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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Am I Losing My Mind!?

    I have loose dry skin and I recently found out I am deficient in Copper, B2, CoQ10 and Oleaic Acid in addition to already diagnosed Vitamin D deficiency. My hair has been falling out and I started taking the additional supplements for my deficiencies along with Biotin which is great for skin and hair. You may have some vitamin deficiencies due to malabsorption. My doctors would not order very many vitamin tests, they would only order what is considered common for most Celiacs. I had to go to a Nutrition Preventative Medicine doctor who ordered a slew of tests for me.
  2. Ok thanks I will pick up some B Complex. I also wondered too if your bloodwork can be normal or high in any vitamin/mineral and still be deficient?
  3. I was diagnosed last November and my tongue has been numb down the center for over 2 years and the Doctors cannot give me a reason. My vitamin B-12 is high on bloodwork. Since going gluten free it alternates between being numb and sore. It gets sore when I increase my liquid vitamins and/or sublingual B-12. Could I still be deficient?
  4. Country Life brand is certified gluten free. You can purchase online at Vitacost.com they have really good prices.prices
  5. It took me awhile before I had enough energy to start exercising. I discovered that by taking liquid vitamins twice a day instead of once a day and replacing 1 meal with raw protein meal shake that it helped with the fatigue. You will feel better exercising and it does help get the gluten out of your system. I have also heard that massages help work the toxins out of your body too. Good luck!
  6. I was recently diagnosed in November 2011 with Celiac disease. I think I have had it for several years prior to diagnosis and have a lot of symptoms that could be vitamin deficiency related. I am having problems with my Doctor ordering vitamin/mineral tests. Does anyone have any input on SpectraCell's MicroNutrient Testing for Nutritional Deficiencies?
  7. I believe that I am malnurished from many years of undiagnosed Celiac Disease and I am having a hard time with getting my Doctor(s) to order a complete vitamin/mineral assessment. Does anyone have a complete list of ALL the vitamin/minerals that should be testing and the reference from where it came from to give to my Doctor(s? HELP!!! THANKS!!!
  8. Need Good Doctor Se Michigan

    Thanks but I have already had an assessment and the GI Doctor that I saw contradicted information that I have already researched. I was looking for recommendations on a new GI Doctor.
  9. I need to find a new Doctor in SE Michigan that knows there Celiac stuff and will listen to me. it is amazing how little most Doctors know about Celiac and refuse to order tests. Thanks