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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I just bought Amy's gluten free marinara sauce with no added msg. My husband is allergic to MSG and he reacted to it as though it had msg. I recently developed fructose malabsorption and I was tired after I ate it not thinking about the garlic and onions. But who knows, it could have been that I react to msg or possibly hidden gluten.
  2. I'm trying to perfect my and my 2 year old daughter's gluten-free diet. I noticed frozen veggies and fruits at Whole Foods do not offer gluten free info. on the package. Packaged nuts at Trader Joe's do not say gluten free. Can you just rinse them and they would be safe? Even if you buy this type of product and it says "shared equipment" wouldn't rinsing take care of the problem?
  3. Fructose Malabsorption

    I'm not knowledgeable enough to give advice here. I was quite sure I had fructose malabsorption issues because of gas and fatigue when eating foods on the "foods to avoid" list. Then I went to a doctor and was diagnosed with hypoglycemia. When researching on the web, I discovered that one medical expert had the opinion that fructose malabsorption was caused by severe hypoglycemia. I thought this could be possible for me.
  4. The coconut oil really works for candida. Once in the beginning of taking it I always experience one instance where I have some cramping followed by the need to run to the bathroom due to diahrrea. I understand this to be passing parasites.
  5. I read to consume expeller-pressed coconut oil for candida. It seems to be doing the job as long as I stay away from sweets.. The instructions were to take 3 tablespoons a day. Start slow by taking 1 tablespoon a day for a couple of days. Then take two tablespoons for a couple of days. Then take 3 tablespoons for 3-5 days. In the beginning of this treatment you will experience some cramping and the need to run to the bathroom because of diahrrea. This happens only once because you are getting rid of parasites.
  6. Since the topic of bipolar and celiac has been brought up, I would like to add that I wads diagnosed and treated for bipolar two for 16 years. It was the wrong diagnosis. Once I discovered I was celiac and stopped eating gluten, the bipolar symptoms mostly disappeared. Now I am diagnosed with hypoglycemia and anemia. I am learning how to eat for the hypoglycemia and now all symptoms of bipolar two are gone. Once I got off gluten I no longer needed meds for bipolar two. I wonder how many poor souls with bipolar two diagnosis are really bipolar two. It's a hard road to always be relying on medication that barely helps and may even be hurting you and never really be addressing the true issues.
  7. Thanks friends. This helps me to know where to start.
  8. Health Issues Of A Celiac

    Thanks, friends. My mom is taking vitamin C and drinking fresh Orange juice and she said she is feeling much better. Enzymes are helping her as well to be able to eat some things.
  9. Extreme Fatigue After Eating

    I experience fatigue after eating certain foods that are gluten free. I found out I am fructose malabsorption. They are discovering a growing number of people with celiac and lactose intolerance have fructose malabsorption so I have to avoid the foods on that list.
  10. Hi. I've discovered I am gluten, lactose and fructose intolerant. At the same time my mom is struggling with serious IBS issues to the point where she is no longer able to eat. I have counseled her on her diet as she has the same symptoms and issues as I have. She is slowly improving but not fast enough. What kind of doctor should she go to? She is on medicaid so her choices may be limited but what type of doctor should she look for. She struggles to eat, her gums are sore, cuts and boils are not healing but getting infected and her tooth is loose for no reason. Would really like counsel from someone into the natural health medicine. Thanks.
  11. How do you correct the vitamin deficiencies caused by malabsorption. I take a good multivitamin daily and yet I am anemic. How does a celiac get the nutrients they need. I'm thinking liquid vitamins, or whole food vitamin or juicing? Or is the situation that your body won't absorb them whatever you do? I'm seeing that I have gluten, lactose and fructose intolerance issues. I assumed I would recover if I got off gluten but almost 2 years later have discovered the malabsorption issue as well as lactose and fructose intolerance. I have a 2 year old Down Syndrome daughter who is gluten intolerant and so I'm trying to figure out how to help her as well. I have a support group for her issues and they are all into the natural health medicine but I want to ask this question of you because you are more familiar with the celiac condition. Thanks.