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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thank you! I will be going to Whole Foods later and will look for that! Thanks .
  2. Hello; Does anyone know what shampoo is allergen & gluten-free for my babies? Thanks, Erin
  3. At my son's next appointment on the 13th we will be meeting with a nutritionist. They gave use 3 cans of EleCare Jr which we are using as his new "milk."
  4. I have seen reactions to eggs, peanuts, oats. After his first peanut reaction we pretty much avoided nuts. I was keeping a food diary at one point and suspected corn but he seemed fine after having Ian's Fish Sticks & Chicken Nuggets. So Im not sure if corn is really a problem. Im not sure milk is really a problem. I was giving him yoghurt/cheese sticks when we tryed our gluten-free trial and he seemed better. Soy could have been a hidden problem I didn't consider. So I will continue eliminating gluten, egg, nuts and soy and see what happens? As soon as I put him back on gluten-free his skin cleared of all red rashy skin within 3 days. Thanks for all the advice!! *hugs*
  5. I found a website that said brown rice syrup was made from barley! And I think I was so tired and overwhelmed last night I was thinking of Canola Oil as from Corn. LOL
  6. My worst nightmare has pretty much come true... My 2 yr old son has been diagnosed with Celiac based on his bloodwork, as well as multiple food allergies. He is allergic to all nuts, oats, oregano, soy, corn, milk, casein and eggs. We didn't even test for all the food allergies. What can I use for "butter"? They all have canola oil in them. If brown rice syrup is made from barley how can it be "gluten free"? I literally have no idea what to feed him or what to do. I feel very overwhelmed. Based on his results they want me to get my 5 month old tested... I really don't know how I am supposed to work full-time and prepare all this food. Im going to have to cook all our meals on Sundays & freeze them. Does anyone have any websites they can recommend for allergic shopping? Do you have any blogs you can recommend to me, from people who have been in the same boat? Thanks so much, look forward to your help. Erin
  7. Shampoos Detergents And Soap

    Thanks for this! I am making sure everything is gluten-free in the house because my poor 2 yr old just got the celiac confirmation with dh! Im getting some free & clear tonight.
  8. My 2 year old was tested today for Celiac as well as the following food allergies - corn, wheat, casein, milk, soybean, peanuts, almonds, cashew, macadamia, hazelnut, brazil nuts, walnuts, pecan, cinnamon, oregano, egg whites, bakers yeast, oat and trout. Doctor says he has the dh rash... I feel 99% sure he's going to come back celiac and allergic to peanuts, eggs. I will keep you posted on the results! I am on pins & needles and can not wait 7 days. Eek. My testing is Thursday. Only 3 more days of gluten punishment! The last 3 things on my gluten party list: Krispy Kreme, Chicago Deep Dish Pizza and a Squeeze Burger. O_o
  9. Here I am a little over 24 hours into my 'farewell gluten' party and Im not sure if I can do it. Well I can do it, because I want to know if Celiac is the root of all these health problems of mine. But my poor children are being tortured. ;/ Gluten for punishment! My 2 year old is literally scratching away like mad at his skin. I made sure no eggs in his food today... So why does he have raised red skin with these little bumps all over? Wheat has got to be part of his issues. Will they diagnosis him Celiac if my test comes back positive? Im thinking about going back to gluten & egg free but I worry my test won't come back as Celiac if I have it. My family is one of those that don't really believe I have something unless I get a diagnosis. But I don't want to torture my 2 yr old all weekend until his testing Monday morning. If they determine my 2 year old has Celiac and I have the house go back to gluten-free after his testing Monday morning will they diagnosis me Celiac even if my test comes back negative? My 5 month old seems to have eczema appear all over his whole body since we got the ok to start solids. He is the opposite of my 2 yr old - did not have GERD, no failure to thrive, in fact LOVES food. My 2 yr old was not a fan of solids. He has doubled his birth weight and then some. He does have horrible cradle cap we are still battling with! It seemed like his eczema was better when I was not on wheat. He is breastfed no formula feedings. He also is fed organic brown rice cereal once a day (either morning or bedtime)mixed with breastmilk. We will also usually have one fruit or vegetable a day. I have a food journal on baby and we have had questionable reactions to banana, broccoli, strawberry. Any thoughts/advise? On another note I have been reading a lot of the other postings here and would never have connected some of my minor symptoms as possibly being celiac - night sweats, trouble swallowing. Thanks!
  10. Hello all, I am new here and needed something creative to get you to read this post! LOL Look forward to talking with you all. Any ideas or help you can recommend would be great. I decided right before the New Year to go Gluten-Free for 2 weeks on the 1st due to my Ulcerative Colitis flaring up as well as the fact that my 2 year old son is suffering from constant ezcema/hives. Here is a little about my health history: 2 yrs old - Diagnosed with Asthma 4 yrs old - Severe reaction to Macadamia nuts. Rushed to hospital. 5 yrs - Severe reaction to fish sticks at school. 8 yrs old - Doctor told my mom they thought I might be allergic to milk due my complaints of stomach ache, but I never had any "formal" food allergy testing done. 11 yrs old - On vacation in Oregon. Caught crabs - just touching it I broke out in hives all over. 16 yrs old - Started suffering Depression 23 yrs old - Random patches of Ezcema/Psoriasis start appearing on hands, ankles. 29 yrs old - Started having extremely itchy/rashy legs that would come and go. Anxiety. 30 yrs old - Diagnosed as having Depression, Anxiety and add. Put on adderall so i could focus. Chronic fatigue.First signs of irritable bowel appear. 31 yrs old - Diagnosed Chronic Sinisitis 32 years old - Diagnosed Ulcerative colitis. So here I am. Im thinking at the very least I have a wheat sensitivity after my gluten-free challenge. I didn't last the full 2 weeks but it was like a mack truck hit me the day after I ingested gluten! I can not even explain what that day was like... I might as well have moved into the bathroom. Sorry if tmi... Positive things about going gluten-free: less gas/bloating/discomfort, less trips to the restroom & more ENERGY! If that didn't sell me on a gluten-free diet I don't know what will! Allergies I am confirmed to have: Walnuts, Macadamia Nuts, Fish, Crabs. These are all severe and my throat will start to swell etc. I can however eat Peanuts, Almonds, Cashews, Shrimp. I suspect I may have a potato or oil, egg allergy as well as the wheat problem. Odd thing is before I even considered the possibility that I had Celiac I wondered if my son had it. He was severely Colic as a baby. He was diagnosed as failure to thrive after only gaining 1 lb. after 2 months. Since then he has always been in the 20% for weight. He had GERD. He had minor cradle cap. We tested him for soy and milk allergies around 4 months which came back negative. At 6 months he tried Oatmeal cereal and threw up after eating it. He had ezcema from 3 months to 11 months old. His ezcema seemed to disappear for awhile - but returned when he was around 17 months. I do not remember feeding him any different during that time frame. He has had severe reactions to eggs and peanuts. I have not been able to pinpoint if wheat or milk is actually causing an issue with him. I will (hopefully) get some answers Monday when he is getting allergy tested. He seemed to be ok with almonds, but I gave him some gluten-free granola last week that has almonds and it seemed like he may have had a reaction. ;( \ I am getting tested next Thursday so I officially had to start eating gluten again tonight. My stomach is already grumbling away! I am considering this my 'goodbye to gluten party' and will be eating all the worst foods! I will miss my chicago deep dish pizza, my cheeseburgers...*sigh* Has anyone here had any of the same problems as me and been diagnosed Celiac? I really hope I can get some answers next week! Does anyone have celiac and an egg allergy? Thanks! Erin