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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I was overweight my whole life.. Tried so many lowest or low call high gluten/ gain diets over the years and couldn't lose it. Gave up gluten then grains.. 42lbs lost in 7 months with a 1600-2200 cal a day diet. I know now how much inflammation I was carrying and my body was storing visceral fat that it gave up when my immune system wasn't being attacked by my food.
  2. I'd go gluten free. It sounds like you have tried so much, been so dedicated.. I have a similar story and know how hard it is to get a babe to take fermented clo They wanted to put my 4 yr old under ga at 14 months and cap/ crown at least 8 teeth. We went paleo, used mi paste, act mouthwash brushed on and topical fluoride gel. She is now 4 and all but 2 teeth remineralized. We crowned two molars in the end and did a fill on the dead cavity on her front tooth that had pitted from the decay. You could never tell now that the incisor crumbled. It is even a little longer then the worst point.. Still shorter then the other side but hard and white. All were done with nitrous What do you have to lose by going grain free. ( sorry, I think everyone must in the healing stages at the least) Maybe healthy for you guys isn't whole grains and clo... No raw dairy.. No dairy period till her gut is very very healed and repopulated. You are a fantastic mom for asking the questions. I think your gut is telling you that the food you are eating isn't the medicine you need. Good luck!
  3. I so remember 4 months into eating this diet that was robbing me of my one real passion (former restaurant owner.. I was thisclose to getting a HAHAHAHA vegan seitan product into my local Wholefoods that I spent 7 years developing). I get it. The ortho anorexia.. the paralysis.. the why me? The why am I not getting more results? Is it something else? WHAT THE HECK? WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE THIS HARD? I reacted to nightshades, garlic and onion the first 9 months. Im italian.. dairy, grains, starches, sugars, lotsa veggies, garlic and onions? not fair I can kinda tolerate a touch of cooked garlic now.. hallelujah. Im almost a year in. its a slow process.. BUT at about the 9 month mark i took it as a complete challenge and in the process ive completely changed everything about how I eat. Im so much healthier.. my recipes now are really full of natural beautiful colors and flavors. I dont rely on my old stand bys. Oh, and I make a mean coconut milk custard ice cream makes you wanna slap Ben and Jerry for feeding you that crap
  4. I could have written your post. I actually just posted a thread on my journey. I think it was because my celiac cause small intestine bacterial overgrowth, leaky gut and biofilms that must be addressed too. I'm finally breaking the disordered eating cycle but I've literally had to change everything o think about food and eating.
  5. This is my first post and I have no idea where it should go. This will be long, but I want to share the whole story. My stomach has hurt for as long as I can remember. My mom was single, I was latchkey at 3.. I ate what I could reach. Lots a sandwiches, microwavable things, fast-food. At 6 my grandparents brought me to Houston children's hospital and paid for days of tests out of pocket. Id spend hours rocking on hands and knees from the gas. Horrible constipation. I had enemas and transit markers, seats, cts.. Yadda yadda.. Her colon is full, but besides that...oh, her parents just divorced? Sometimes kids do this to get attention...maybe take her to therapy? Age 11, I pass out in a mall from holding back the urge to go (it had likely been weeks).. The xray shows a "man sized colon" but nada else so they took out my appendix and tell my parents btw, I'm overweight. So I'm put on a restrictive very messed up diet.. Enter years of anorexia and binge eating. Loved loved loved wheat and dairy. Or large meals of starches.. Fried rice, plate of pasta, sub sandwich...chocolate cake.. Paired with modern medicine's rabbit hole of birth control, antibiotics, painkillers, NSAIDs, etc... And you get.. 3 laproscopies looking at you left ovary (it was my colon, duh) An abdomen full of adhesions 80lbs of excess weight But then I became an adult. I stopped going to the Drs.. Started eating "better". Whole grains.. Lots and lots of grains.. But super "healthy".. And I lost weight, and hair and probably bone mass...I totally fried my digestive system..then enter two pregnancies. Such incredibly dangerous times for un dxed celiacs. Your immune system is naturally suppressed.. But the damage I was doing! To myself and my kids! The genes were activated.. Your