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  1. Good catch. Let's hope that is a sign that they figured it out.
  2. Yeah. If the stomach isn't fully healed then breaking down certain foods will be impossible. Obviously some of the foods in the chart won't work for everyone, but it's a good starting point. I think that, in combination with the SCD diet should, in fact, cure the issues for most true Celiacs. I am happy to hear that you at least have found some ways to eat which doesn't create problems. The researcher and physician in Denmark put me on a bunch of natural high grade supplements to help stomach issues (they ain't cheap), and they worked amazing the first two months, but because of starches it has seemed to backfired. Maybe worth trying along side SCD diet? This is the book I was referring to. It is a must read for all Celiacs. I can't believe it's not been promoted more. It's a life saver... http://www.breakingtheviciouscycle.info/
  3. I recommend you read this book. http://www.breakingtheviciouscycle.info/ by Elaine Gottschall. In short, it all boils down to malabsorption of starches. It will shed light on the whole mucous production issue, and how to solve it. It 99% of the time, for celiac patients, is the cause of excess bacteria that have formed in the intestines. Because the foods couldn't get absorbed, either by flattened or broken microvilli, or already covered walls from mucous. The bacteria then end up eating all that delicious undigested food. They then create this mucous layer, which covers the intestine walls, making absorption of disaccharides and polysaccharides impossible to digest. Further more they start to formate, creating more which in return means more mucous. The stomach will then begin to fill with excess water, and the bacteria in the intestines then re-evacuate to the colon. The foods will then stay there and the bacteria will have a feast. It's not as bad as it sounds like, but without knowing, there is a hard time figuring out the root cause of the problem. The good thing is, these bacteria LIVE of starches, which means, they can be killed off by eating the correct foods, and once more, create harmonic balance between the good and bad bacteria. At later point, you can re-introduce starches again and live a normal happy life I've had countless hospital visits, tubes, probes, stool or blood tests.... you name it, I've probably done it. They found nothing. So, I was left to my own devices, and it took a while to really find the issue. Hopefully I can now help other people not have to spend as much time trying to figure it out. It is a common thing for not only Celiacs, but also patients with Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn's Disease and many more. Actually, intestinal diseases has in fact proven to be the root cause of schizophrenia and many other diseases. The book is 58 pages long, the rest are SCD recipes. You can also find other great SCD recipes on the net, or cook books on amazon. Take it from someone who has lived with that issue for over 5 years straight, who had a bmi of 13-14 at 5.9", just don't ignore it. It will only get worse. It can take everything from a few weeks to a year or two, but the SCD diet is almost guaranteed to help you. If you got any other questions don't be afraid to reach out. And nothing is too gross anymore, haha. You get used to that s$#& too! (pun intended).
  4. I had the same, and it was related to foods, but also heat. As soon as I lay down under the coves in bed it would break out. I'd go take cold showers and that helped a lot. Taking anti histamines for allergies help a TON too. Combine it with cold showers and you are in paradise. I'd try that if I were you, if only temporarily. I had itching that could last up to 12 hours, all over the body, constantly. I'd lay awake all night just itching, but I usually didn't give into the urge to scratch. Because it just gets way worse, so I always tried to ignore it or kept myself busy on the computer if it was extremely unforgiving. Going silently insane. I feel your pain.
  5. 5 years ago I had neurological issues, due to gluten ataxia. I had massive loss of cognitive ability among other things, loss off muscle control, total muscle atrophy and you name it. Back to the cognitive side of it, I could not understand right from wrong. I would have insane thoughts pop into my head, like... what hitler did couldn't be that bad. He was probably the nicest guy. To, wanting to not live because of all the pains and the helpless feeling. I felt isolated and alone from everything. Felt no connection to human beings. Was completely lost. Luckily it all subsided as I've gotten better, to the point where I am now who I used to be before I got that ill. It was all related to food, and hidden sources of gluten because I had just moved to Vancouver from Norway. The health issues rann back about 6 years before that, so it was an accumulation of it all. What I've learned is that you can't beat it without having a support network around you. Or at least, you need to be extremely resilient, strong minded and stubborn. At an age of 16 though it will be tough. She needs you, and I think you need to challenge her in a safe way. Challenge her to cut out gluten for two weeks. Like ch88 mentioned, she might feel worse after a few days, but initially it should at least make a difference in the body. If it is celiacs, it will definitely have an impact even just from a week of two without. I always felt better quite quickly after not ingesting anything. Secondly I suggest introducing something like the Wim Hof method, and meditation, something like lifeflow meditation. Those two can make drastic changes to her body. Making better use of oxygen, clearing the mind, and getting her more centered. Also, as hard as it is, movement. Exercise. Getting daily sunlight. EXTREMELY crucial for the recovery. It cannot be overstated. Lastly, whole foods, proper nutrition, and chew 32 times. How can you heal without the proper raw materials and building blocks? You can't. I hope you guys figure it out. All the best.
