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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hey addis i noticed you made a thread about MAC make up, would be no helpful if you have info on these few products i think u mentioned the foundation:




    Thx chris

  2. Ttc

    i had my first son fine (concieved on first try), but looking back I was on a diet of fish, vegetables, fruits, chicken, etc.. because my parents eat super healthy, and I was back with them until husband could find a job when school was over. I had weird pains etc while preggo.. Then after I had him, I had SEVERE fatigue, and other symptoms. Then about at 8 months old, I was vomitting, pain, diarreah, unexplained other things just once in awhile.. So when he is 20 months old, we were TTC and my symptoms were getting worse, to the point of everyother day. It was hard getting preggo.. No positives at all..Periods were short and sporadic.. it was bad.. So I went to doctor after doctor.. My grandmother has celiac, my aunt has celiac, my other aunt is gluten sensitive, My mom is sensitive.. So I decided after 1000 dollars in medical procedures to go gluten free... A Month after going gluten free, we got pregnant.. I'm at 15 weeks now and going strong.. If you've had strong symptoms for 2 plus years you might have more damage than me.. and you might want to wait a few more months before TTC.. I've heard of others that have a ton of damage they tend to miscarry more because their body is still repairing itself.. and when your preggo your immune system is suppressed so your body will accept the fetus..It can't do that and repair at the same time sometimes... Just a thought but its up to you..
  3. Pregnancy Food

    Two items I've been downing like crazy.. 1 Luna Bars by Cliff (sold at Kroger) They have three kinds that are Gluten Free.. The only kind that is bearable is Chocolate Peanut butter... 2. Nestle Boost Chocolate (near the Ensure at Kroger) Its gluten Free and lactose free... The chocolate is great, the vanilla tastes awlful Both have Vitamins, and nutrients packed into them. The boost has proteain And the Luna Bar has Folic Acid and Vitamin D Both great for pregnancy.. They were recommend by OBGYN for a friend of mine having multiples.. She happened to mention to me that they are both Gluten Free products.. I rushed over to Kroger and both are great..
  4. Definitely missing my Crackers for M/S... With my first pregnancy, I would lay in bed with crackers and peanut butter... sooo AMAZING... The crackers aren't the same anymore... I even tried making some with Gluten free flour... It was a disaster..
  5. I hope it is encouraging.. I didn't know how long it would take to heal.. And I was even taking advice from others to wait.. When all the sudden a blaring Positive.. Due Nov. 7th.. You'll definitely have to come over to the justmommies.com forum, November due date 2012.. there is one other mommy that has celiac.. Either or I'll catch you on here!! BTW- for nausea and morning sickness, so far Udi bread and gluten free ginger snaps are working for me.. Do you have anything your going towards for your morning sickness..??
  6. Definitely... I'll have to get a copy...
  7. The Nurse said she couldn't really read everything correct.. But the blood test showed negative for Celiac, but positive for IBS, ulcertative colitis.. But on the Celiac diet, I have no pain, diarrhea gone, vomitting gone, etc. And I got pregnant, although, still can't do Milk products.. I'm staying on the celiac diet..!!! I've never felt better since before i had my first child.
  8. I had the same issue... It was the sauce... I do pasta with tomatoes, cucumbers, olive oil, and oregano etc.. its wonderful... The sauces are not labeled correctly so watch out!!! I had good results with Prego and I think Bertolli... I'll have to double check that... the bad sauce was a pizza type sauce.. i forgot who it was by..
  9. I would try it... I was soooo tired of the pain all the time.. Not knowing how long the episode would last.. I was desperate to try anything... Now after 6 months of TTC, I am pregnant after just one month on the gluten-free diet.. how crazy is that!!!! With my first we were pregnant on first try.. so taking this long was a surprise to both of us.. but just one month on the gluten-free diet, and we;re pregnant.. I know for sure its celiac..
  10. Wow... So... I was going to stop TTC starting this month. Thinking this month would turn out like the rest of them with negative results, so we could stop trying for a month or so to heal a bit..But seriously.. after one month on the Gluten Free diet.. Bam....!!!! Positive Pregnancy Test.. If that doesn't say Celiac.. I don't know what will... So I'm 5 weeks today... And we'll see how this goes. Trying to keep a strict diet of foods I know I'm good with. I'm not trying anything too new at all..Hopefully I can keep this up for 9 months.. Because I don't want it to come back in full force after the baby's born if i eat bad stuff...
  11. i need to get some more OPK's, I've used some the last couple of months, and they definitely helped. I pretty much have a gluten free house, except my husband won't give up bread, chips, or cookies that are regular and not gluten free.. Which is fine, i understand. I'm trying to cook wholesome cheap gluten free meals that we both can enjoy. And my 2 year old is very picky eater. i feed him gluten free when I can, but he won't give up the chicken nuggets, so I let him have those.. We have an area of where they can have gluten, and I make sure and clean that area. And the table and floors. So far, I'm not have any reactions to the gluten they are eating, so i think we have the contamination part under control.. I just need to clean the microwave soon just in case. i do alot of crockpotting, so that definitely helps. and I;m home all day, so that helps ALOT.. So I have time to cook for everyone...
  12. So I bought Lactose Free yogurt, and it was still reasonable in price.. But now i found a website to make Gluten Free Lactose Free Yogurt myself. http://funkyfoodallergies.blogspot.com/2009/02/allergen-free-yogurt-recipe.html To make it I'll use the Lactose Free yogurt as well, for the probiotic part.. Hope this helps someone out there as much as it does for me.. I love Yogurt, and god knows we need the probiotics..
  13. I didn't have any rice dream milk today or corn.. and my gas was much better.. I'll try corn on another day and see if the gas returns.. How does everyone keep the gluten free products and labels straight.. Some companies list correctly? Some don't? And even my Publix doesn't list every gluten-free item correctly, except for the most expensive ones, especially organic ones.. Like Classico Sauce is Gluten Free, but they have an organic sauce for 9 dollars as Gluten free posted. Its like they want us to spend the most we can for a disease we can't control..
  14. I will be 31 this year... I figured that my OB won't talk to me unless I've tried for a year, but I feel like I'm not in my 20s, so it would make a difference maybe that I'm in my 30s. At the same time, I think I should wait a little longer so I won't miscarry. Because this new gluten diet will take some getting use to. I still can't figure out what to buy some days..Different websites and different people say different things everyday.
  15. Operation: Pregnancy

    Definitely does help.. my best friend just had a miscarriage.. And I don't think I could handle that... I want to heal first so i can be as healthy as I can be...But at the same time, I'm not getting younger either.. Its so hard to know when, I'm working with my GI closely.. Maybe he'll tell me when I seem ready.