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  1. I will be sure to check those websites out Thank you for your encouragement ))
  2. I was beyond thrilled when I found baked goods that were gluten free. With much excitement I first tried the Betty Crocker yellow cake...it was terrible. It looked like sponge and tasted just the same. I decided to give the Betty Crocker chocolate chip cookies a shot. They are AMAZING!! Forget Chips Ahoy and Keebler boxed cookies, these cookies were better than any other cookie I've ever had! Even non gluten free cookies cannot meet these standards.They fall apart a little easier but by far surpass any doubts I've ever had about a gluten free cookie
  3. When I go to restaurants and ask for their gluten free menu I assume that when I order off of it they would know I need for it to be GLUTEN FREE. Then you get the waitresses that are spacey and don't really care nor take the time to notice that you asked specifically for NO BUN. I think its important to alert the waitress of the importance of your meal being absolutely gluten free. It is a tough job but hey, we're all in this together guys!