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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. School Lunch Suggestions

    Thank you all very much. I appreciate everyone's suggestions. Its always nice to get some input from some new people from time to time. I have been using blended drinks to address many his nutritional needs. as you all know celiacs creates a long list of nutritional gaps, and my son had several problems as a result. These drinks really made a difference in healing those issues. However, he needs other stuff for school lunches, and since he is only 11 it's a big deal to him if his lunch doesn't look like everyone else's. Thanks again, and I will be checking out those links, Ty
  2. Does anyone have any good suggestions for packing a school lunch for my 11 year old boy. I have been making gluten free pizza for him which is easy to through together, and has been working well. However, the same thing gets old after while, no matter how good it is. Thanks, Ty
  3. Hi Jonny, There are three main sources of inflammatory/allergic response. They are gluten, dairy and animal proteins. What I have my clients do when they have these kinds of problems is simply cut those three things out of their diet for two weeks. That is usually enough for most people to notice a difference. I also recommend using blended drinks. This can be a very powerful tool for insuring you are getting all the necessary nutrients you need to heal your body, as well as helping to detoxifying your system. Let me know if you would like a good blended drink recipe I would be happy to post one for you. Ty