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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. If i had the power i would thought all these <<foods>> where they belong ..to the gerbage bin !!
  2. I realy cant understand some people behaviour ...i was with a friend,we were eating together(i had my gluten free food wille she was eating a big mac hamburger cheesburger..i didnt understand very well what was it but it had such an awfull smell)She offered me forgetting i can't eat it ...the following dialogue took place Me - Shall i open the window because of the smell? Her - Yes ...is it smelly? Me - Yes very much . Her- Well ...i know its a garbage but i realy love it i could never stop eating it Isn't it weird that she called her food garbage but she could never stop eating it??? This is crazy...realy i mean ..o.k maybe someone doesnt know that the food is unhealthy....but what kind of sane person whould know that a food is garbage and whould continioue eating it??? I know i dont have the right to judge anyone ...i mean if someone wants to eat stinky smelly full of chemicals products its his own right but...HEY!!! Why do we have the brain??? If you know something is unhealy and you eat it beaucse you cant stop ...well that means that you became addictid to it..and thats one more reason to stop eating it....Does anyone hear about addiction to fruits or to vegetables or to meat??? Fast food,junk food is not food..it looks like food but its not.
  3. I notice that once i eat something that has gluten (by mistake )i get celluilte and after i get clean of gluten(for me i need 2 days for my skin to come back to normal ) celluite is gone ...does anyone alse experience something like that?
  4. Hmmm....from where to start??? I am a mix of Greek/Spanish/German and Nordic decent...but since i was born and rased in Greece i prefer to say im Greek(so many countries in a mixer uhhh if a say all of them ...) My mother is from Greece(Cyprus) her father , Spanish(Basque)German(somewhere in the west i dont remember) and Greek(her mother was abopted by Greek parends )My father is from Greece( Athens) his father,his mother mixe of Greek ,German and Nordic decent.. Most people quess im Eastern European (mostly Russian)it ..lol
  5. Since i wend gluten-free and i start pay more attention in what i eat i notice that gluten can be found in things that you could never expect it...but why??? I mean why it seems to be so needed as a pruduct and as an ingridient???People consume it in huge portions everyday and its not healthy at all for anyone..isn't it?Or its good but only for people who are not celiac or gluten intolerant/sensitive?
  6. Short Kids

    Its very possible. i am Gluten intolerant/sensitive . I was very short and oveweight untill my 18s(1,48cm and 55 kg).I never had any periods and i had lots of emotional problems(you can read my post << Gluten and Violence>> I explane everything there)After two weeks in Gluten free diet all my anger had gone, in almost a year i lost 9 kg..and believe the unbelievable i am 1,52 now....Seriously i got from 1,48 to 1.52 i also started having periods for the first time in my life , i am now 49 kg my metabolism is faster and my cellulide is gone ,its amazing what gluten can do to the human body and mind...
  7. I had experienced traits of the following: Deepresion,ADD/ADHD,Aspergers,Parania,Anxienty,Bipolar and Social phobias.... Al the psychologist and psychiatrists ever seen me couldnt deside what kind of problem i had...theycould never give me a full diagnosis....witch of caurse its normal...i wish i could see them and talk to them about my gluten intolerance/sensitivity so they will accept that diet can effect the brain functioning and the behavior. I think the first thing they should ask anyone entering in their office is << Did you ever tested for food intolerances?>> Insted of giving pills to cure a non existed disorter....
  8. I am movind from London to Zimbabwe-Harare i know my diet will be a problem but i have to work there so i cant cancel it. Im a little bit scared about it becuse i dont know how rare or common is have gluten intoleranse/sensitivity .Where can i found Gluten free food??? Is there any super market ? A restaurant? Please i need help on this .
  9. Gluten And Violence

    Thank all of you for your kind words and support. Its very imprtand for me and i think for everyone to know that there are othere people who are going through or have been through the same. Its also importand to speak to people about it to tallk about it to friends to familly about what kind of physical and mental problems it can cause. I am willing to speak for anyone who wants to listen . Imagine how many people have been diagnosed with mental conditios that is nothing more than gluten intolerance/sensitivity...its so simple untill you figure out but yet so complicated because it destroy you and your life so secretly and quiet that its not easy to realise. Im very inerested into write a book about my gluten experience i feel that its like a duty to me to talk about it. No person should have to deal with something like that ,knowlege is power.
  10. Hello. My name is Anna i'm 20 years old and i am in this forum to share my story and also to learn more about other people with gluten sensitivity/intolerance. It seems gluten has a very extreme and rare impact in me that even my doctor doesnt agree with it.He doesnt agree that gluten affects my behavior.( But of caurse i dont trust him because the evedence proove me right).I become extremely violet argessive paranoid and ferious.Its like i am another person not able to function with no control on my reactions. My story goes back years ago ...when i was a child almost 7 years old i was violet with others and my self beating up and puntchig my head ,throughing things against the wall, breaking plates or glasses, kicking and slapping my mother without a reason.She took me to psychologists,to psychiatrists who suggest me to take Risperdal but of caurse it didnt help me...nothing seemed to help me and year after year was getting more violet ,getting more fat. I was extremely isolated ,i had was always late at school because i wasnt able to sleep at night and because i didnt get sleep for days i was collapsing from tierness ,i lost many years in the same class because of that. I was sleeping 4 tnight per week and the rest i was awake ...nothing seemed to work ......I was growing my anger issiues were growing as well....Tow years ago i was readind about Autism in an article of a magazine ...it get in my ming so i start searching about Autism ...i start thinking that i may be Autistic...and i suddenely find out about autism and diet...And here it comes.. gluten...i start reading about it about it and how it can affect the brain and the body...i decide with my mother to make an experimend and i went gluten/wheat free....Within 2 weeks i became a total differend person..my mother said to me that she never saw me smilling....and that was true i never laughed or smile ....my skin became lighter and smoother ...i lost 9 kg in 7 mounths just by cutting out gluten,people who had seen me before go gluten free and saw me after couldnt belive my change ....the firts thought was that i just grow upand my behavior improove...i understand their subspeciousness ,only my mother knows because she witnessed the hole differences. For tow years i was clean of gluten and not a single fight with anyone,nothing what do think and say has nothing to do with how i was ..Its amazing how this proplem destroyed me for 18 years. Its tradic to realise that something was taking control over you ,sometimes i feel ashamed. I did so many wrong things i know that it wasnt my fault because i didnt choose to be born this way ...but its the need and the wish that if i could turn back the time and as a child could become more couriost about Autism then i whould be able to know what was wrong....but i know this couldnt be possible.I somehow feel proud for myself because i was the one who discover it . Althought im not a celiac my mother is ger gluten intolerance affect her in the gut i guess my in the brain. I had also made another experiment i went back to gluten this Christmans for a week in the start i notice i start geting a round belly and in the end of the week i had i fight with three people(i still try to remember the reason but i can't)and i had a realy badfight with my mother again....after tow years.....in a week.....thats shocking. I feel the need to share my experience and reminde to people that since we are what we eat ...whe have to pay attention to what we eat as we pay attention to what we are. I am realy dissapontent by the way doctors treated my case ,because my blood test was negative they dissagree that i have any problems with gluten at all and i was wrong...but i know i wasnt ,i trust my instict what i see and feel. I know that my life wasnt easy ,the life of those who were next to me as well but since now i know what made my life difficuld im not willing going back to this that i call "dark era "of my life P.S I m sorry for my English but its not my mother language.