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  1. Thank you, excellent idea to make the house gluten free. Now that my daughter is in college especially, I can at least have a several month period of time with nothing to worry about. My biggest problem has been that according to the doctors I don't have celiac, and I went gluten free at a time when celiac was the only acknowledged "problem" with gluten. So there is still as small voice that tells me ( it's all in your head) I think today has shut that voice up! I will try the b-12 now... I don't think that I need further counceling, especially having found this site and feeling very vindicated! I just really need to accept the fact that even trace amounts of gluten are not going to be tolerable for me.
  2. My son has aspergers and when he used to eat gluten he would bite himself and others and was very aggressive sometimes. Like you said, it was like something else was controlling him. Glad you did your homework and decided to try it! Look forward to a lot more better years!
  3. I am 43, I have been gluten free for more than 10 years. I was diagnosed in my 20s with Chronic bulimia because it didn't go away at the time "most girls" get over it. I now know that yes, there were some emotional aspects...especially in my teens and early 20's but mostly, it's gluten. So most of the time I am just fine and dandy. Once in a while though I'm not careful enough and I get gluten into my system. This almost invariably causes a binge/purge cycle...and I am just so very, very "over" this. Can anyone tell me the best and fastest way to get gluten out of my system so that I can reduce the reaction. Both my autistic 18 year old and I are gluten free, but my husband and 19 year old daughter are not, so there is always gluten in the house. My latest adventure involved soy sauce. I forgot to tell them gluten free at the restaurant, and decided to eat the food anyway. This was a mistake...