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  1. OK...so please read first before giving answers.. So, I am convinced that my gluten allergy came about last year during my freshman year at college. I started eating wheat (bread) sandwiches every day..previous to that I had not really had wheat bread. I ate it occasionally and ate normal foods that contained wheat as ingrdients with no problems...junk food included...no diet restrictions. However, when I started eating the wheat bread everyday...I am pretty sure that is when my allergy started. About 9 months later (December 2011), after going to doctors, I went to a nutritionist and found I had many many allergies in addition to a bunch of parasites / bacteria. So I have been gluten free, dairy free, corn free since January 2012. I still have some lingering problems with the parasites and so I am going to Gastro Doctor soon to get that looked at. 1. I am not sure which came first. The gluten allergy or the parasites, bacteria. I have read that parasites can cause food intolerances / allergies. This is true??? So if eventually all of the bacteria and parasites are gone...do you think the intolerances would go away or I could start reintroducing some foods? 2. Has anyone ever officially outgrown a gluten allergy? I know of people who have gone dairy free and can now tolerate it...but gluten is a different story. Just some thoughts about that as some people say you can, others you can't. 3. I dont know if I have celiacs officially. I will not probably ever know. I started with a gluten free diet after researching and realizing my symptoms fit the gluten intolerance, then went to a nutritionist which confirmed the allergy. I dont think I could do a gluten challenge and go back right now to eating it. I am just curious if after a signifcant amount of time...do you think I would be able to ever eat regular food again! I am so tired of this diet..I cant stand it! I know a lot of people feel the same but I just am so tired of it!! I dont know how I could do this my whole life. I need real food once in a while!! The main thing is the parasites/ bacteria. If they did cause food intolerances, which I read it said they could, but then they were killed off and I did not have them, would that mean the intolerances would therefore go away? Thanks for reading! Any advice. I know some will say its not going to be safe to eat gluten again after being on the diet...but any info would help. Thanks!!!!
  2. The one thing I thought of when reading your post is that maybe you have other food intolerances/allergies...besides gluten. I found out that I was allergic to a few other things besides gluten, so the reason why you may be feeling food some days / bad other days is that your body may be reacting to other foods you are eating. Just a thought...if you can get additional allergy tests that would help..if not, maybe you could have a food journal and write down what you eat everyday and if you get any symptoms after you eat. Then you could take a look at it and maybe you will find some patterns, especially if you eat a lot of a certain food every day. Hope this may help!
  3. hey! i use a product called "Gluten Flam". I think its pretty good. They include digestive enzymes amylase, glucoamylase, cellulase and also aloe vera to help calm your system. They are made specially for gluten intolerance and do not contain dairy, gluten, eggs. i would recommend them for you to try. they are from apex energetics...a pretty well known brand. just go on google and type in "order gluten flam" and you should get various websites from which to buy them and can read more about them and check out the personal reviews if youre interested! hope this helps!
  4. Help! Dont Understand This!

    thanks!! ahh i really want milkshakes..but I am still somewhat sensitive so I am laying off the dairy...maybe one once in a while I might try....and i was also thinking of trying gluten free protein shakes..i guess kinda similar to the milkshakes idea...they have a bunch of calories.... i just want to make sure that everything is going well on the inside of my body...because I was doing good the first two months..and then all of sudden starting dropping weight the last two....
  5. how did they test your for SIBO ? Was is via stool sample or can they actually look at your intestines?
  6. Gi Doctor Info - What To Expect

    Since ive already been gluten free for four months...do you think they would still want an endoscopy? I know some healing has probably taken place...but do you think a doctor would recommend that to see how my intestines are healing?
  7. I've been gluten free for about four months now....somewhat self-diagnosed because other doctors wouldn't listen. But, I have still have continual trouble gaining weight and a lot of bowel movements, so I am going to a GI doctor in 2 weeks. So I'm not going in to ask or figure out if I have celiacs...because I know for sure I am atleast gluten intolerant via my nutritionist and myself...and I cant go back to eating regular foods to get my intestines checked. What should I expect the first appt. going in? For those who started the gluten free diet themselves, and then went and got checked by a GI / doctor...what happened? Did they do any tests on you to make sure everything was going okay / or to see if you had any deficiencies? Did they prescribe you anything or send you to another doctor? Just wondering what to expect...hopefully this doc will realize gluten is a real problem...
  8. Help! Dont Understand This!

