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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. thanks guys for your replys. hi raea2002, For your biopsy of your stomach, they also show mild chronic inflammation in the lamina propria? Your gastric biopsy report is chemical gastritis, suggestive of drug(NSAIDS) effect or bile reflux? Did you lost alot of weight as well?? Yes im have been trying hard to stay gluten free and im just glutened by raw walnut few day ago. It is very hard to stay gluten free. Did you buy any of the gluten free product, whenever i eat them seem to have quite some problem. Do you happen to know if clearspring rice cake is safe? How do you find out that you are gluten intolerant? did you take the enterolab test? thanks
  2. Hi bubba mom, thanks for the reply, yah i have tried gluten free for 2 months, seem to feel abit better slightly but symtoms dont seem to improve much and also still losing weight, no i did not take any medicine, only before hand i am seeing chinese medicine but they seem to cure only help abit on my issue. I took their herbs it does help abit but often after few weeks they will give me alot of gas. i think it is also because i am lacking in vitamins. I seem to have alot of gas daily. i also try fructose free and it seem to help abit, but sometimes i duno what i have eaten and the gas keep coming back, i have no enegry everyday and now i weight only 97 pounds and i am 5feet 8 inch tall. Yes i got the celiac test and it came back negative. im quite worry i will keep wasting away. is gastric inflammation a sign of gluten intolerance? Do you have friends having similar case as me? thanks
  3. Hi guys, anyone could help? anyone have similiar result as mine? im at a dead end now thanks
  4. Biopsies from small intestine.(6pieces) Section show ileal mucosa without villous arophy. The lamina propria does not how significant number of inflammatory cell, no pathogens are identified. Lymphoid follicles with reactive germinal centres are present. Gastric biopsies (2 pieces) Multiples pieces of non-specialised gastric mucosa showing mild chronic inflammation in the lamina propria. There is elongation of the superficial glands which show serrations of the luminal surface. No hrlivobactor pyloris is idenified. No intestinal metaplasia or malignancy is seen. Biopsies from terminal illeum (3 pieces) Section show ileal mucosa without villous atrophy. The lamina propria does not show significant number of inflammatory cells, no pathogens are identified. Lymphoid follicles with reactive germinal centres are present. Colonic biopsies (together with terminal illeum) Section show multiple pieces of colonic mucosa. There is no glandular atrophy, distortion or goblet cell depletion and lamina propria is oedematous without significant chronic inflammation. There is no evidence of malignancy. Diagnosis: Small bowel: without significant abnormality Gastric biopsies: chemical gastritis, suggestive of drug(NSAIDS) effect or bile reflux. Terminal ileum: without significant abnormality Colonic biopsy: without significant abnormality Hi guys, above is the result of my biopsy. I have unexplained weight loss of about 16kg for 1 year and have many symtoms, such as fatigue,stomach issue etc..Could the mild chronic inflammation in the lamina propria for my gastric biopsy cause by gluten? Anyone have similar report as mine? Anyone could help and have advice? thanks
  5. Hello, anyone know if royal umbrella rice brand is gluten free? this is from asia thanks
  6. Hello, I will like to check anyone try this brand of buckwheat product before? The ingredient state that it is make of buckwheat and rice flour, will like to know whether the rice flour is make of white rice or brown rice? anyone happen to know? thanks. http://www.orgran.com/products/135/
  7. Here are the ingredients: water,myristic acid,lauric acid,potassium hydroxide,potassium chloride, sodium laureth sulfate, palmitic acid, perfume,glycol distearate,prunus armeniaca(apricot) kernel oil, cocamidopropyl betaine, hydroxypropyl,methylcellulose, cetearyl alcohol, cetearyl Glucoside, sericin,prunus Avium(sweet cherry) seed oil, Vitis Vinifera (grape) seed oil, BHT, tetrasodium EDTA, Etidronic acid, Methylisothiazolinone, Xanthan gum, Phenoxyethanol, potassium Sorbate, Disodium EDTA
  8. Hi guys, I need some help regarding the darlie toothpaste im using, does it contain gluten? The ingredient are Dicalcium phosphate dihydrate,water, sorbitol,glycerin,dicalcium phosphate, sodium lauryl sulfate,flavor, carrageenan,sodium lauroyl sarcosinate, sodium monoflurophosphate,tetrasodium pyrophosphate and sodium saccharin. thanks..
  9. Hi guys, i will like to check whether Lux Velvet Touch Body Wash contain gluten? Anyone here use lux product? thanks.
  10. Hi guys, need some help here, will like to check whether the kraft singles from this website http://www.kraftfoods.com.my/kf_as.html is gluten free? is it the same as the american kraft singles? is the cheese manufactured in american? I see the cheese label and it seem to be manufactured in hongkong. thanks.