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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Original Poster back to let you all know how it went: I stuck to my guns and refused the gluten challenge. I just had my endoscopy yesterday, so I don't have my pathology results yet, but just by looking, my doctor found a hiatal hernia and an area of irritation that he believes to be caused by acid reflux. I am amazed how negative my GI is -- he told me over and over that 'daily nausea may just be what is normal for you,' and even said that after the endo and finding those issues. I've continued to tell him that I am not willing to accept that I will be sick the rest of my life (I am 25 -- I have a lot of potentially healthy years ahead of me!). I am going to get my biopsy results (looking for H. Pylori and a few other things, not celiacs since I haven't been eating wheat) within the next 2 weeks, and I am doing one further test with this GI -- a breath test that monitors how my body and bacteria in my stomach digests sugar water after a day of fasting, that is supposed to indicate some specific kind of bacteria overgrowth. After I finish those tests, I will be taking my test results and high-tailing it back to my naturopath, where we can look at options to treat these things. I will post again once I get my pathology results, but wanted to give an update at this point. Thanks again to everyone who helped me make the right decision!
  2. Alright, you guys have reassured me that I am made the right move in declining it. I am not dying to start the recovery process over, especially if 3-4 weeks of a challenge is possibly not enough time to get a positive diagnosis anyways. I also don't have huge faith in this GI, and I think a negative celiac diagnosis could lead to him treating me worse (I believe he already thinks my nausea is in my head.. he suggested that having daily nausea 'May just be what is normal for your body...' and that I may be using the wrong word for my nausea, because I never vomit... ugh). If the endoscopy comes back totally clean, I will be high-tailing it back to my naturopath, and don't intend to continue working with this guy. He will definitely still do the endoscopy without the gluten challenge, and I am hoping it will at least rule out a few possibilities like ulcers and H. Pylori. Thank you everyone for the advise -- I love this board!
  3. Hello all, I used to suffer from daily severe stomach aches and nausea (for ~10 years), and through an elimination diet, I found that gluten was a big part of my issue -- it was like a light switch, no more gluten, no more stomach aches. I don't know if I am Celiac or not, but I treat it as though I am, because I react so badly to it. I don't intend on eating gluten for the rest of my life. Although my stomach aches went away, I am still suffering from severe, chronic nausea. I never throw up, but feel as though I will many times a day. I have been trying different solutions with my naturopath (dairy elimination, heartburn/acid reflux treatments) with no luck so far, so I have just scheduled an endoscopy as a next step. When I met my GI for my consultation, he pretty strongly pushed for me to go back on gluten for a few weeks before the endoscopy, and I pretty strongly pushed back that I didn't want to. I have been off of gluten for 1.5 years and I don't really care if I get a Celiac diagnosis or not, but I am in doubt as to whether or not I did the right thing. I don't want to go through the endoscopy process, refuse to eat wheat, and then miss something that might help deal with my nausea. Will a positive or negative diagnosis of Celiac change anything for a person who is already 100% gluten free? Are there Celiac-related issues that could be causing my nausea, and do I have to have the diagnosis to try to treat those issues? I'm really torn. I felt like I was doing the right thing by telling him 'no,' but I also don't want my stubbornness to get in the way of diagnosing and treating the cause of my nausea. Can anyone offer suggestions or advise?
  4. Thank you everyone with your input and suggestions! Rosetapper, That is a really interesting option. A lot of the disorientation I feel with the dizziness is visual -- when I close my eyes I don't feel any of it. I will certainly keep this up there as a viable option! I've been needing to get my eyes checked on anyways, might as well bring it up and see what they say. Thank you for the input and research as well. I hate taking vitamins (though I do currently take a big multivitamin... most days) so I kind of take every excuse to avoid them, but certainly if it means my recovery, I can make it happen. I had heard that B vitamins can make a huge difference, I think it might be time to try it out!
  5. Hello all! I just joined this forum a few days ago, but I have been reading it for about 6 months and have turned to it many times when in need. I wanted to thank the people who participate here -- It has made a world of difference to have somewhere to go for answers, or just when you are hurting, and know you aren't the only unlucky person out there. For starters, I have been 100% gluten-free since September, and was avoiding/tapering off of gluten for about 6 months before that. I am self diagnosed gluten intolerant, by way of elimination diet. My symptoms mainly consisted of terrible stomach aches and nausea, and I started getting them about 10 years ago (when I was 14-15 was the first time I visited a gastro for my stomach pains). I went undiagnosed (and tried everything -- IBS medication, Miralax, therapy {"Do you think it could be stress..." -- gah!}) through a huge number of doctors, until in February of 2011 a naturopath had me try an elimination diet and I found the culprit to be gluten. So, now I am off of all gluten, though only a few months totally clean. My stomach aches are completely gone and I do see other small improvements in my body, but I will admit I was hoping cutting out gluten would solve all of the maladies I have. I am still suffering from nausea, and I feel like it has gotten much worse since I went off of gluten. I am also now getting serious dizzy spells, where I feel like the room is spinning and I have to lay down. I have always had anemic symptoms (though I have always tested okay in my blood work) such as poor circulation and fatigue, and I feel that those have gotten significantly worse in the past few months as well. I have learned so much from reading of other people's experiences in this forum, and I'm hoping that some of you who have been through this can give me some advice on how to proceed. I see another food allergy as a possibility (dairy or soy?), or possibly a thyroid issue? I also still entertain the possibility that it is still gluten, and is just taking a long time to get totally out of my system. I am just beginning a dairy-free trial to test that option, but if that doesn't show significant improvement in the next few days, I feel that I need to schedule an appointment to see someone. The thing that is really crippling me right now is the dizziness -- it makes it almost impossible to focus at work, and even relaxing at home is difficult when I can't watch a screen or focus on type. I lost a lot of my faith in doctors over the last 10 years because I felt that they dismissed my chronic pain so easily, so I am not dying to go running back to a traditional MD. At the same time, my insurance doesn't cover Naturopathy, so if I go to see one again, I would hope for some results. I think I am still a bit brainwashed into thinking that I need a "real" doctor. I am not even 100% sure what type of doctor to go back to, since I don't feel like my issues are as localized as they were with my stomach aches. Do I start with a GP? No idea. So, it turns out I wrote a novel, but I guess I am looking for 2 pieces of advice: 1. For those who have had my symptoms, what have you found the causes to be? 2. Have any of you gotten amazing results with a Naturopath? Can I get things like a thyroid panel done by a Naturopath? I'm happy to give additional information if needed. Thank you for any help you are willing to give, and thanks for taking the time to read this. Once again, I am so appreciative to all of you -- it has amazed me how isolated this disease can make you feel, but it has also amazed me that strangers on this board will come forward to support each other when needed. -Erin