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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thanks, moosemalibu. I forgot that TJs has a good "contact us" feature on its website, so I just sent them an email with the two questions above. Will report back once I get some info.
  2. Hello, Has anyone had a recent experience with Trader Joe's gluten-free English muffins? I've seen posts from 2009 about them, but nothing more recent. I suspect I've had a reaction to them but was not sure at the time... Because I don't know whether or not I had a reaction to them, I'd hate to rule them out if others have had good experiences. The label does not disclose anything about the production equipment and whether it's shared. Also, anyone know when TJ's will officially eliminate its "no gluten ingredients" labeling? Thanks!
  3. Hi all, In March I realized (thanks to this forum) that my celiac testing was misinterpreted and actually seemed conclusively positive. My doctor would not provide an official diagnosis even though I presented the evidence I had found (again, thanks to this forum). Instead of taking the time to consider the studies I provided, she said I should see Dr. Fasano or Dr. Green. I went ahead and made an appointment with Dr. Fasano, and it's scheduled for Tuesday. However, now that I've waited almost 6 months to see him, I'm not sure what to expect or how to prepare besides bringing in copies of my records. Could really use some advice, because I feel a bit emotional contemplating what he might say. I've been on a strict gluten-free diet since March and overall have been doing quite well, but I'm still very much experiencing the ups and downs of finding my body's new equilibrium. In fact, just about 2 months ago, I began to experience some circulatory issues (episodes of *freezing* and chills, when I've always been the runs-warm/perspiring type), and I was diagnosed with Raynaud's this past month. It was a bit scary to be diagnosed with that AFTER going gluten-free, and I just saw a rheumatologist who is trying to rule out other connective tissue issues. (Those results won't be ready until after my appointment with Dr. Fasano.) Also, I'm experiencing quite a few food sensitivities (tree nuts, most dairy), so again, I'm on a mostly positive trajectory but am a little nervous that I don't yet know everything that's going on. Ever since March, I've adopted the mindset of acceptance that I have celiac disease. (That is a difficult reality to accept, but after reading the evidence, I've been convinced.) However, I was gluten light when I had the testing done, so my results were not clear-cut. Part of me has hoped that Dr. Fasano would still be able to give me a definitive answer -- because I do satisfy the 4-out-of-5 diagnostic criteria he established. I've also hoped that he would be able to test my zonulin levels to diagnosis me a different way (if zonulin levels remain high gluten-free, then it's celiac). However, now I'm concerned that he'll throw up his hands and say that there's really no way to tell after all and that I'll never know unless I do a gluten challenge. Gluten makes me feel terrible, so I am not going to do a gluten challenge...but basically I'd like a definitive answer so I know just how careful I need to be, especially when eating out and going to friends' houses (and needing to communicate the importance of cross-contamination). Sorry for the long post, but I want to make sure I have a realistic expectation of the clarity Dr. Fasano will be able to provide. Does he conduct tests that are not yet commercially available (i.e. for zonulin or anything else)? Or will it be more of a check-up where he'll take some follow up labs and see if anything is high? Will he possibly test for other things besides celiac? I'd love for him to test me for food allergies/sensitivities, but is that what he does? Any words of advice from others who have seen him or Dr. Peter Green? Thanks very much, (and again, sorry for the long post!)
  4. I had random stabbing pains and muscle cramps in my feet shortly after going gluten-free. It would happen when i was just sitting there. I found that massaging my feet and rubbing them over a tennis ball seemed to help, at least with the cramps.
  5. Protein Drink To Drink At Work

    I'll definitely be following this thread. As a newly-diagnosed celiac with a new job, I am conscious of the all the newness...It's tough moving along two learning curves at once, and it's particularly challenging to know how much information to share. In my case, I have needed to mention it to my manager because there were several instances when she or someone else brought in snackfood as an act of friendliness, and I didn't want them to think I was snubbing them. Now, have I opened myself up to an HR issue because of that? Who knows. I doubt it. If anything, celiac is covered by the American Disabilities Act, so I would hope there would be protections granted to us. Also, in my case, I will have to travel several times a year for about a week at a time. On those occasions, like you, I will be working longer hours. There's the added challenge of traveling to an unfamiliar city...with coworkers...and I am nervous about it. I am a nice person and try to go with the flow, but when you can't eat at a restaurant with coworkers, what do you say? Sure, we can go there, but I won't eat...or just opt out and miss the bonding time? Eat rice cakes and peanut butter at midnight in my room? Having a protein drink would be a big boon in case dinners end up being less than satisfying. Good luck to you, and please do try to get some rest!
  6. Glutened On The Job

    Have you looked into using a face mask and protective glasses or goggles in high-risk areas?
  7. Root Beer Safe Or Not?

    Raven and IH, I thought I had already replied to your follow up posts but I was wrong... As it turns out, I was seriously craving a root beer float when I got that root beer...but you can be sure I will get Virgil's next time.
  8. Root Beer Safe Or Not?

