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Melissa Palomo

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  1. Hey everyone - I will be in Chicago/Illinois area the first weekend of October. If you want a session on Oct 5 - I can work one or two sessions in. :)

  2. Whenever I get an unexpected awesome parking spot at the mall, I feel like that's the universe telling me I should buy all that crap I don't need.

  3. I was asked today when my intern presentation would be. ("Uh, no, I'm a Senior Analyst.") I'm going to go ahead and assume he meant that because I'm appear so young and energetic - not that I seem like an unprofessional newbie.

  4. Nice glass of wine and some chocolate. Ok, more like "plastic cup of wine and a handful of chocolate chips."

  5. Whenever rap music comes on I have an unstoppable urge to dance like a cheesy stupid white girl.

  6. When it takes over 20 minutes to move your car about 50 feet to the loading zone, you know you picked a terrible day to go to Ikea.

  7. One of these years I want to go to Burning Man. Who wants to join me? HA.

  8. My goal is to be confident enough to go to a yoga class in only my sports bra and shorts ... Clearly the easiest way to do that is just to drink a lot before I go to class.

  9. Hey friends that are not single ... please don't ever tell single people "You're so awesome/pretty/cute/funny/insert your word here, how can you possibly be single?!" As if being single means there is something wrong with me? Sure, I could be coupled if I settle, but how 'bout I am waiting for someone equally awesome/pretty/cute/funny (and they need to buy me a gluten free cupcake from time to time). THAT is why I am single. I'm holding out. :)

  10. $900 for a dog dental cleaning (well, and teeth extraction)?! Damn being a smush face dog owner in Southern California. Off to compare prices before I cry for all of the shoes I won't be able to buy.

  11. Hope all of my Elsinore friends' homes are out of harm's way! Seeing lots of photos on my feed today and first thing on the LA news tonight was the fire. I hate fire season. :(

  12. Hi Chris - I have increased feelings of anxiety when I've been glutened (increased heart rate, being on edge, etc) but otherwise the rest of my anxiety seems to be separate from my Celiac disease. Have you met with a psychiatrist?
  13. This is a big pet peeve of mine - people that claim disease/intolerance and then don't abide by the diet. But - while it annoys me I also kind of feel sorry for these people - because they're either in denial or don't understand the severity of the disease. And they're really only hurting themselves (well, and making it an uphill battle for us in some cases, but really the biggest person they're hurting is them self.)
  14. I eat out way more than I should - but at the same few places. Mostly the local taco shop for work lunches -
  15. I hear you - people bring in food all of the time and rarely is it something I can have... I tell myself it's easier to stay thin that way and then giggle when I realize they'll all hate themselves later for eating it. Cruel in my head? TOtally - but it's my survival mechanism.