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  1. Thank-you for your replies. I think I will pursue further testing as I strongly suspect that this is my problem and not candida as my doctor has suggested. I have been on the candida diet for approximately 3 months with no improvement in my abdominal discomfort or loose bowels. My skin has cleared up though.
  2. I have a daughter who is gluten intolerant so i do try to eat gluten regularly but also eat what she eats.
  3. Hello! I was recently had a gluten Antibody Assay done through Immuno Laboratories and the results are as follows: IgG 11 IgA 19 Negative <20. I am wondering if I should pursue further testing or continue to find a different solution to all of my problems. I show classic symptoms of Celiac and have had a few people tell me that I must have it. Thanks for your help and for the wonderful board!!! BranDee