. I just checked there website and they have listed extra-lean as gluten-free. The package did not say it was extra-lean. The new requirement for labeling is the only reason that I have never seen wheat on the packaging before because I always check my labels. Cheryl
  2. I was in Walmart today and I was going to purchase some turkey bacon made by the Jenny-O company and for some reason I read the label, I usually don't but something told me to do that and to my surprise there was wheat in the natural flavoring. I thought that because I didn't want to eat the fat of the regular bacon that I would be better off with the turkey bacon. I was wrong it is safer for me to have the fat from the regular bacon than to have the gluten from the turkey bacon. Who would have guessed that. Cheryl
  3. Hi! Have you ever tried the Blue Diamond brand almond milk. I too do not have access to some of the gluten free rice milks, but my grocery store carries the almond milk. The chocolate is really good you might want to try it. Cheryl :
  4. Wisconsin Celiacs Unite!

    Hi! We are building our house on First Ave. if you drive by it is the one with the cedar sided front and the sage green on the back. We have lived here for a year now. I have not shopped at Festival Foods in Eau Claire yet. I'm not exactly sure where that is. I'm not to familar with Eau Claire but I'm willing to drive anywhere to get a bargain on gluten-free products. Right now we are living on Mansfield St in a rental house, we have great neighbors and are going to miss them when we leave but we have some nice neighbors by our new house so we feel very fortunate. I to have had some bad experience with Gordys meat and fruit. Its kind of weird that you said that. I won't buy any meat there anymore, I usually go to Pick N Save for that. I think its neat that I met somebody from the same town on the computer it truly is a small world.
  5. Wisconsin Celiacs Unite!

    Hi! We moved to Chippewa Falls because my husband took a job in Eau Claire with his company and we had a chance to move. The town we used to live in was very small only one grocery store a Ben Franklin store and that was about it. If you wanted to go to Walmart you had to drive 40 miles away the same with the movie theater it was also 40 miles away needless to say it is a vast improvement from the town we were living in. Our house was also in a flood plain and we were flooded twice within 3 years. I don't miss that town at all, although the people were really nice and we had great neighbors. We are building our first house here in town and and are really excited and my kids love their schools. Cheryl
  6. Wisconsin Celiacs Unite!

    Hi! I also live in Chippewa Falls WI. We moved here last July and really love it. I belong to a celiac support group from Minnesota because when we lived there I just renewed my membership and I wanted to keep it up because they have a great newsletter. I was told there is a celiac support group in Bloomer WI which is about 12 miles from here, but I have never gone. I love this website it is very informative.
  7. Hi! I was going to make some bread from Bette Hagamans book called Rice Dream Bread, but when I looked at the label for the Rice Dream it says it contains barley. Has anyone made this bread and did you have any reaction because it had some gluten in it. Thanks for any advice. Cheryl