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    Nutrition and dietetics, fitness, running, weight training, circuit traing, interval training, my 21 month old son who is my life.
    Current Dietetic Tech student. : ) Hope to become a Registered Dietitian.
  1. Good News, Bad News.......

    I have to agree with you Mushroom. I feel like my GI does not give a rats behind about my health. He told me to "Its probably IBS and to follow up with my primary"..... Uhhm, but I'm still having the same problems as before and she referred me to you because of them........ And I'll bet you'll charge me a boat load of $$ for telling me nothing. Oi'.
  2. Good News, Bad News.......

    Wow. You poor thing! It's just not right to be dismissed by doctors as having "read too many magazine articles" or to just disregard you with out a good reason. I'm so glad you finally have things figured out for both you and you son. I really do feel like this is my problem. Its very hard though with out a Drs support, to sort of be disregarded as having read too much or just be plain crazy, like you said at the very least I am non-Celiac gluten intolerant.. I am a dietetic student and even my Community Nutrition professor says that to be "allergic to gluten" is just a fad, with the exception of actually having Celiac Sprue. Its frustrating. Thank you for sharing your story! It's comforting to know that I am not the only one out there who has had these sorts of "go-arounds" and then just be dismissed..... Thank you!
  3. Good News, Bad News.......

    Thank you all for your advice, opinions, and kind words!I am cleaning out my house as we speak of gluten and intend to see how I do myself off of gluten. It seems to be the most logical step to take next. Once again, thank you all for everything!
  4. Good News, Bad News.......

    Yes, I am talking about my upper endoscopy with small bowel biopsies. Apparently my GI only took two as well. *scratches head* I thought he would take more, considering. But I don't feel as though he was really at all concerned with helping me to begin with. Hum, whole story? Symptoms and all? Here is a link to my very first post, it lists my symptoms and gives you a back story.... My TTG IgA/IgG results is what is kind of throwing a wrench in everything. No one really knows what to make of it because I have yet to get any answers as to why a IgA would be normal with a IgG a definitive positive. Does that answer your questions? I'm sorry I wasn't very specific in my initial post. My mind is in a hundred places at once and I'm just frustrated. What is your personal opinion of my TTG IgA/IgG results?
  5. My GI just gave me a ring and said that the pathology results came back as normal, not indicative of Celiac Sprue, but that my "issue" is most likely IBS. I don't know if this should make me happy, or if I should be more frustrated.... Part of me says "Good! You don't have an autoimmune disease! That's good Jess!".... But the other half of me wants to cry. My body is not right and I have exhausted all of my means to "fix" it. Is it possible that maybe my villi are not reflecting any damage yet due to the fact that I've only had the symptoms for 7ish months? I would assume that would be irrelevant, damage will be done with or without symptoms. I am so frustrated. I don't know what else to do to help myself, other than going gluten free and seeing how I feel after that. I'm sorry this is such a whiny post. But I know many of you have possibly felt the same way.
  6. Appointment With Specialist.

    Thank you Bubba's Mom! That's good advice and I appreciate it!
  7. My appointment with the GI specialist is finally here. I've waited 6 weeks and Tuesday is the day. I don't expect to walk in to the office and get all my questions answered, but I will be that much closer. I'm very anxious though. I really feel like I'm going crazy. So many bizar things have been happening to my body, even since I've been in to see my primary in January. What if they tell me there is nothing wrong with me? Does anyone have any suggestions for me? Advice? Words or wisdom? Anything would be appreciated.
  8. Thank you for the responses ladies. Each day I get more and more frustrated. I feel crazy somedays. My brain fog is getting so bad, I have a hard time getting through the day. I have to keep telling myself that I am much more fortunate than others who have had to suffer like this for years, and sometimes decades. I almost feel selfish for getting so frustrated just because I want to know what is wrong with me.
  9. I just spoke with my PCP about the results of my ultrasound. She said that there is a 4cm cyst on my right ovary and another smaller one on my left. My question is has anyone ever had ovarian cysts or heard of them being related to Celiacs? My GI problems are still continuing, and getting worse. Or are they not related and I am just insane? Thank you in advance for any responses!
  10. Skylark, I checked my IgA personally and it came back normal. 160 mg/dl with a reference range of 70.0-400.00 mg/dl. Can you explain to me why an IgG level would come back as high/positive with a completely normal IgA? Now I'm very confused and not sure what should be done.When I went in finally I just thought I was going to be told I had IBS or something. Are the other test you mentioned in your post considered more reliable than what has been done to date? My PCP also started me on a treatment regime for my Vitiman D deficiency, maybe that will help a bit? I am very blessed to not have been suffering for decades like a lot of other posters. I don't want to be misdiagnosed. I am miserable though, despite the short amount of time my symptoms have appeared and I would like to feel normal again.
  11. Cross Contamination?

    This forum was so helpful and full of good ideas to help prevent cross contamination! Thank you all responders ans OP for posting the question.
  12. I know my post will seem a little more than redundant but every case is different and everyone on these boards seem so knowledgable I can't help but ask for everyone's opinions. A little bit of history. 27 year old female, student and fulltime laboratory technition. I have a 21 month old son (who is the gem of my life!) I have always been a very healthy individual. I had an appendectomy in 1998 at age 12. Chronic depression and anxiety through out teens and twentys, I figured was to be expected because I lost my mom at age 13 to brain cancer and lived I foster care. Only complication I've had otherwise was a weak cervix during my first and only pregnancy to date. However, over the past 6 months I have noticed unusual abnormalities for myself. Mostly in my GI. I'll go days with diarrhea, then have a day or so with constipation. It alternates between the two, but my bowel activity is never what you consider "normal". My stool (to me) is very foul smelling, and I work in a lab usually this stuff doesn't phase my sense of smell, and appear somewhat greasy, though it's not consistent. I have horrible gas that causes bloating and abdominal pain. somedays I'm very flatulent others I can't pass any but it still feels like its there. My "gut" is very hyperactive most days. I've been suffering from extreme fatigue and insomnia. At first I thought I was lactose intolerant so I eliminated dairy but it did nothing. My labs indicated a sever Vitiman D deficiency of 12 ( reference value >30 to be normal), normal B12, elevated Bilirubin, normal lipid/choloresteral panel, normal CBC/Sed Rate. I am still waiting on my Hemoccult and abdominal/pelvic ultrasound results. My Immunoglobulin/Transglutmerase came back odd. My IgA was negative while my IgG was a definite positive (per my PCP). I've had no recent infections or surgeries that could possibly compromise those results. I have read that the blood test to indicate/diagnose Celiac Sprue are fairly unreliable and that a true diagnoses can really only be obtained from a proper biopsy. I have an appointment for the 28th of Feb to see the GI specialist in town for an examination and further testing. My PCP has recommended that I continue a normal diet untill I receive further instruction from my specialist. What is everyone's personal opinions? I'm sure I sound fairly similar to many other new comers on the board but I would truly appreciate and individual opinion. It is all very nerve wracking, especially all of the inconclusiveness. Thank you in advance for you time and responses!