  6. Go get a second opinion, or even better go to the pharmacy. Buy one of the xylose breath tests. They are quite accurate these days. If that fails, ask your doctor to get sent to the hospital for a real checkup. I don't trust any one doctor for an opinion. Take it from someone who has been to the hospital more times than he can count the past 5 years. They just might not know, don't care for their job the way they should and their patients, or just aren't great doctors. I've had all those symptoms on the better days when glutened, and it's ranged into far worse. Good luck!
  7. Hey guys. I'll try to keep it short. I recently had tests done in Denmark and found all my food sensitivities, with the hope of getting better. It's been 5 years adhering a super strict diet. Nothing seemed to work as it should. Let me rewind. A few years back I went on the SCD (simple carbohydrate diet). I was so thin and my weight rushed down every day. I couldn't keep any weight on me no matter how much I ate. Bmi of about 13-14, I was a constant skeleton outfit for halloween. Great for that one day of the year, not the rest ;P After a ton of reading I came across "Breaking The Vicious Cycle", by Elaine Gottschall B.A. She explains why many diseases have carbohydrate issues, and how to solve it. At the time it didn't work. Fast forward. I adher strictly to the food sensitivity chart I got back from DK with all foods I don't react to, but still having digestive issues. Foods seem to go unprocessed. Oddly enough mostly quinoa and such. So the pieces begun to fall to place. I re-read the book, and sure enough it seem that poly and disaccharides can't get absorbed through the lining, feeding the bad bacteria, the bacteria makes mucus which again cover the lining even more, making it impossible to absorb, and creating this endless loop of malabsorbtion. Not only for those foods, but for EVERYTHING i ate in the same meals. So how can we survive without carbos? Easy. Monosaccharides! Bananas, honey and the likes. They can pass through and get absorbed in the small intestines without being broken down. Their low sugar contents makes them ideal for celiacs, so we can eat a whole bunch without getting any issue. Before you go and chow down bananas as a substitute, make sure this is the root cause for you, and also try to do a fast for a day, then eat a ton of fiber with lots of water (add lemon and salt) to clear out your intestines. You don't want bacteria from old food rests gobbling on anything. So I've found some good charts. I prefer the one posted below. They will help aid in digestion. Will report back, but I am 99% certain this will be the nail in the coffin to get my health back as I have already gone up about 20 kg from where I was just two years ago, mostly muscle mass. Besides eating well I take, a lot of supplements that Nordic Labs recommended, yes they are a lab, not doctors. They know their stuff, so if you got the money I highly recommend it, as these tests are brand new and very very precise. If it's too expensive to travel, call them, and get it arranged to send blood samples. I'll answer any questions to the best of my ability. Let me know if anything was unclear.
  8. Keep searching till you find a good doctor. I'm 4.5 years in now of dealing with hospitals and doctors. They have all been the worst up until now. Finally got into the best in my country and they are doing all tests from scratch. Including ACTUALLY listening to what I say, and not just nod and then say no it's not that. Keep pushing... stay strong.
