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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. For some reason growing up i break out in hives when i use dove or olay products.
  2. Hi i was wondering if Ponds wet cleansing towelettes contain gluten? i have the ones that say with vitamin e and the company i called won't give me any answer they say to consult a doctor. I looked at the ingredients and the one that sticks out to me is hydrogenated castor oil. ..my skin is sensitive but these are the only things that help clean makeup off since im allergic to many soaps in general.
  3. great anyone have info on sunscreen, body lotion and tanning oil for the beach?
  4. Hi everyone. I have been doing as much research as possible since being diagnosed in December 2011. I think i have most foods covered now. I was using herbel essence shampoo but realized it definitely may not be gluten free, especially since my hair has been falling out in chunks. Im going to switch to garnier. Does anyone know if their entire line is gluten free? Also what do you ladies do when you want to get your hair done? my salon told me they will not get gluten free products and i can bring my own but what about getting your hair colored? Also can anyone recommend gluten free body lotion, sunscreen and tanning lotion to wear at the beach? I just want to have the basics covered since we are going on vacation soon. I know neotrogena has gluten-free products but for some reason my skin is irritated by it and burns when used. Thank You!
  5. Wow. Im not sure what determines weak hair..i know their hair is very thin. That is how mine used to be. My hair has been falling out for a few years now which is awful. My son hasn't lost anything and my daughter a few strands here and there. She is bloated though and has been constipated since 4 weeks old. I breastfed till I had complications at 3 months then had to go to formula. She was still constipated, we gave her prunes, prune juice basically everything you tried. She is less than 5% and she is 2.5 years old in growth charts. She hasn't gained a pound is almost a year. aside of those 2 weeks i gave her gluten free stuff. We have a doctor appointment with her pedi on valentines day so im going to demand a test. She also bruises easily when she slips and falls. How come kids get so many negative results back on the blood test??
  6. thanks mommida...do you know how long they should be eating gluten for like will a week do it? they have docs appts next wed and im only giving her gluten from now till then anyway but didnt know if it will need to be a longer period of time before a blood test
  7. Hi guys. So 3 days before Christmas i was diagnosed with celiac. I never really had many symptoms that i even picked up on. I started losing weight though in may then lost 20 lbs by Christmas without working out. anyway...so i have 2 kids. my daughter is 2.5 and my son 15 months. After i became diagnosed i called my primary whom is also my kids pedi. She said not to worry and they didn't need to be tested. I thought this was a little odd. So i felt my daughter may have this but wanted to see what you guys thought. I was always little at 2years i was 24 lbs and she is 23.5 lbs at 2.5.... however she has been 23.5 pounds for over a year now. She has grown height wise but nothing else....she looks a tad bloated sometimes, bruises easily if she falls real quick or bumps into something, she could eat all day and doesn't seem to gain anything, oh and since she was 4 weeks old she was constipated...has prune juice raisins and pears all the time. Does any of this sound like it could be celiac? I always thought oh she is tiny like me, has a fast metabolism and after many nutritionist visits and trying shakes to put weight on (to which she ended up having reactions to) nothing seemed to happen. We did an experiment for the past 2 weeks we gave her gluten free food and she put on 2 lbs. Then over 4 days she lost the weight again once back to a normal diet. Weird? Also another question if i wanted to have her blood tested and had recently given her gluten-free food for two weeks what would be the appropriate time to wait to have it done so it would show up positive if she had it. Everyone told me if you on it a few weeks it will come up negative. Sorry for the long rant just seeking advice and new to this.
  8. Thank you for the info. I have noticed after being gluten free my skin has been more dry even after lotion and been more itchy as well. I guess once you go gluten-free you become more sensitive to things like that.
  9. Thanks! I am doing well with food so far. Maybe had a few slip ups when my kids ate a cookie i would grab one. ANyway i definitely would like to look at products. I am concerned about the following. I am already allergic to many lotions and shampoos so wanted to find out about the following: Petite womens one a day daily vitamin Jergen's lotion (all kids) Herbel essence color me happy shampoo and conidtioner I know that list seems so lame to even check but i guess i would rather know now if its harming me for some reason and move on to things i can use. I have been gluten free for almost 2 weeks now and I admit its tough. I am reading elizabeth hassleback's the gluten free diet which is very informative.
  10. Hi Everyone. So I'm a mom of 2 and wife ..going to be 27 in a few weeks. I have always had anemia and fast metabolism growing up so never thought anything of my weight. I had 2 pregnancies back to back and after the second 1 lost weight so fast ...i knew something was wrong because i was not working out and eating all day long. I grew up basically on pastas and breads. Anyway between december and may of 2011 i lost 18pounds. I thought i was just depressed because my mother passed away a year ago while i was pregnant with my second child which emotionally altered my life. I still am losing. Had an endoscopy in december and it was confirmed i have the severe case of the endoscopy. the small intestine is so damaged they said i need to go gluten to lower my chances of intestinal cancer by time im 30. This was 2 days before christmas when i was hosting the holiday dinner with tons of italian food. ANyway i am so overwhelmed. I thought to myself i can handle this ..so many people out there have it much worse. I can deal with the food but then i found out that daily products like make up lotion shampoo all have gluten in it or as they state may have been cross contaminated. i don't want to take any chances but im having a hard time coping with this. I am allergic to dove, olay and netragina products, cover girl and maybeline. I use gain detergent, crest toothpaste, mary kay makeup, jergens lotion and eucerin cream and herbel essence. does anyone know if these products officially have gluten in it and can anyone find a list to help make things a little easier. With 2 kids under 2 and this new change i feel as though i need support. I dont have much family to talk to aside of my husband.