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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Advice Re Biopsy Please!

    Thank you SO much everyone. I had already decided the biopsy was just cruel, but needed some backing! We've switched to soy milk and he seems alot better. I've just had the gene test so it will be interesting to hear the results, because the blood tests were negative.
  2. I'd love some advice here. My youngest son age 10 started becoming symptomatic around Christmas time. I immediately took him for blood tests because my eldest son has been Celiac for four years. Of course his blood were positive. He went gluten-free straight away and has been so for approximately a month (since the results). He is also having some issues with lactose (although not intolerant) but we are trying to cut back on that until he has healed. His symptoms are improving although he is still getting stomach cramps, but not as many. So my GP has recommended we see a Gastroenterologist for advice. The Gastro has sent me an appointment letter for mid May, saying that he must go off the gluten-free diet TODAY before the appointment and has scheduled a biopsy for the same week. Given that the biopsy for my elder son just confirmed what we already knew (his symptoms were not as bad as what we are going through now with my younger child) and she literally walked out from the theatre and said "yes he has it" and then we were pretty much on our own, I am incredibly reluctant to put him on gluten again. Has anyone else had a similar dilemma when it comes to biospy? Sooooo frustrating! Why would I want to put him through 2.5 months of hell to get a diagnosis that we already know given it is genetic and his brother has it??? Should I try to find another Gastro who can see us sooner or am I wasting our time and money? Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the reply. Had you been diagnosed before going on Accutane and if so, did the drug affect your Celiac symptoms at all? I am trying to find out whether the drug could make him potentially sick, since he is already celiac. The acne is genetic, and since he has been gluten free for so long I know it isn't caused by gluten. It's funny, because my husband was one of the first to try Accutane and he is 44. The dermatologist has said we are her first "second generation" Accutane users which made her feel very old, lol. He had such adverse reactions to it, because it wasn't monitored with blood tests or used in low dosages. It cured his acne, but caused all sorts of side effects. He never got Celiac though, that has come from my side of the family. It's such a random illness.
  4. Hi everyone My teenage son who was diagnosed with Coeliac around 3-4 years ago, is now suffering acne and we are seeing a dermatologist next month to discuss Accutane, as he has tried other antiobiotics etc and they don't work. I know there are links to Accutane triggering Coeliac,but I am wondering if anyone has completed Accutane who has been previously diagnosed with Coeliac and already on a gluten free diet? My other teenager also has acne and is not Coeliac. Thanks!