    thanks! do you know if most people's villi usually heal naturally on their own? would a doctor give anything to help them heal? i wasnt scoped before going gluten free...i started with the nutrition side of it and started eating gluten free... immediately i felt better and have continue to eat gluten free for four months... so I wont be able to know how my intestines were beforehand...
  9. I am naturally thin to begin with and have always wanted to gain weight...so when I found out I had to go gluten free...I figured I would gain weight..since I would be properly absorbing food and not eating things I was allergic to. But, the opposite has happened and i have lost weight..HOW??? i dont understand. I am eating healthy foods (because I have to) constantly...I dont understand why I wouldnt be gaining weight..at least a little. Has anyone had this happened when they went Gluten-Free? I started in January this year...was about 115...now I am down 5-10 pounds...How was I not losing weight when I was eating all the foods I was allergic to, but now that I am eating foods good for body...im losing weight??? doesnt make sense. I've been going to a nutritionist..but clearly that isn't working..so I am going to GI doctor soon to get things inside checked out... -In the meantime...do you think it would be better to eat 3 big meals a day rather than many small ones...ive ususally just been eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner in good size portions..would that slow my metabolism? and do you think I should eat before bed..would that help?? any advice in the meantime (before I see a doc within the next couple of weeks) would be awesome! thanks!!! i hate gluten!!!
  10. Long story short...I have been gluten free for a few months and trying to gain weight!! But, no matter what I still cant gain healthy weight and actually am losing fat...(not really pounds so much). My holistic nutritionist had run tests and said I had a lot of bacteria and parasites in my system. She had given me things to take to get rid of them...but even after a few months, they are not completely gone and Idk why I cant gain weight! Could it be the parasites/bacteria that are keeping me from gaining weight? Thats really the only thing I can think of. How is it this hard to gain weight even after four months??!! I am going to a GI doctor in about 2 weeks to get a doctors opinion. I had been doing some reading on SIBO (small intestine bacteria overgrowth) and it seems maybe I could have this. Has anyone dealt with this? Do you think that is what could be preventing me from gaining weight? I had thought once I went on the diet and wasnt eating foods I was allergic to, I would be gaining weight quite quickly. Apparently, its not that easy! Anyone with info would be awesome! Thanks!!
  11. Has anyone heard anything or used a product called "Gluten Flam"? It is a pill like enzyme that you are supposed to take with meals, and it provides enzymes as well as specific enzymes to help you digest hidden sources of gluten in case you come in contact with it. I have been taking it, as my holistic nutritionist put me on it when I first started my Gluten-Free diet a couple months ago. Anyone have any personal reviews of it? Thanks!!
  12. Thanks for all the ideas!! I can't really have nuts or dairy, so almonds/cashews/ etc. as well as yogurt are unfortunately not good for me. I can try the breakfast bars though, and maybe have more gluten-free pasta / beans, etc. Any more ideas you guys have would be appreciated!! Thanks!
  13. I'm having trouble finding foods that will help me gain weight/put pounds on. I pretty much eat as clean as possible, and can't really have too many snacks right now, since I am only about 2 months gluten free. Any ideas on food items / snacks that have helped you guys gain weight plus they fill you up? Thanks!! Current diet looks usually like this: Breakfast - gluten-free cereal with rice milk / Orange Juice Lunch -Chicken salad, baked potato / V8 Juice Dinner -Chicken, brown rice, vegetables, sometimes baked potato Snacks are usually fruit, gluten-free chips, gluten-free waffles
  14. It was a holistic nutritionist / allergist....so it was a little different. She used bioenergetic testing, so it wasn't the typical allergy test done. Before all of this started, I was eating wheat bread and bagels everyday..so I think that's where the problem started from. I was consuming a very high percentage of gluten. Especially because of the wheat bread.... I know I cannot go back to eating those things everyday, but I just didn't know if it would be possible to have a normal snack once in a while...
  15. Hey...I know that with a gluten free diet you are supposed to be 100% or nothing at all. Right now I have been eating gluten free after I went to an allergist / nutritionist. Gluten and wheat both came up on the list of stuff I was allergic to in addition to dairy. But, after following a strict clean diet for 1 month, I was retested and only "wheat" came up as an allergen. Gluten did not appear on the list. So...I still am sticking to a gluten free diet for a long time, so all the damage can heal. But, since gluten did not reappear on the list...do you think that means I am not really gluten intolerant?..just wheat intolerant? I still have a feeling I am allergic to gluten, as of now, even thought it did not come up on the list. And, I don't know if I am extremely allergic to wheat and/or how much of it I can tolerate? All I know is that it came up on the list a second time. So my question is..has anyone, after eating gluten free for a substantial time, been able to add a normal food in once in a while and felt fine? Also, so then I am guessing I am just wheat intolerant? Is that largely different than gluten intolerant? I just was wondering about maybe having regular piece of food here and there..sometime in the future? Does anyone do that?