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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I just bought fungal defense because it says its gluten free and no gluten ingredients are listed. I just took one tablet and don't feel very well. I then researched further and saw on another website(not garden of life's) that the product is made with wheat and dairy!!!! WTF how can the do that? It does say this anywhere on the bottle or on their website!!! I'm pissed! I emailed them and gave them a piece of my mind about their shady labeling lol. Is there any anti-fungal as strong as this product?
  2. Help! Please!

    I think I'm gonna cut out rice for a while. So my diet will be pretty similar to the SCD diet, has anyone tried that diet? I seem to get a real heavy really when I eat rice. I never had problems before with rice but it seems that the longer I am gluten free the more obvious my reactions to other foods are.
  3. Help! Please!

    Yes, I thought that too but I don't think I will be eating that much of it for it to cause a problem.
  4. Help! Please!

    Yumm I will try and make that soups one of these days!
  5. Help! Please!

    I picked up a bunch of really great SAFE foods at trader joe's. I got sunflower oil and a sunflower nutbutter with no preservatives! Just nuts and sea salt. I also got quinoa, and a bunch of pears, apples,more garlic and some cabbage(even though I hate it) and celery. I already had alot of meat so this stuff should last me a while.
  6. Help! Please!

    I'm on my way to trader joe's I will pick up as many new items as I can and try and mix them in with things I already have.
  7. Help! Please!

    I mean fresh bacon from the meat market. It isnt processed or anything just start slabs from the pig! I LOVE bacon lol
  8. Help! Please!

    I don' t really eat much pork other than bacon. Is bacon high in iodine? And I already have a bunch of chicken and beef. I also hate cabbage. I forgot about nuts so I will add those as well.
  9. Gluten Free Greens Supplements

    How long should I stay low iodine before I add back iodine foods?
  10. Help! Please!

    Thank You guys so much! I've narrowed down my diet to bananas, apples, peeled pears, kale,carrots,lettuce, rice, mashed potatoes(occasional) w/ TONS of garlic, Chicken and Beef, Occasional Egg Whites( I don't really do well when I eat too many eggs). Im gonna stick to this for two weeks then slowly try to added in a few other foods. My skin is clearly up now and I have no new lesions! I am still taking the acv however...I don't really take enough of it for it to effect my sals intake. Any other suggestions?
  11. Help! Please!

    Yes! To the garlic I a putting that in EVERYTHING! lol.... and I drink water ALL day. I'm trying to make fruit and veggies the bulk of my diet but its hard because I do not live that close to the grocery store and I don't drive. I finish a bundle of bananas in two days! lol But I'm gonna go and stock up on some pears, apples and bananas tomorrow hopefully. This has been so hard because I LOVE to eat and I have always been the type to eat alot despite my small frame. I hope I can put some pounds on with fruits and veggies!
  12. Help! Please!

    Im def. not ruling out sals but I was eating high sals all day everyday with no reaction but as soon as I had in too much iodine that's when I get new lesions. I am almost positive that high sals are keeping me from healing as quickly though. I didn't have any new reactions until I added the naked juice and then I had a bag of cranberries and almonds so I think that caused the reaction. I've eaten a bag a cranberries daily on the low iodine diet with no itching or reaction. But I think both together are what caused me a bad reaction. But hopefully limiting both will allow healing. Then I will slowing add in high sals foods and monitor any reaction in a few weeks.
  13. Help! Please!

    Really? Wow I did not know berries contained iodine! It all makes sense now. It seems my reaction to iodine is much worse than sals which is why I never had a reaction to the flax oil, or the other high sals foods I was eating. I think high sals food really just hinder my healing so I will be sure to keep them low for a while until my skin heals. Thank you guys! You have been a BIG help!
  14. Help! Please!

    If you read the other post you will see that I just stated that I am postponing the candida diet because I cannot do all these restrictions at once. I just started eating low sals since last night. What I just stated I was eating is before last night. I AM listening but do realize I am taking in the advice from the other posters as well. I think you are taking my reply differently than everyone else as I agreed to change my diet after the advice of several posters on this board. Do I still believe you can control candida while eating sugar? YES But I did not come on this forum for advice on how to control candida. I asked how to control DH which is the advice I have taken from every poster that has posted on this topic. I in no way wanted to come across as tho I am I do not value your advice but at the same time you are stating things that are untrue like I am eating too much processed food and probiotics are no help with out cutting out sugar. Probiotics have def. helped me and I did not start feeling bad until I stopped taking them and went on pred. Thank you for your help however, I will take the advice from this post and see how my skin improves.
  15. Help! Please!

    I don't eat much sugar and I refuse to limit my diet anymore. You can cure candida while eating sugar my friend has cured here with the acv/baking soda/lemon combo and she had it worse than I do. There are way to many people who limit sugar and still have candida so I don't think it will be that much of an issue. Either way I'm trying to take one step at a time. I take probiotics because I feel better on probiotics. I had one box of enjoy life! I haven't hadn't any processed foods other than that in the past 3 weeks. I ate that because I was starving and gave up on trying diets when I was so confused. My diet is chicken, rice, rice cereal, bananas, lettuce, kale, broccili, water, acv/baking/soda/lemon water, occasional olive oil. My skin was doing good before the naked juice(now I know why). I had no yeasts infection until after I stopped taking kefir(probiotics) and I just got off of pred so I'm sure that is what made is worse.