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  1. What are signs of gluten withdrawal? are they the same as say caffeine?
  2. I had DS (2yo) and DD(almost 4) Blood tested.. While those came up negative. My daughter has issues being a stopped up. She does go most every day but she usually has pebbles. DS is better as far as his GI tract go, but has some sort of pimple looking bumps on his skin... they are not red around but are hard if you scratch them. I rather believe they both have it after my dx, then Hubby's uncle (mom's bro) had a dx earlier this year. So prompts my question... Endoscopy or no?
  3. DD and DS were just blood tested for it and it was negative. I have had skin issues all of my life and cc. DD is presenting the same way I did.. Not to mention the fact that Both sides of our family have celiac disease dxs. :{. I would likely have it done if it were to work.
  4. If I might ask how is your mom doing? We found out a year or so ago that my mom has CREST. Since then I found out I have celiac disease. But unnecessary weight loss at his point is nonexistent. I think her doc should test her but we'll see. Alicia
  5. Isn't the norm 1-2 days? or is it different for a Celiac? I am also still learning about celiac disease... I also have always had C problems.