    I know, right? Sort of surprising.
  9. Root Beer Safe Or Not?

    Thanks for your help, ravenwoodglass. It definitely helped me adopt a wait-and-see attitude. I heard back from the company today. Though the root beer does not have gluten in its ingredients, there is a pretty high risk of cross-contamination. The sugar water is made in the same tank as beer. Yikes. They clean before producing the sugar water, but who knows to what extent gluten is eliminated from every nook and cranny. I am really sensitive right now - hopefully temporary during healing, but we'll see - and I always avoid any products made on shared equipment; so that brand is totally out for me. Really nice of them to actually get back to me though. Hopefully this information will be helpful to others.
  10. Root Beer Safe Or Not?

    I am in the US. I didn't think that malt had to be listed. Are you saying I probably don't have anything to worry about? I'm bloated after drinking it (about half of it), but that could just be because I never drink soda...just had it today because it was hot...and it could be because of the stress of not knowing if it's safe.
  11. Can anyone tell me whether root beer is generally safe or not? I just drank half a bottle of Old Dominion Root Beer before rethinking proprietary extracts listed on the ingredients (Root Beer Extracts #214, #79-400)...although no obvious gluten ingredients were listed, I'm concerned that those two extracts could contain gluten via malt. As a side note, I am so depressed that I could not just relax and enjoy a root beer on a hot day without suddenly realizing my possible mistake. Any advice would be much appreciated. I already contacted the company via phone and email, but no info from them yet. So far, the posts on here discuss caramel color, which I know should be fine...but I can't find any info about malt and root beer.
  12. Question About Eating Out

    Thanks a lot, mushroom. It is so helpful to get feedback from someone who has developed "celiac judgment". I am really trying to figure out how safe is safe enough without driving myself batty. On some level I guess i'm really struggling with the concept of varying sensitivity in celiac. Do we all get sick from the same amount of gluten, or do some really need to be more careful than others? Is it that, ultimately, we all have the same auto-immune response but some are more in touch with it than others because their auto-immune fallout is more apparent (i.e. they have worse symptoms)? It doesn't help that I'm in the early healing phase. With my body still feeling a bit all over the place, i think it adds to my confusion...
  13. Hello, I am newly-diagnosed and am traveling for work right now, and it is apparent that I'm still navigating the learning curve! I tried to bring some gluten-free snacks with me but found myself at the train station, preparing to head home, and still needed to eat lunch. I had a choice - I could buy junky gluten-free snacks at the Hudson News, or I could look for a more balanced/nutritious option at one of the train station's restaurants. Wanting to keep my blood sugar level and get an actual meal, I went for the latter and headed to a deli that looked very clean on the inside. Everything seemed very contained, and the prep area seemed very clean. They had some tuna salad that they said was gluten-free and contained only tuna, mayo and celery. Okay, so far so good, maybe...but maybe I should have double-checked the mayo? It seemed like they made the tuna in-house, but should I have double-checked that? I then asked if the tuna salad was touched with a knife that was used to make sandwiches and explained that I needed to be extremely careful about CC. They said that no knives came into contact with the tuna salad and explained that the salad was only touched with a metal spoon that was dedicated to that item. I made it doubly clear that any cross-contamination would be unsafe for me, and they seemed to sort of get it but without a true understanding of gluten intolerance. I bought it and ate it but was uncomfortable -- such a Catch-22 -- and felt like maybe I had made an unsafe decision, OR that maybe I was actually worrying too much about something that was safe. So, my question is whether I did a good job scoping out the deli and asking questions, or if I was sloppy, possibly for the sake of getting a balanced meal...please be honest. I really appreciate your feedback, as this is a real source of stress and confusion for me right now. Some folks on here never eat out; meanwhile, others seem to navigate the eating-out world rather well and seem so comfortable. Being newly-diagnosed, I feel scared about eating out but realize that my lifestyle is such that I will sometimes have to do so and need to develop the judgement to do it safely. Thank you for your help!
  14. Discussing The Newbie 101 Topic

    IrishHeart, thank you so much for your Newbie 101 post!! It really covers so much...and it is so kind of you to share and help lighten the load of the confused and overwhelmed newbies. Couple that with your generous, knowledgeable replies to my questions, and I have to say, you have truly had such a positive impact these first few months of recovery. Thank you thank you thank you!! I am so grateful for you and the other kind souls on this site.
  15. Just wanted to share some good information about the Jack Black line of lip balms. I just spoke with the manufacturer, and they are gluten-free! The products contain Vitamin E/Tocopheryl Acetate, which I have learned can be derived from either wheat, soy or corn. There wasn't anything noted on the company's site or elsewhere on the Internet, so I contacted them directly. The person I spoke with put me on hold to confirm. When she returned, she stated that all of their lip balms are gluten-free. I was extremely appreciative and suggested that they update their website with this information since there are many people who could benefit from this info! This is one of the few lip balms that has worked for me, and it has SPF 25, so I am really excited I don't have to give it up!