immune system learns alot in utero. It was actually my 2nd baby's colic that finally distilled for me that I was reacting to everything. Id had yellow diaharreah alternating with constipation for years, a bloated painful stomach, skin reactions(non biopsied dh, hives, eczema,yeast, exhaustion, ataxia...I broke three bones in my feet in 2 months, my balance was off. I was scared i had ms. I went to naturopaths.. Did elim diets, candida supplements..went to gastro ( declined more scopes and exploratory missions).. Got sicker. Finally, I decided it was enough and I had to do something. Anyway..I thought I went gluten-free at various times and never really felt that much better. I believe now it was because I just subbed other high starch food sources to the bacterial overgrowth occurring in my gut from years of undxed celiac. Biofilm are quorum sensing and therefore highly adaptable. Enter leaky gut, candida, biofilms, dysbiosis. So, I tried to starve it all out first. Grain free, low sugar.. Fodmaps diet with no starches, dairy, grains, etc And I started feeling better. I had such rapid weightloss from losing the inflammation that the allergens and bacterial overgrowth were causing I started counting calories to make sure I was eating enough. But I was. 1700-2200 a day. Awesome. But the severe limiting of my diet (at this point I'd narrowed it down to - wheat and dairy as primary allergies/ intolerances.. Starches, sugar, onions and garlic also produced reactions likely because they were feeding the bad stuff) did not feel sustainable and all the meat, even with digestive enzymes, was overwhelming my system. I needed more fiber and greater variety. By now I was dealing with constipation predominantly with episodes of yellowish bile salt d when I'd indulge in something starch or sugar rich. I kept the food journals but the reactions just weren't making sense. It was frustrating. I was tired of working so hard at it and seeing so little improvement in 9 months. I owned restaurants but I was so sick of obsessing over food and having to make everything I put in my mouth! So, I kinda went on strike. I slowed my eating and all he'll broke lose. All those lingering bacteria needed every stitch of food.. Making drier more compact stool.. I was taking shiploads of probiotics, but from what I understand now, very little colon specific ones. I had healed alot of my upper intestines. The damage from celiac.. But now I needed to deal with the ileum and colon. Plan of attack was to continue a low carb diet, but introduce more of a paleo slant.. More grok foods.., less red meat tho.. Because my body just can't digest it well still, even with enzymes.. I chose to do a series of 3 colonics to get a jump start on reducing the bacterial numbers in my colon and hit the right probiotics.. I think we are going to find that some of these mass marketed multistrain probiotics aren't necessarily good for us. More living probiotic foods. Raw kraut with every meal, water kefir, bifido 80 bill probiotics, 30 bill acidopholius. I highly recommend the colonics. I thought about them for years but they single handedly have had the largest impact in giving my that jump start to repopulate with good bacteria Plus an antibacterial/anti fungal protocol. Candidaclear, candex, proteolytic enzymes, peppermint oil, gse And supplements A good liquid multi vitamin/mineral Fish oil Calm L- glutamine Digestive supplements with meals during healing CHIA is so healing to my digestion. WATER I really have felt so much better the last month on this protocol and wanted to share. I put this here because ill never eat gluten again so they can do the scope an somedays I don't know if it was the celiac or the dysbiosis that came first.. But I feel the best I can ever remember. I still have my days.. This IS autoimmune.. But I really think the key for ME is gut flora and healthy diet and lifestyle.g
  6. Pregnancy Reverse Celiac?

    I'm 8 months post partum with my second child in 4 years. I've likely been undxed celiac since childhood. I lost lactose tolerance when I was 19. When I'm pregnant I dont have any problems eating wheat or milk... Some malformed stool and constipation.. Meh, right? Wrong. When you are pregnant your immune system must suppress itself to allow the baby to exist to term. That suppression allows gluten to sneak in. Along with milk.. And whatever else because your body is trying to also get every nutrient it can. When you do that it will bite u. It started for me with the hard core ataxia 6 months ppd.. The dh on my stomach.. High blood pressure..visual stuff Now I'm cross reactive to pretty much every grain. If you react to things do not abuse your immune system's loopholes while pregnant!