  9. They have tests to find out if you are allergic, intolerant or have full blown celiac disease. Don't just begin eating bread it takes 3-6 months before the inflammation calms down. Go for the D-Xylose test... https://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/article/003606.htm
  10. I'm glad it has helped you Beth! It also helped me through my studies abroad. Without it I would have stayed in bed all day, or worst case probably tried to end the suffering. I hope politicians and the people in power can stop being bribed, open their eyes to recent studies and start changing how we treat people. We know so much more now. Reset.me is a portal from the post CNN reporter Amber Lyon, who got PTSD from horrible events through journalism and has now started reporting psychedelics. She cured her PTSD with psilocybin mushrooms. A great live interview on TV w/ Amber > I thought this could be interesting to read > http://reset.me/study/study-psychedelics-dont-harm-mental-health
  11. Weight Loss Seems Impossible

    I stumbled across an article while reading. It reminded me of this post and your problem. http://www.muscleforlife.com/build-muscle-lose-fat/ & http://www.muscleforlife.com/low-carb-diet/
  12. Weight Loss Seems Impossible

    Ok, so here is what I have gathered after reading books written by professional athletes and people who work hard gaining weight ("but she said loose weight?!" Yatta yatta, wait for iit...) I don't focus on fat loss, but weight gaining and muscle building, so please correct me if I am wrong and don't hate! Don't trust anyone blindly and always read up to be certain. If you want to gain weight you need a surplus of 200 calories above your base level, including the amount expended with activity. So from a rest rate of lets say... 1800, then 2600 cal is required with moderate acitivity, 2800-3000 for weight gain when working out heavy 3x a week. From what I understand, the exact opposite applies for loosing weight. You have to eat "less" to loose weight, but at the same time you cannot let the numbers go too far down as your body stops functioning for one, and secondly it will go into survival mode. Meaning it will hang on to whatever it can to survive, and start to degenerate your muscles for bigger sources of nutrients. So baseline + figure out what you usually would need to maintain your weight, then deduct 200 from that. I think it has more to do with balancing acids in the body. The less acidic food you eat, the less your body will hold on the fat and the quicker it should go. I might be off here so please correct me. Eating less carbs, more fats and protein, more greens as they don't add any weight, but zero them selves out. Then you'll build more muscles, still have energy converted from the fats and require less complex carbs which otherwise, would be stored as fat, if you didn't require more direct energy. Don't get me wrong, you need carbs, but through greens you get carbs that doesn't add any to your frame. Also from what you wrote I think you are on the right path. A combination of heavy weights and cardio should do the trick. Just give it time and try to tweak what you are doing. That is always the key to see progression and success with fitness. Drastic changes in program and diet usually won't do any good. Oh, and by the way. Please please please, if you're going to do crossfit... don't set yourself up for injury with improper form. *cough*, "youtube" Good luck!
  13. I agree with you on some points, and some I disagree with. I'll agree that they have been banned because people have harmed them selves in the past. I disagree that they did it in the right way. A complete ban is wrong. Stopping studies is wrong. It is neglectful and stupid. We loose a lot of potential medicine and open a world of street drugs. Recent studies show that they DO have healing effects on the brain. First and for most it can help with chronic depression, anxiety, PTSD, but most importantly and amazingly; it can cause brain cells to regenerate and grow. As far as you say safe, do you mean safe for the brain? Or safe, as in psyche? There clearly is evidence that it does not harm the brain. Much like a low dose of MDMA will not cause any permanent damage and any damage that does happen reverses with time. Obvious problems there is the abuse by teenagers at festivals, clubs, concerts etc. I don't see why someone would add anything to psychedelics like mushrooms before selling as it serves no purpose. With coke, mdma etc yes. I get the part about trained personal. I agree! There is lack of this and this is why I want to see medical centres for people to explore these things in. To have safe environments where it can be used properly with the real stuff, not some street garbage. I know this will take a long time, but I think discarding their healing benefits because of past abuse is wrong. We need to start with a clean slate and see it for what it really is. When used appropriately They can do amazing things. The war on drugs, is more a war towards people opening their minds. The government, pharmaceutical companies, politicians and the likes have no people in their interest. That should be quite clear by now. Hopefully we can turn things around and help the majority of people that need help. This goes far beyond any substance though.
  14. How Bad Is Sugar?

    I agree with cyclinglady on this one. Your body will produce everything except the 11 amino acids that it cannot produce. This is why meats are such a great source of protein, but we don't need to eat as much as most people do. Oviously we can get it from specific plants and other foods like quinoa and so forth (lysine is an example that quinoa is rich off of, which is hard to get outside of meat). All I'm saying that a well balanced meal is required to fill the spectrum, and meat can make it easier. Myself have debated going vegan once I am fully healed due to the fact I can't stand the way our food is being treated. We are so disconnected, and it feels like the stuff just comes out of nowhere. Poor animals... I believe everything that is "not-so-good-for-you" In moderation is "ok", but if you are in a healing process from celiacs then it is suggested not to. The body will manage to get rid of most toxics and has an amazing ability to filter stuff. Except when your GI tract is broken and you get everything into your bloodstream. Check out Gluten Summit which is hosted by the wonderful Dr. Tom'o Bryan who has a good grasp of A.I (auto immune) diseases. Thyroid Sessions has a lot of good information too. SCD Lifestyle is run by two who have celiacs and have struggled most of their lives. After figuring out what it was and gotten a grasp on it they became physicians and are now on the road to help more people. I suggest checking Gluten Summit as they have a list of all the doctors and practitioner they have interviewed. Over 40 who specialise in their own unique part of the body, but all related to A.I or celiacs.