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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Okay thank you. One more question, where do I find the at home test to know about this FOR SURE?? thank you
  2. Thanks soooo much guys! Is Barbara's corn puffs gluten free(health food store) it says wheat free on it? That's my last question for now, lol, thanks everyone!
  3. Okay, thank you sooo much everyone, I'll let you know as soon as I find out. This will be such a pain if it's positive. Egarner, what were your symptoms if you don't mind me asking? I always thought that celiac was associated with weight loss, diahrea, acid reflex and the like.
  4. So edgarner, I guess YOU ARE celiac right? And did you have a positive IgA? I don't think I did although I wasn't educated enough to ask the lady that at the time. All she said was a positive IgG of 38. This means SOMETHING Is wrong right?
  5. Thanks so much guys! I found out although I didn't get a call from the doc yet, It was a antiendomysial antibody test (i think for IgG and IgA)And the piece of paper that I took to the lab said antgliadin(i'm assuming that's the IgG) so i think it was BOTH tests. So maybe the IgA was negative and the IgG was postive, what's that mean? Oh, and my initial complaints to the doctor was pains in my tummy, gas, fatigue, brain fog, and constipation. That's why he said to increase the fiber, so obviously this isn't anything to worry about. SOOOO my results were 38 for the IgG, which seems high because the norm is 20....So could this mean that even though the IgG was 38..that i may not be gluten intolorant??? The secretary told me the test was postive, and like I said, I couldn't talk any further....I"M GETTING IMPATIENT because I want to know if I should start to worry or whatver. If anyone can help me with this I'd appreciate it. Thanks for all of the advice so far. Jess Edgardner, we must have posted at the same time. Anyways, what did the "lab" results indicate. ANything similar to mine. Does this sound like a gluten intolorance, the lady didn't make it SEEM like it. ANd she didn't even say anything about further testing, because the doctor would have told her to tell me. SO this makes me believe that this isn't too serious. I'm real confused.
  6. I just did some research on the internet about the IgG antibodies which are not a true diagnoisis of celiac. Positive IgA are more accurate. However, it said that positve IgG antibodies COULD be a possiblity of an association to celiac, but i'm so confused. It seems like my doc doesn't even care. I guess it's not serious because I didn't even tell the secretary i'd call her back i just decided to cause i was gonna investigate this positive IgG 38(the number that came up). She didn't even say that the doc wanted to see me or anything! So i'm guessing that it isn't too serious but I'm still waiting for somebody to call me back. Yeah, why would he say "increase your fiber." Doesn't make sense! So could please somebody answer me, or relate, how did your test come up to verify that you were gluten intolorant? Is IGg 38 something related to it or what?? Thanks Jess
  7. I don't know, but nobody has gotten back to me yet. All I know is that I got an antigliadian test done and here's exactly the conversation: I was shopping and it was real loud by the way, the phone rang, it was the secretary and she said, one of your tests came up positve. (mind you, I got a thyroid test done also) and I said which one, and she said the antigliadin test. SHe said the Igg was 38(i wrote in down in the notebook in my purse). SHe said something like, "it's not too serious" or something like that. I asked her what normal was and she said 20, so to me that seems pretty high but all she said was the doc said to increase my fiber intake. I don't know which test it was, but I think it was a serum test (antigliadin). I'm waiting to talk to the doc directly and he's supposed to be calling me back. So what does 38 Igg mean?????? THANKS alot! Jess
  8. Hi, THe secretary called me back today in regards to my antiglidian test last wed and said it was positive. Now, I couldn't talk too long cause i was shoppin and it was loud...she said something like, it's not too serious but it's posive and the doc said to increase my fiber, that's it! no saying, "eliminate gluten" or anything! I"m confused. My Igg test was 38 and I asked her, what's normal and she said 20. I'm waiting for the doc to call me back. Does anyone know about these tests. Is 38 serious? I tred posting before, but I dont' think it went through. thanks Jess
  9. Okay, My results are postive but not serious the secretary said. The norm (Igg) is 20 she said, and mine was 38. She didn't seem too knowledgeable and I was shopping at the time so their gonna get back to me. She didin't even mention anything about going on a gluten free diet or anything. Is 38 igg high?? thanks
  10. hi, I think gluten my be the reason why i suffer from constipation, bloating, and flatulence. Well, i just took the test for it yesterday and have to wait from 3 days before the results. I was reading on the internet about how most postive results from blood tests are a result of SEVERE damage. Now what if it's negative but my symptoms are STILL related to gluten. I haven't been eating bread, or pasta but did have pizza the other day. BUt gluten is in EVERYTHING and i plan on trying the whole gluten-free diet even if it's negaive My queston is...... What happened to you, or how did you know that you were a celiac or intolorant to gluten?? Thanks Mel
  11. Hey guys, Thanks for all fo the replies. I'm FINALLY getting a blood test done tomorrow and i can't wait. I'll let ya kno.