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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. It took my 2 years for my ttg levels ti get to the normal range. Before my titer was normal, my doc said there was a possibility that I had another autoimmune disease or it was possible that I had refractory celiac. But I stuck to the diet and gave my body time to heal, eventually it did. I had blood tests every 6mo until it went into the normal range. I've heard stories from people that take 6mo for their ttg titers to come back negative, and stories from others that took several years. Seems like everyone is different. If you are worried, chat with your doctor. Maybe there are some simple tests that can rule out other potential issues. It could also just take time. I hope your daughters are feeling well soon.
  2. Hi. I posted earlier in the DH section a few months ago and since then I've found out a few things that I thought I'd post here because I found it to be helpful and thought it was interesting. I had a nasty super itchy rash on my shins that was unresponsive to steroid creams. Probably the most helpful thing I did is finding a new dermatologist. I had a few biopsies done and they came back as allergic dermatitis. She gave me some moisturizing pointers and a script for a powerful steroid in ointment form. Boy, did that take care of it. I had this rash for 6mo and after using the ointment for 3 days it was almost completely gone. Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago, I had a family emergency at my in laws. I stayed at their house for 1.5 weeks. So stress, along with different laundry products and a non gluten-free kitchen (I still ate gluten-free but it was no way as safe as my home kitchen) triggered my rash to come back in a big way. Now it's behind both ears, on both shins, both elbows and across my upper back. The dermatologist is thinking it could be the laundry stuff but could also be cross contamination from the gluten eaters kitchen. So I'm back on the clobetasol ointment, I'm also back home in my safe kitchen and things are getting better. I was diagnosed 3 years ago and this past year is really the first time I've had this particular issue. I've only been anti ttg negative for about a year. Maybe that has something to do with it. Who knows. It could just be an interesting coincidence. I've been thinking that it may be a good idea to get my antibodies checked again, they haven't been checked they fell into the normal range. So my question, is there a good test out there for compliance? Something that could show if I've been cc'd? I know the anti ttg test isn't the best way.
  3. I find this true of canyon bakehouse too. Almost slimy or rubbery. I think it's the chia seeds. I'm not a fan.
  4. I've been using vanicream. The thicker stuff in the tub with a pump. I love it!
  5. I feel ya about wanting your body to just cooperate. The annoying part is that sometimes it just doesn't. Neti pots are great, I also have to take antihistamines sometimes but together they really do help for congestion. You could try the neti pot for a while and see if it helps. I'd see an ENT about the halitosis.
  6. They truly are disgusting. Not all can be seen or dug out. I'd definitely have the doc check how your tonsils look since she's going right by there with a camera anyway. I hope you get some answers soon! Good luck. I had 'twilight' anesthesia for both my endoscopy and my colonoscopy. I have no memory of the procedures but wasn't fully under.
  7. Jiggles is right on. I had the same issue! It was totally tonsil stones. I had my tonsils removed (I tried removing the stones and a slew of other remedies first to no avail) and tada! No more nasty smell, I sleep better too
  8. I also have fish and have yet to find a gluten-free flake food or pellet. I just wash my hands right after I feed them.
  9. I've made some pretty great pizzas using Pamela's bread mix (recipe on the back). You just have to pre bake the crust, on both sides.
  10. The genetic tests do not diagnose celiac disease. For that you need the tests listed above by NVSMOM. IMHO genetic testing is largely an expensive waste of time. Something like 30% of all people have DQ8 and DQ2.
  11. Shins?

    I have been totally gluten-free for almost 3 years (it'll be 3 in Jan). I'm very diligent, so I don't think that's it. They don't usually show up on both sides of my body, except for on my elbows. Really, I'm just sick of using steroid creams. Maybe my dermatologist is right and I just get rashes more often than regular folks.. I just wish I knew how to prevent it.
  12. Shins?

    Hi! I have a super itchy rash on my shin. Is this a normal place for DH flares? I have always gotten rashes, my derm calls it papular eczema (he also said with my history of celiac and seasonal allergies that I just have 'rashy tendencies' whatever that means) He's never tested any spots for DH, just prescribes a steroid cream. I'm celiac and my blood anti ttg titers were in normal ramge last time it was checked. I've had simiar feeling and looking rashes above my ear on my head, laterally on my hips, around my ankles, on my forearms, and frequently on my elbows. I have a steroid cream that I use sometimes when I get a flare but it seems like regardless as to steroid use they last a few weeks before they start going away. Lately the flares have been on my shin and when they kind of go away they leave a patch of skin that's a bit darker than the rest. This time, when it came back, it's still on my shin but moved a bit from the last spot. Does this seem normal? Any advice?
  13. By 'contracts' I mean that my employer negotiates with insurance companies to develop plans for their employees. The employer has a say in what kind of plan and coverages are offered. By 'professionals' I mean benefit coordinators and compliance officers. At this point I think we've hijacked the thread. I'm out.
  14. I wasn't trying to make it a pro or against affordable care act post. I helped my mom get insurance this year for the first time ever, which is great. I was trying to get across that I wasn't sure what happens when an employer isn't involved. I know they have contracts and other professionals that the general population doesn't get.