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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. i thought red robin had gluten free buns now??
  2. I feel like that is one of my biggest signs that I've somehow ingested gluten. I just get super mean to my mom and the littlest things set me off. Is anyone else like this?? I've been trying so hard to not have gluten and somehow I got some on accident. Also...any suggestions on what I can do to not lose weight. I'm dropping weight like crazy.....
  3. I know...but I saw updates in 2011....and I had the same problems that everyone else seems to be having. and it is the only thing that i ate today that i haven't had since i went gluten free.
  4. i ate jell-o the other day and i was still nauseous then. and that is nothing to digest. i called the doctor to see what she thinks and am just waiting to hear back.
  5. So...I don't know what it is. I had a plain piece of chicken tonight. Nothing on it, completely plain. And, water to drink. And I still got nauseous. Seriously, I hate that I'm feeling worse than before I went on the gluten free diet. That doesn't make me want to stay on the diet.
  6. i actually have wondered about diabetes for awhile....i think i'm asking the doc when i go in a couple of weeks.
  7. i don't like dark meat. and....i gag on rice.
  8. thanks. i'm not much of a cook and this has been the biggest struggle....
  9. i'm starting therapy again in the next couple of weeks, but i've been in therapy consistently for a couple of years. i had to break at thanksgiving time but now i'm getting ready to start again.
  10. i'm not eating protein at every meal. i have a hard time with a lot of proteins and i'm not comfortable cooking a lot of things...especially meat.
  11. A lot of things make me nervous...I have done corn pasta, I don't like rice pasta at all. And, i do eat applesauce, and pudding and jello a lot. also popsicles....
  12. I don't know about the vernors but that is always what has gotten me through the nausea before. if i can't have that, i'm gonna go crazy.... i can have ensure....i struggle with it though because of the taste....and the anorexia background just makes me scared to drink it because of the calories.....
  13. i don't know how removing all this foods can be worth the stress. this is so difficult for me. i'm starving tonight even though i'm nauseous and i'm ready to just go and eat something that i'm not supposed to have.....
  14. But why would I be fine eating potatoes before and now because I went gluten-free I now have a problem?? That doesn't make sense to me....