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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thanks for the response. I'm wondering if it is some random ingredient in there, not related to gluten. I mean, if they say they are gluten free then I do trust them, and other products that are labelled gluten free have never bothered me. It's just this one thing. I made the mistake of buying the great big bag of hashbrowns when I saw they are gluten free - I got all excited. Then I felt like it would be wasteful to not eat them, so I tried using different kids of oils to see if maybe the oil was making be sick, but no matter what I tried I kept getting sick. I'll look into that preservative. My daughter does make home style potatoes that are really good, maybe I'll try to make the actual shredded style just to see how it works. Thanks again!
  2. I live in Oregon and they are all over around here, they are great!! So much better than regular corn tortillas, almost like the real thing!!!
  3. Orida Hash Browns ----So the bag says they're gluten-free, but every time I eat them I get sick, kinda like a mild gluten reaction, but sick enough to persuade me to not eat them. I've tried cooking them using a variety of oils, but no matter what I do, I get sick about 3 hours later - stomach cramps, bathroom visits, that sort of thing...nothing like an all out gluten reaction, but annoying... Anybody else experience that? Any ideas?
  4. I Know, I'm Just Whining

    Thanks, y'all, I'm feeling better today. It's really hard to completely change your lifestyle around food, I know that everyone here has had to do just that. It's frustrating how pivotal food is in our lives...and demoralizing when we can't participate in our lives the way we used to. I wish I was raised and used to the whole "just don't eat anything processed" lifestyle, but I wasn't, I was raised in a McDonald's practically, so this shift, while good for me, is really hard. Thanks for your sympathy, it helps... Linda
  5. ugh...before i figured out that gluten is my nemesis i ate out all the time. now, there's nowhere that has fast food that i can eat...i ate at subway yesterday morning, I've always had good luck with them...they get out the meat from the bottom of the stack, same with the cheese and all that...yesterday i went to subway for breakfast. last night by 10 pm the cramping started...then the hot flashes and the sweating...the cramps were so bad i thought i was going to have to go to the hospital...worst episode in over 2 years...then i was stuck in the bathroom for 2 hours dying...needless to say, there was nothing left in my system - anywhere! it was so bad...and i can't think of anything i ate that wasn't gluten-free other than if the subway was cross-contaminated...i'm so bummed...i like eating out, and today, i'm still queasy, my gut is still grumbly, had to leave work early... i know i'm whining, but damn i hate this! i want to go back to eating whatever the hell i wanted and not knowing what was causing all of my symptoms...i'm pouting... thanks for listening
  6. So, I'm gonna request my test results from my doc, I'm really curious now... Thank you all for your input, it's been really helpful!!!!
  7. Thank you all for the responses. I don't know if my mother has one copy or two. I also had a very positive biopsy and complete resolution of symptoms which is why my doc diagnosed celiac. Oh, and that was a couple of years ago. I just found out about the gene thing the other day. The other thing that concerns me is that I have four children who also tested negative blood work wise. They have not been biopsied, but my daughter had a ton of symptoms that resolved after she went gluten free. In fact, she feels so much better that she said she will never do a gluten challenge for a biopsy, so she will never be officially diagnosed. Unfortunately, one of my boys has some symptoms, but they aren't intestinal (like a lot of mine were), so he won't go gluten free even if it he were told to. I'm kinda considering getting my kids gene tested, but I really don't know if it's necessary...
  8. Hello all, So in 2011 I was tested for antibodies for celiac. Everything came out negative, but my doc did a biopsy anyway. That came back way positive. Then I went gluten free in Jan of 2012, and pretty much every symptom/bad thing/illness/problem I had completely went away! My doc then diagnosed me with celiac. Now, recently my sister did one of those gene coding things with my mom and my mom has the celiac gene, HLA DQ2. So do y'all think it's logical that I have that gene too? If so, why didn't I have antibodies? My doc said (and no, I don't have too much faith in her), that if I didn't have antibodies there was no way possible to have the gene, but it looks like I probably do have the gene, but why then no antibodies. She tested me twice for everything (I think). Thanks, Linda
  9. so, my daughter received a free sample of this AST Enzymes Gluten Relief, that when take 5-10 minutes before a meal is supposed to somehow keep the gluten from irritating the system...really??? is it really that simple??? has anybody tried this stuff?? does it work??? i have diagnosed celiac, but she didn't want to wait for the testing so she just quit eating gluten and it fixed her symptoms too... thanks
  10. Frankly, I am now terrified of McDonald's, it's in my psyche, kinda like getting food poisoning from eating something, it ruins you on it. I don't think I could bring myself to eat there if I had to...
  11. Thanks, yeah, i'm much better now...i've really learned to never take anything for granted and to double check EVERYTHING i eat...
  12. mmmmm........i'll have to try it!! thanks for the suggestion!! lovin' my mac & cheese!!!
  13. to finish... in excrutiating pain!! I went to the hospital and they were afraid of my intestines perforating...it was horrible!! Five hours of absolute hell!! I will never eat ANYTHING without checking the ingredients and knows for absolute certain that it is gluten-free. I was sick for three days after that, and the doc said I was lucky and to be more careful...
  14. Oh, wow, a few months ago I was eating scrambled eggs, a piece of sausage, and a hash brown from McDonald's everyday for breakfast. I wasn't having a reaction, so I thought everything was fine, I mean really - it's just eggs, potatoes, and sausage, it'll be ok...uh, no...two weeks later I discovered my system shut down and wasn't digesting anything and I ended up in the hospital in EXCRUTIATING
  15. Yeah, I'm sooo excited!! They sell it online, it's like $5 a box, but I split one box into two different meals, and even those were like two servings each time. This is their website: http://www.schar.com/us/gluten-free-products/pasta/