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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Weight Issues

    Hi, I was diagnosed in early January. Fit and fine before getting sick, by the time I was diagnosed I topped out at 212 lbs. It has been about 6 weeks since being diagnosed and I weighed in today at 195! My energy level, aches, pains etc have improved so much i feel like a new person. Two things I did that I think have helped me - 1. Joined wight watchers, really the only plan you can do with Celiac. It helps me keep track of what I eat and has helped me rely more on fruits, veges, protein and dairy (have to take Lactaid if I consume dairy). Because the gluten-free substitute foods seem to be such a high point value (WW tracks in points) I eat them in moderation. 2. I have been going to the local YMCA. I committed to a couple of days a week at first and then stepped it up from there, when I can't go to the Y I break out the Wii Fit . It feels good to be moving again. A little about me, I am 5'4" and 48 years old.
  2. Louisville, Ky

    Is there a February meeting on 2/9?
  3. What Do You Miss?

    Had to really laugh out loud at the Udi's comment. Did this just the other day, I thought, let me grab a piece of toast on my way out, opened the bag could not get a single slice, put it back in the freezer and grabbed a rice cake. And I applaud your restraint with not beating your husband senseless
  4. What Do You Miss?

    Pop Tarts. I know that seems silly, but I really miss Pop Tarts. And Bread...good bread. I have not found a GOOD gluten-free bread.
  5. Cookbook

    There are some fish recipes, but also lots of others. I was actually quite impressed with the large selection, including some nice desserts. First recipe I tried was chicken and then a pork recipe, so definitely not just fish . I purchased it on Amazon.
  6. Louisville, Ky

    Sorry I missed this one, but I will be there in February! Thanks for the info.
  7. Bought "Wheat-Free, Gluten-Free Reduced Calorie Cookbook" by Connie Sarros. So far have made 3 recipes and they were all great! Lot's of good every day recipes even ideas for buffets (aka parties at work), Ethnic dinners and some great desserts. Like the hints and tips section also.
  8. Diagnosed a couple of weeks ago. I have been doing really well and no real cravings or remorse. TODAY I was really craving pizza and checked for some local restaurants where I might be able to get some. Found BJ's Brewhouse! It was good and best of all since it was all mine (no other Gluten free eaters at the table) I put whatever toppings on it that I wanted , all toppings gluten-free except the meatballs. And another surprise they have a gluten free dessert - Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Pizookie
  9. Exactly! Same for me. And it is a great feeling for sure!
  10. Hi, I was diagnosed less than 2 weeks ago, 1/3/12 to be exact. Immediately Gluten free, no slip ups yet. Gonna get a little personal here, hope you do not mind, but this has been sticking in my head for 2 days now and I have to talk about it somewhere that people will not look at me like I am crazy. After a meal, usually dinner, if my husband had to use the bathroom he would say to me "I have to use the bathroom do you need to go in first?" (him knowing that I ALWAYS had to go after a meal and him being a man meaning he could spend an hour in there ). I was standing in the hallway talking to my daughter. My husband walked by and asked the question I have heard dozens of times over the past several years. I paused, looked at him and said "No." After another few seconds I looked at my daughter, smiled and said "Wow! It felt great to say that and really mean it!" I almost cried. Thanks for listening I have been thinking about this moment and a few others like it for the past couple of days. Makes all of the label reading and day dreams of foods that are now off limits really, really worth it!
  11. Louisville, Ky

    Thank you!
  12. Hi, I would love to know if any meetups or potential for support group in Louisville KY? I tried Gluten Free Louisville, but the site does not seem to be updated and their application will not come up when I try to view/print. Not sure if they are still active.
  13. I was diagnosed about a week ago and have been gluten free since. Is it odd that I was happy to get the diagnosis? I mean it has been years of suffering, to finally have an answer and an answer that is something I can control, was such a relief I did not even think about what it would take to change my life (well not right away anyway). So I am working on changing my life, went out immediately after my appointment and bought some Gluten free to get started. I started researching before getting my results, just in case. I ordered a couple of Gluten free cookbooks and a shopping guide (I should get them today!). Here is the "Is it real?" part. I feel like a new person already, it is amazing! I addition to Gluten free, I have started taking Lactaid for my Lactose intolerance (I could not bear not having gluten or dairy, so I figure stop one and put up a defense for the other for now). I have also added a daily dose of DanActive. I have not had an "episode" in 3 days. It is such an odd sensation to not feel dread when I eat that I keep waiting to feel awful and when I don't I am inclined to want to dance . And since I am not totally exhausted all of the time, I just might dance. Don't get me wrong, I am completely freaked out by the whole thing and found myself day dreaming about Perogies and Pizza. But when I eat something and that inevitable pain and discomfort does not follow, it is great. That's all for now, I just had to get that out there. Thanks for listening, I am happy to have a place to come to talk about things and ask the questions that I am sure will come. Beth