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  1. I have had a lot of digestive problems- I was on a special formula, very colicky, eventually on Lactaid, got a horrible virus at 2 that was diahrrea for a summer- all my mom fed me was applesauce and plain yogurt. I have always struggled with abdominal pain, cramping, gas and painful poop but was doing much better with a probiotic. I've also had problems with anemia when not pregnant and while pregnant. As to pregnancy, I had an early miscarriage in 07, delivered healthy twin boys in 09 and am pregnant again. With my twins I had severe heartburn which I found complete relief with a calcium/magnesium supplement. I'm taking it again for heartburn. I was constipated prior to this problem but handling it better with dietary changes and when I could stop taking iron supplements.
  2. Hi! I'm Michelle and I'm currently 30 weeks pregnant. I've been battling sour stomach burps and diahrrea since Dec 16. Previously I've been diagnosed with mild lactose intolerance and suspected IBS. I called today to find out the results of a stool sample test and I don't have a parasite or bacterial infection. The nurse mentioned testing me for celiac's. So my question is can pregnancy bring on this kind of constant symptoms I'm experiencing? This baby has been craving carbs so I have been eating tons of bread and pasta.