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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hi- New To Celiacs And New To Forum- South Of Boston

    I have eaten at the Uno's in Swampscott many times !! And have never felt bad afterwards. Perhaps it was something else that caused your sickness? Not trying to start a controversy but just another point of view. Sorry you got sick
  2. Eye Issues

    It seems that your issue is resolved, thats great !! On a similar note, there ARE lots of cases of "eye aches" with celiac people. I'm doing some more research on that now...
  3. Coffee

    Great points everyone....it's 12:40 am and I got glutened because of FLAVORED coffee. I figured all coffee was good...I was wrong and am paying the price for the last four hours! Live and learn
  4. Many Celiacs seem to have a similar problem with IBS. For me personally I had these LOUD intestinal noises that embarrassed me to no end. FINALLY I latched on to the medicine hyoscyamine. Hyoscyamine is a antispasmodic which regulates the rhythms of the intestines. But of course my happiness was short lived when lately hyoscyamine was on "back order" All the local drug stores were running out of supplies. When I called the manufacturer they responded. "Eventually it looks like we will make them more available but that might take a couple of months" Upon further inquirery I found out that the FDA is giving "Grand fathered" in drugs some pressure...I guess the FDA wants Ethex to pony up some cash so the FDA can test and "officially recommend" the drug to the masses. To be honest I'm not sure about that fact one way or the other. Anyway, it seems now that a new product called Hyomax is virtually the same as hyoscyamine!! My pharmacist said it has the same chemical makeup except some additives that allow it to be consumed sublingually or swallowed or both. I really am trying to keep this community up to date with this wonderful drug. Anyone who suffered with that huge embarrassment knows what I'm talking about.. Thanks Jay
  5. I just bought the BEST clam chow dah ever !!!! I also live in Massachusetts so hopefully you live by or can access the store where I purchased it. IT WAS PRETTY EXPENSIVE but well worth it....it was microwavable...I will try to get the name when I return to the store...If I forget to come back here soon...you can email me at docklearfan@yahoo.com in the subject title if you write my name JAY I wont delete it...lol
  6. I have had wonderful success at Joes American Bar and Grill in Peabody Massachusetts. All the staff is familiar with a gluten free menu. In fact the Manager will always come over and verify that everything is okay. Steaks are great Hamburgers with Bacon and cheese are awesome And they will also cook FRENCH FRIES to order!! They special fry them in this gluten free oil. Imagine french fries with a burger!!! I've had other items their as well, so check them out!! I highly recommend Joes!
  7. Cosmetic Help

    Thanks for your help, I appreciate it...I think there must be some national companies that have gluten free products. I'm going to call Neutragena for their skin treatment today. But I will check out your companies as well !!
  8. I have been trying to research "cosmetics" and I'm having a hard time. (A few companies emailed me back but to no avail) I just started a new job and I'm swamped for time. So if anyone knows gluten free items could you let me know? I feel like a idiot not taking the time to research but.. Anyway, I would love to know what Hairspray, Deodorant,acne creme, hand soap, and dish soap are gluten free. (Currently, I just used whatever was available...but now I realize that these items can effect a person with Celiac.) Thanks all
  9. Scared Of Eating Out

    I too was worried about eating out, but DONT BE ANYMORE ! Legal Seafoods is great...the chef comes out and talks to you..and the waitstaff knows exactly what they are talking about. PF Changs is great Pizzeria Uno is great Mcdonalds french fries are gluten free
  10. Restaurants Boston

    Legal Seafoods is Great But on the cheaper side of things...Pizzeria Uno had a gluten free menu. (Sure it's not a high class restaurant but...maybe some other folks might like the suggestion.
  11. Gluten Free Fried Clams Etc.

    You guys Rock !!! I live in Salem, and I am going there this week!!
  12. I posted a similar response awhile ago, but its worth another post. I had massive intestinal spasms all the time. They were embarrasing as #$#@@ Anyway, there is a drug called Hyoscyamine and is controls intestinal spasms.
  13. gluten-free Beer And Sandwiches!

    Patti please don't tell your husband but I LOVE YOU!! lol I haven't had beer in 20 years!!! I just learned that my favorite liquor store has bards beer!!! And its exactly a 1 minute drive from my house!! Thanks soooo much!!
  14. Chianti Cafe Beverly Ma

    I live in Salem and that is awesome news!! Thanks!!
  15. The BEST bread I have ever eaten is from Whole Foods !! It doesn't taste anything like gluten free bread at all. It tastes like the normal white bread I ate before being diagnosed. The kind I get is called "White Sandwich bread" I must have tried every gluten free bread it seems and this one is hands down the best.