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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. My health food store clerk says it is. But does anyone know for sure. He says the grass for some reason does not contain gluten. Can anyone let me know who knows for sure one way or the other. Please don't guess and post. Thanks so much.
  2. Remember the funeral is Friday at 3 at Menlo park Pres for Paul.

  3. http://m.legacy.com/obituaries/mercurynews/obituary.aspx?n=paul-l-bjork&pid=174485029&referrer=0&preview=True My parents wrote Paul's obituary. Thought I'd share. He was a great brother who will be missed.
  4. I am going to see an oral surgeon on Friday. Maybe he will know something. I will bring the list with all of your suggestions on them. No I have not had any recent tests. Everyone sends me away and says that they don't know what it is. That is why I need your help so badly. I see a specialist in SF in 3 weeks 5 hours away. I saw and ENT and he said no one in our town can help me. I want to cry most of the time. My brother died 2 weeks ago and my son was told some very sad news this weekend regarding one of his friends. So my stress level has been very high. I always appreciate your help.
  5. I am trying to rule out anything that could be causing my issues. I have had an inflamed tongue for 6 weeks. I can't figure it out. I also eat nut thins regularly. I will try to do a food test. Not sure how to start it or what to start with. Any ideas?
  6. I have seen about 10 doctors and no one can help me. They just say go see someone else. I feel so sad. I have the tongue sore going around my tongue. It looks in appearance like a burn. My inside cheeks are all cut up very bad as well. I see someone in 3 weeks. I don't know what to do until then.
  7. I am so sorry for your heartbreak. :(

  8. My brother passed away this morning. Please play for us.

  9. I have had celiac under control for years now. A month ago I got some strange sores on the back of my tongue that seem to move around my mouth. The last week the sores at the side of my tongue have gotten really sore and very raw and almost bloody. I am not sleeping from the pain. I have seen countless doctors and nobody knows what it is and I have used many different topical rinses and meds, Nothing has helped and now it is more sore. A fourth of the side of my tongue is very soft and cracked and bloody to the touch. I am just so sad and cry a lot from discouragement. My dentist friend thinks that it is celiac related. I just don't know how to get it better. Any ideas for helping are very much appreciated. The dentist friend told me to take a B vitamin so I am and no change. I feel so sad. and need your advice.
  10. He is 10 and has had white bumps on the front and back of his leg for 2 years. We had him seen and and the pa at the derm.'s office said she did not know what it was but thought it was an immune response and that it would go away. Well of course they have not gone away and are getting quite worse. Most of the bums are white like little marbles under his skin. They are oval in shape and about the size of pencil erasers. Some are bigger. They are grouped together right behind his knee on one leg and then he has a few on the knee cap. A few are red on the back of his knee. They feel very raised and hard to the touch. He says they itch. They look quite funny as well. What do you think this is? Any advice would be helpful. I have confirmed celiac. Ds did not test positive. But has always had very sensitive skin. He carries an epipen because his skin is so sensitive. What do you think this could be and how do I treat the itch? We will go back to the derm. this week and will not see that useless pa.
  11. I noticed that the gums were added to my juice bars as well. Grrr. What are the gums that you find the safest for your baking and that you find in your gluten-free breads? I have to check all ingredients right now as I keep having issues. Thanks a bunch.
  12. My TopCare Allergy Relief tablets lists starch in the ingredient list. Could it be gluten? How about generic imodium, could it have gluten in it? I also eat Earth Balance natural buttery spread and Lundberg brown rice cakes. Could anything be a culprit there?
  13. I am wondering if I react to the gums or am wondering what it could be. I seem to do better with rice cakes than most all gluten-free breads right now. I am kind of bumming and need advice on what to eat instead of breads, like for breakfast. My symptoms are very wormlike poops that don't stop in the morning. I'll have to go about 5 times in an hours time. This is within the first 3 hours of the day. I could really use some encouragement and advice. I have already gone dairy, gluten-free and soyfree. I need my friends to help me figure this one out.
  14. I did not know this. I have been using a new Pam for the pan for several weeks and the last 2 days I have been really sick. I have been racking my brain trying to figure it out and then I read the can. Our last Pam was gluten-free. Hopefully I found my problem.
  15. I think high fat foods, beef, dairy and some soy foods set me off. Also many hurbs and tomatoes. What about you? Pickled foods do too.