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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Am I Having A Really Delayed Reaction To Dairy?

    I opened the fresh package, and it was precut. Also, I'm not EXTREMELY sensitive to gluten, as far as I can tell. I think I am potentially sensitive to other stuff though, I have just never been able to figure out what, exactly.
  2. Am I Having A Really Delayed Reaction To Dairy?

    Well, I was super careful. I ate it straight out of the package...
  3. I went gluten-free back in January. I also quit dairy at the time, but starting about a month ago, I started eating cheese again because it seems like it's not been affecting me in a noticeable way. However, I have been having a lot more stomach problems since coming to college regardless of my strictly gluten-free lifestyle (I live in an apartment and prepare my own food so no problem there), so it's really hard to say whether the cheese is making it worse. Last weekend I went home for the first time and ate a LOT of cheese. I mean a lot. I was at friends' houses all weekend and somehow they had every kind of wonderful cheese that I hadn't had in 10 months and I gorged on it. And there seemed to be no effect! I continued to happily eat small bits of cheese this week without much of a second thought. Until tonight I woke up in the middle of the night with a bad upset stomach (or rather, intestines), and now I am left wondering and worrying. (also I wanted to add that I had bad gas for 24 hours prior to this) Is it possible that my intestines are only now reacting to cheese I ate during the weekend, or the small amounts during the week? I have a fast metabolism, I would be surprised if food from 5-6 days ago was still in my system. All feedback is greatly appreciated, I have never understood completely how the dairy side of this works, because I know it is sometimes a matter of lactose and sometimes the casein acting like gluten. Thank you!
  4. Thanks, guys! I was worried it could be the burger. And yes, I was thinking the same on the soy sauce; since it's not from the US they don't have to follow the same rules.
  5. Well, I checked the breakfast sausage and it didn't list any ingredients with gluten in them. Plus, that wouldn't explain my symptoms last week, since I ate that for the first time yesterday. It's just really weird because I was being very careful. I ate a gluten free burger at Red Robin on Tuesday but my stomach continued to be great until Thursday, so I don't think that could have anything to do with it. (sorry for the delayed response, I have limited internet)
  6. Everything with my stomach was going so well. Hadn't had a problem in several weeks and I felt great. Then, last Thursday, a week ago now, my mom used to soy sauce that didn't LIST wheat as an ingredient, but it also didn't say it was gluten-free or have any information on the internet. But I got reckless and ate it anyway, and then a few hours later I was having major stomach problems, which persisted until Sunday and then went away for a few days, only to reappear this afternoon. Is anyone familiar with this Datu Puti Soy Sauce? I doubt anyone will be, it's obscure and shipped directly from Vietnam. I can't believe how stupid I was, I let my mom talk me into it because it was cheaper than my normal stuff and she does the grocery shopping. Now the only other possibility is the Kraft Honey Dijon Vinaigrette on some salad right before the dish involving soy sauce. I just don't think it could be anything else, I am very careful. I've never actually been knowingly glutened before so I am not sure exactly what it is like. I've been gluten-free for six months and not super sensitive or anything. Do you think today's symptoms were from last week's potential glutening or something else? The only even potentially strange thing I ate today was some breakfast sausage. Thanks so much for your time!
  7. Guys... when I first went gluten- and dairy-free, I went without chocolate for three months, not realizing that there are plenty of chocolates out there that don't have milk fat/other milk ingredients. Miraculously my mom had some Ghirardelli chocolate chips that she had bought on sale, so I euphorically started eating chocolate again Weeeeell, I have now worked my way through two bags of these chips (originally $9 a bag), and if I have any hope of enjoying chocolate WITHOUT going broke, I need a cheaper brand. Do you guys know of any types of dark chocolate (w/o dairy) that are more affordable? I am pretty desperate. I just want some chocolate, doesn't matter how dark... I need my chocolate. Thanks for your time!
  8. Does "milk Fat" Always Mean Casein?

    Wow, actually that is EXTREMELY helpful. I will check out the article. THANK YOU!
  9. What does "milk fat" indicate, exactly? Does it always contain casein/whey? Sorry if this is a stupid question, I'm just hopeful that there is some chance milk fat does not contain casein and whey.
  10. University of Florida has a gluten-free counter. That's where I am going next year, although I'll be in an apartment preparing my own food. I know that Mississippi State does as well.
  11. YESS! I miss dairy so much. But I quit it for good when I quit gluten almost three months ago. Today was the first time I have had chocolate in almost THREE MONTHS just because I never wanted to buy any that was dairy free, and then finally today I found some that my parents bought. It was beautifully delicious, I am still high from the endorphin. I miss cheese the most though.
  12. I Want Macaroni And Cheese!

    Ugghhhh I have been craving mac and cheese so much lately... but I can't have dairy. Looks like you got some great suggestions though!
  13. A Few More Baking Failures

    I love these! Totally makes me feel better. I'd eat those ugly goodies anyway.
  14. Publix Gluten Free Deals

    Thank you! I was just there today, I wish I would have seen this earlier. Appreciate the tip. I am quite impressed they actually had a gluten-free product promotion.
  15. I use a product on my face that has Avena Sativa (Oat) Kernel Extract in it as well. My only gluten symptoms are stomach problems, so I am hoping that whatever I put on my face doesn't affect that, but I am still looking for answers. Since I use it every night I haven't found out if I feel better when I am not using it. Since going gluten free almost three months ago I have gotten somewhat better, but not completely--I am worried that it's because of this product I am using, but it seems kind of illogical that it would bother my stomach. I am not very sensitive, anyway. Keep me posted on what you find out/experiment! Best of luck.