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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Anyone From India?

    Hey I am celiac living in delhi, Delhi has matured a lot in terms of availability of gluten free food. Delhi has India's first gluten free cafe "Cafe amaltas" and also have lot of online websites like "foodsbury" and "healthkart" which cater to gluten free diet requirements. They have entire range of gluten free products imported and domestic which can be delivered to doorsteps. Happy to help;-)
  2. Hi, I am celaic residing in India, 6 months back I was diagnosed, prior to that I was in relationship which didn't work, as I was told that I tend to act as loner and depressed, initially I was not aware why i was so insecure and depressed..before i could realize that culprit was celaic that relationship ended. Now when i know i am diagnosed i realized why things went wrong and wanted to started fresh as i was confident that most of the complains i faced now i have reason and now I can overcome But now I realize how difficult is to survive or have social life especially when you are in country which has very minimum awareness. I started dating this girl who for obvious reasons could not enjoy hanging out with me, because of my sensitivities. She started ignoring me as I could not give her company while eating out or travel. She felt really bad eating alone or not really seeing me enjoy what she likes. I decided to distance myself the day she advised that life with a person like me would be really difficult and if at all you are looking for marriage make sure your girl friend spends reasonable;e time with you...as any girl will find it very difficult to survive whole life with a person like me. This has made me really dissapointed. I dont know whom to discuss this with and want to check if you guys have faced problem like this and how did you get over and set the expectations right. I know culture is different here but I want to get out of this depression of treated as very difficult person to stay. Is it really that difficult to survive with celaic partner? feeling good after writing what was troubling me