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  1. http://www.ineedlabs.com/Allergy-Tests/Gluten.html This one if $15!
  2. I'm wondering if anyone has had any experience with this particular lab. http://www.ineedlabs.com/Celiac-Disease-Comprehensive-Antibody-Profile.html?keyword=celiac The prices are so low & it looks legit. Thoughts?
  3. Oh yeah. I can really relate. Feels like my body is compacting and if I could just stretch/rub/ bathe for long enough, it would stop. I'm gluten-free & it has helped a lot. I'll try the omegas
  4. I had a couple a day for a couple days in a row. It tasted SO good. I hate to report that I had a very bad reaction to it . Makes me so sad.
  5. I bought some for New Years Eve & became very ill. (way to ring in the new year) I will admit that I also ate at a potluck that night. My potluck community is mostly gluten-free & the rest are very careful, so I do not suspect them.