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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Gluten Binges... Help

    This is really weird and I'm not sure why it happens, but apparently if you are allergic to something and you eat it you will overly like it and eat excessive amounts of it. I've had this happen to me several times, where I'll find a product that is supposed to not have gluten in it and then when I try some I just NEED more and I eat more of it than I normally would only to get very sick. Now when I find myself going back for seconds or thirds and really liking something, I have to ask myself- okay do you really like this or are you just allergic? I also have issues with binge eating if I skip meals or tell myself that I am going to stop eating a certain food- then I will try and eat it all at once in a way to get it out of the house :S I've been trying to cut back on sugar, and I found myself eating an entire SLEEVE of gluten-free oreo-like cookies. BUT!!! This works for me!! I make smoothies with excessive amounts of healthy food- whenever I would otherwise be prone to binging. I put so much STUFF in them that I get really full without being uncomfortable and bloated. This is the only thing I've found that stops me from eating. I made this last night and it worked perfectly- 1 cup of filtered water, 1 cup frozen raspberries, 1 cup frozen strawberries, 1 pineapple center (I freeze these from fresh pineapples for use in smoothies) and then I sprinkled cinnamon over the top and then blended until smooth. It's super thick and tastes bitter sweet and I think the addition of cinnamon helps as well. If you are craving chocolate you can always do bananas and cocoa powder. Then you just pour it in a tall clear glass and sip it. It's kind of my cheating way to binge without binging- but it makes you feel GOOD instead of bad and gives you the strength to say NO to the other junk.
  2. Fructose Malabsorbtion?

    Diet is fine? :S Where is all the healthy food? Did you just not mention that you eat fruit and vegetables because they are gluten free? If all you eat is pasta and pb jelly sandwiches no wonder you are sick and your poop is weird, you need fiber and vitamins and some substance in your food! Too much carbs and sugar. Also, sugar is a poison and fructose is the worst thing for you. Check this-> (it's long but really GOOD) Try making a salad or a stir fry, just as much work as pb and jelly or pasta. You can buy vegetables pre cut up an then all you have to do is throw them together. And YES I agree with the cross contamination thing!! Make sure your roommates can't get into your stuff.
  3. Vaccinations?

    Well I was in Thailand for a month, and their food is a LOT more fresh and healthy than ours. And when I came back I was under a lot of pressure and stress and pretty much lived off of Burger King and A&W. Maybe I just crashed the system. :S Don't think it's lyme disease as I don't have the bullseye rash, but there are 70 some other symptoms and I could match up with some of them! LoL! Geez.
  4. Vaccinations?

    Was checked for parasites. I have a "gluten sensitivity". On top of my own regular doctor I've seen a dermatologist and an allergy specialist, each of which gave me 2 prescriptions for a total of SIX!!! Just to treat symptoms, no one seems to wonder WHY I would suddenly develop this. :S I read recently that immunizations for children could be causing autoimmune disorders later in life. "Have we traded measles and mumps for leukemia, cancer, multiple sclerosis and allergies?" Stuff about peanut allergies developing because peanut oil is used as a base in vaccines. In Israel no one has peanut allergies, they have actually developed sesame allergies instead because they use sesame oil as a base there.... Apparently yeast is used in the hepatitis vaccine so I'm thinking I could have developed yeast allergy/intolerance as well because of this which is why I still get symptoms sometimes regardless of eating gluten free as I do eat gluten free breads.
  5. Unresponsive Dh To Gluten Free Diet?

    When my rash first developed I was given several rounds of prednisone until I could get in to see a dermatologist and then again until I could see an allergy specialist. Now I have betamethasone for my arms and protopic for my face. Both of which will get rid of the rash, but only when used religiously (hooray for skin thinning!) Unfortunately the problem isn't lack of steroids so drugs aren't going to fix it unless you want to use them forever. Oddly enough, I realized one day after crying about my "hopeless" situation that the rash on my cheeks had cleared up.... from the salt in my tears. Have you ever heard that old saying "rubbing salt on the wound"? Well apparently it's kind of a good idea! When my rash flares up I will rinse it with salt water, I am not sure how it works but I think the irritation helps your body to realize it needs to flush out the toxins and encourage healing. I find it also helps ALOT to stop eating sugar. And this may sound kind of weird but if you wrap your arms in saran wrap before you go to bed the rash will be gone in the morning, this works better if you use a moisturizer too like coconut oil or vaseline. BUT if you don't get rid of toxins first, your skin will still itch like crazy even though the rash is gone. So I usually have a "ginger bath" whenever I eat something gluteny by mistake, it makes you SWEAT and I think ginger also has anti-inflammatory properties. Hopefully that was somewhat helpful and didn't sound too quacky.
  6. How Common Is It To Have Dh And Gi Symptoms?

    Hi! I have DH and GI Symptoms! Reactions actually started with just the DH. After I started eating gluten free, I developed GI symptoms when I would mistakenly ingest gluten. I read that this could be because while eating gluten your body builds up a bit of an immunity, but that once you stop the immunity goes away and you react more severely. I also read that your body resets itself after 7? years and that if you can eat completely gluten free for that length of time, your body will "forget" it was allergic and you will be able to eat gluten again. Looks like this is maybe what you were trying? Clearly this is not the case!!! BUT now I am thinking I may have a secondary allergy that is causing different reactions. Sometimes I get very sharp stabbing pains in my gut almost immediately after eating something, other times my lips start to itch a couple of hours afterwards and the rash used to take days to show up but now will flare up within a couple of hours of eating something as well.
  7. Hey all! I was just wondering if anyone else's allergies coincide with a vaccination? My allergies developed shortly after a trip to Thailand for which I was required to take 3 shots for hepatitis prevention. I have been eating gluten free to manage a rash and digestive issues that developed shortly after the trip over 2 years ago, but still can't seem to get it 100% under control. Always assumed that I must some how mistakenly be getting glutened. Just found that vaccinations can cause allergies and was looking for patent info on the vaccine and it looks like they use yeast in the shot. Now I am thinking I may be reacting to the yeast in the gluten free foods. I am 26 and experienced 23 completely allergy free years of life so I would really like to find out what caused this!