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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. New Orleans Restaurant Info

    thanks for the info, I have not done very much travelling and so I am a little worried about being able to eat gluten free. I appreciate your help
  2. I am from Canada and will be in New Orleans this July. Anyone have any info on restaurants with gluten free menus?
  3. Thanks Peter I had no idea that VH soy sauce was gluten-free. Here I have been buying tamari when all this time I could have bought the less expensive one. Do you know if the lite VH is gluten free too???
  4. Thanks Donna for your words of encouragement.... I never really thought about evaluating my problems like you have.... I went to the doc today and he put me on Amitriptyline to help me sleep better at night... hopefully it will help.... I would have to say that your persective on this whole health issue we suffer from is much more positive than what I have been lately.....thanks for your positive response and words of encouragement.
  5. Thanks Barbara for the info.... I am off to see my doctor again so maybe he will do some more testing...I do feel that I have been run over buy a truck... I hurt all day long. Two weeks ago was really bad and it was diffucult just to move. I spent my days living in my recliner on a heating pad. I have been off work and I am supposed to go back tomorrow but not sure if I can. My job requires me to be on my feet all day long for eight hours straight. I don't know that I can do it. I will go to the health food store and buy some magnesium/malic acid pills. Hopefully those will help. My family doc will most likely tell me to go back on the anti-inflammitories but it does worry me the side effects that can come from taking them. But I guess the positive side of taking them would be if I can at least just live somewhat normal of a life. If that is possible..... I keep getting dizzy spells again. Does that happen to anyone else???? I also read that white sugar is bad for people with FMS...is that true??? Tried omitting the tomatoes and potatoes but it didnt seem to make any difference. Anyways thanks for letting me complain......and thanks for the support...
  6. Hi Michelle I have been following some of your posts...sorry to hear about your dad's health.... it must be tough on you... I was wondering about the neuropath analysis where did you have that done?? The reason I am asking is because I feel as if I am losing my mind..... forgetting stuff, left a frying pan on the stove the other day, could have burnt my house down.... and I just can't seem to focus at work any more... any info you may give me would be a great help.. Thanks
  7. I just don't know anymore.... the rheumatologist I saw on Friday said I have FMS but I am a little discouraged. I don't have pain in all of the trigger points. I have the pain on my hips and one knee that is it. It is my joints that hurt the most. My hip joints and my legs ache like crazy. The bottom of my feet and lower back. I am so tired and hurt so much but he told me to go off of the Celebrex and said there was no painkillers that help FMS. I am so frustrated with the doctors because my family doctor says he doesnt feel I have FMS but cant give me a reason as to what is wrong with me..... Since I have gone off the medication, the pain is becoming excrutiating again..... Dont know what to do next..........
  8. Hi Judy I havent tried the dairy free as I hardly ever consume any dairy products. I do take calcium though...not sure what casein is????? Saw my doc today he said the brain fog is just because I am not feeling well...I think I should put him in a canoe and send him out to sea!!!!
  9. Brain fog is one of my worst symptoms... I have been gluten free for about 5 mnths now and it is not improving. I work in the financial industry and find it extremely upsetting when I notice I have made errors. I have recently gone on short term disability due to the pain & fog I have been experiencing. The forgetfulness is getting out of control. Left a frying pan on the stove the other day and forgot to turn the burner off.... this is so stressful I feel as if I am losing it big time....going back to the doctors today to see if he has any suggestions..... anyone have an suggestions.....
  10. Geographic Location

    Hi Shirley Are you looking for sight seeing adventures? I am in Nanaimo but there are so many great places to see. Have you been to Victoria before? Buchart Gardens is beautiful....tour the waterfront lots of neat places....china town is cool......the wax museum if that is your kind of fun.....search out Victoria on the web and you will find an endless amount of information.... One of my favourites is the Craigdarroch castle it is supposed to be haunted.... http://www.craigdarrochcastle.com/visitorinfo/rates.html Hope this helps Enjoy your vacation and have a safe trip.
  11. Geographic Location

    Just me.....great idea
  12. Pictures, Avitars, Photos

    Finally used village photos but cant seem to get a clear pic when I resize it. It's all blurry............
  13. Pictures, Avitars, Photos

    I cant seem to load a avatar...done everything everyone has suggested but keeps giving me the same message.... I have made sure it is the right format, and the right size....still doesnt work.... Got any suggestions? Penny
  14. Shampoo

    Thanks Kaiti This is just so overwhelming........ Do you have any suggestions for the gluten free makeup? I currently us Almay foudation....don't wear lipstick.....Garnier Fructis is the shampoo brand I use and Clinque face soap, cleanser and moisturizer. It is hard trying to work fulltime and find out all the info on this disease Penny
  15. Shampoo

    I have been recently diagnosed and am not sure how important it is to use gluten free shampoos, soaps and makeup. Can someone please help me out??? Thanks Penny