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  1. My apologies if this is an obvious question. My daughter has Celiac (biopsy confirmed at 16mo). i keep reading about associated diseases and disorders (there are SO many). is she only at an increased risk of these if she goes off her gluten-free diet? Or is she at an increased risk - even if totally gluten-free from diagnosis forward - simply be/c she has Celiac? I guess what I am hoping to hear is that since she was diagnosed early that her likelihood of all of these horrible other things is no greater than anyone else's. Thanks! K
  2. My daughter has a March birthday as does one of her friends (who also has Celiac). And her first winter was a rough winter, illness-wise. Seems like as good as a theory as any.
  3. Hi Mike, Sorry to hear about your little boy. My daughter was diagnosed at the same age and at the time had fallen off the growth chart (less than 1% percentile) and was not walking. We just assume she was going to be a "late walker" but in retrospect she was just in too much pain. After we got her diagnosed the vomiting and diarrhea subsided within a week and within 2 months she was back on the growth chart (20th percentile) and walking. AS for eating, I am sure once he starts feeling better his appetite an curiosity for food will return. As for foods, we did very mild foods at first: mac and cheese (rice or quinoa noodles), risotto, pancakes, scrambled eggs, homemade meatloaf or meatballs, burrito bowls, gluten-free certified oatmeal, polenta, etc. I am sure right now it seems like there is nothing to eat but really we eat the same meals as everyone else - just gluten-free versions. We also let her snack on raisins and chex mix as her iron levels were low. Feel free to reach out if you'd like. Best, Kristen
  4. I would also suggest have the scope. We did it with my 16mo. who was also very sick at the time and had already had to endure an upper GI series just days before. All of her tests were positive for Celiac but the doctor's reasoning was that if I was going to take an entire category of food off my daughter's table FOREVER, we should be 100%. I agree. They were also able to see the extent of damage while in there and that was helpful to know. And though it was traumatic, the trauma was mine and not hers. The doctors were wonderful, sang to her while they gave her the nitrogen, and I held her. She was groggy after but that was the worst of it. And then we knew.
  5. Thank you. I'm hoping it was just a GI bug... maybe she just gets is longer and worse than most. She seems a bit better today so hopefully we are on the mend.
  6. My friend made the basic double chocolate cake recipe from the Miette cookbook (page 55). It is not a gluten-free cookbook but this particular recipe had little flour in it compared to others so we/she tried it. I guess it was a bit labor intensive (sifting and such) but it was the BEST cake I have had. Period. And I am not Celiac (but we eat this way for my daughter who is). I've been meaning to have her scan the recipe for me. Let me know if you would like it and I will get it for you. She used Cup4Cup flour. And she made cupcakes. (Seriously, they were so good that I let each of my kids have one on my birthday, froze some (they defrost great) and then proceeded to eat 4 myself over the next 2 days.) Also, the Stonewall Bakery Vanilla ones were also great, again with Cup4Cup. Non-gluten-free people raved about them. not knowing they were gluten-free. https://www.miette.com/main/book http://www.stonewallkitchen.com/shop/speciality-foods/baking-mixes/110051/553310.html
  7. Hi there, My nearly 2.5 yo has Celiac. She was diagnosed about a year ago. After 9mo of gluten-free she finally tested clean via her blood draw, and I assume she has remained clean in the months since as I. This week she had the flu (fever for two days, vomiting one night, diarrhea, irritable). The fever was very high (up to 103.9) and the diarrhea and gas smelled horrible, reminiscent of her pre-diagnosis bowel movements (sorry for the TMI). As of last night, her fever is gone. Her BMs are still very loose but not super liquidy as they had been the day before. She ate well last night and okay today. She refused dinner this evening and then asked for it later. After one bite, she threw everything up (the way she had in the week before her celiac diagnosis - as if she was emptying from her toes...). Is this just the flu or could this be gluten exposure? She has not thrown up once in the nearly a year since we brought her home from the hospital stay during which she was diagnosed. I know my GI doctor said that I will forever blame every GI issue on gluten but I'm just curious. I was also nauseous this week (tho no symptoms other than feeling nauseated). I assumed she just had a more severe case but then watching her throw-up tonight has me wondering. Any insight is appreciated (even just that you think it's a child case of the flu). Thanks, Kristen (I should add that I cook 95% of what she eats and mostly from scratch or certified gluten-free ingredients. We do have one-off meals out but only places where I have researched to be good and/or have home tested the product. Today, however, I let her have half a scoop of ice cream in a cup. The ice cream is gluten-free ingredient-wise and they used a brand new plastic spoon to scoop it. I guess CC is possible still via the scooper from previous scooping but that seems really severe and I pray that is not the case...) Thoughts?
  8. Chex cereal - one serving is 40% of daily iron (for the corn chex) and the other one (the rice chex, I believe) is something like 54%. My daughter has Celiac and we are trying to get her iron up. I have been pushing eggs, raisins and cooking nearly everything in a cast iron pan. We have another blood draw in a few weeks and I am hoping that will have done the trick (the drops prescribed were just awful). Good luck!