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  1. Really? The joint pain was the main reason I decided to try gluten free. I had constant sharp pain in my knee for 4-5 weeks before seeing a doctor who looked at it for 30 seconds and told me I had arthritis... "you're kinda young for arthritis" he said, then told me all I could do was take Advil 4 times a day for the rest of my life. I then researched gluten free diet for about a week and prepared myself. It was the holiday season so I waited until Jan 1st (seemed appropriate). Jan 2nd my knee felt significantly better and on the 3rd there was no pain at all, and none since. The weight loss and sleep was a bonus I was not expecting. You know what really surprised me however? 3 months into the diet I was visiting my father and talking about it. He said to me "well that makes sense because you always had trouble with wheat when you were little." I had forgotten all about that but it was true! I felt sick after eating certain pancake mixes, dark wheat bread and certain cereals like wheat checks and wheaties.... even to this day I avoided them but never put two and two together.
  2. I discovered I was gluten sensitive in January. I've been gluten free for just over 5 months now. I lost 35lb within the first 3 months. My joint pain vanished after 48 hours and has never returned. I used to take advil frequently for minor headaches but found I didn't need to any more.... I also had significant problems sleeping for the last 10 years of my life, probably averaging 7-10 nights per month and I noticed that completely went away. In 4 months I had 2 difficult nights and both of them had legitimate reasons behind them. So I'm curious. Last week I had 3 troubled nights in a row. There was some reason behind 2 of the 3 (lightning with a scared child and pets) but the 3rd night I was awake at 3am for no reason at all. Interestingly some short time before that was also my first definite mistake with gluten. I ate 3 Twizzlers before reading the package to find bleached white flour at the top of the list. I did not think too much of it at the time and I do not remember exactly when I ate them or when I started having this recent trouble sleeping but they must have been close. SO... I'm wondering if anyone has any idea if my gluten poisoning and sleep issue are related? Does gluten effects on the brain linger longer than other issues like joint pain? Could 3 Twizzlers give me sleeping issues for 3 days?
  3. I found out about gluten when searching for canker sore solutions. I've had significant problems with them all my life of 42 years. At the time I didn't consider a gluten free diet because it seemed more trouble than the sores. 6 months ago I started having leg ache pain while driving and then about 8 weeks ago I developed a constant sharp pain in my knee. My doctor brushed it off as arthritis and sent me home with instructions to take advil. Trying to self diagnose at home, I discovered a link between gluten and joint pain. I was planning on going on a low carb diet for the new year so I started researching gluten free as well and decided to try it. This is amazing! My knee pain completely vanished in 2 days.... but even more amazing, and what I wasn't expecting, was how I feel about food now. After 6 days gluten free I woke up Saturday morning and cried. I was not hungry! I didn't care about food... I had NO CRAVINGS! Every morning for as long as I can remember I HAD to eat breakfast as soon as I got up, usually a quick bowl of cereal. I've been overweight all my life and in a constant struggle over food. I'd been on the starvation diet, atkins diet, cereal only diet, weight watcher's, south beach..... I'd never felt so free as I do now. Food no longer had a hold on me! The emotions of 25 years just flood through me. I'm tearing up now just writing about it. I feel like I was in food hell my entire life and didn't know it. This week I noticed food is tasting better, especially fruit. I've had kiwis before but I never said WOW after eating one before. I've also had a problem with acne all my life. (I can remember my mother picking painfully at my face when I was 8) At 42 it's not terrible anymore but in the last few years I started developing painful acne like spots on my legs also. It hasn't even been 2 weeks yet but it certainly seems like my skin is clearing up. I can't wait to try a glass of orange juice and see if a canker soar doesn't show up. I know most people are upset to discover they can't eat gluten any more. I happen to be a pizza fanatic myself.... But I couldn't be happier! I would gladly give up gluten forever just to rid myself of the cravings. Being able to walk and drive without pain is nice too. I've lost almost 10 pounds. I have been trying to loose weight too but this is so easy! I could skip a meal more easily now than I could skip the snacks and candy after a meal just 2 weeks ago. So, I'm thinking this is proof positive I am at least gluten sensitive. Am I wrong? Should I still get tested? I was looking at DNA testing. Does anyone have recommendations?