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  1. Hey Guys I just joined but feel that it's my duty to divulge the wisdom I have acquired through nothing but falling on my face repeatedly while trying to recover from Celiac over the last 3 years. My grammar is garbage so bare with me lol. lets start with my symptoms from as early as I can remember tell i hit the break point. In the eighth grade I would get wicked cramps in my lower stomach that would force me to bend over in pain and eventually end up on the toilet an hour or so later. In the military I would get strong stomach cramps in my upper stomach and then chug milk to make it go away. Months before I got out of the Air Force I got a strong bout of vertigo, one minute I would be watching TV the next second the whole room would start to spin tell I vomited. That was from chocolate (DARK) I later found but it is connected to Celiac I will explain later. After The Air Force Months or so I would drink cocoa before my work outs (cocoa raises your nitrogen levels and helps to dilate your blood vessels, helps you get a better pump and better recovery) I read that right before I got out of the Air Force, connection yep. Hour or so after each work out I would get a strong sense of deja vu then the vertigo then nausea. about 2 years later came the beginning of the breaking point. My Muscles started to lock up, Muscle knots all over my body, in my biceps, triceps, shoulders, neck, feet, hands, face everywhere. Then my energy levels started to plummet big time. about 4 months after i started to develop a cough and drainage from my tonsils adenoids at night it would drown me I would have to wake up and cough it up and it got worse and worse. one night it got real bad I got up went to the bathroom and drank some water looked down and saw a red line going down the side of my leg! I googled it and it was sepses(blood poisoning) life threatening stuff. I thought well its 2 in the morning ill go to the hospital when I wake up. buy the time I woke up it was 90% gone so i thought well ill give it another day,(I didn't say I was smart, wisdom comes from being dumb lol) It went away and I noticed red patches popping up on my hand shoulder and aahhhmmm crotch. I put 2 and 2 together and figured well that's auto immune, it wasn't there before and the symptoms come and go so it must be something im eating. I tried everything I could think of cutting out nothing worked, one day i had nothing to eat and hadn't been coughing for a day or two and had a big glass of milk then the drainage started and the coughing, "found it" I thought. (progressive stages of Celiac your body starts to reject lactose in milk) The coughing and the drainage went away but the muscle knots and fatigue stayed, it didn't make sense yet so I kept taking things out tell one day I thought lest try this gluten free thing. Within two week my energy started to rise after 4 or 5 months i figured out everything that had gluten in it and cut it out. Things got a lot better for me but although the muscle knots where not as bad they where still there. Come to find out the main thing your body uses to recover from damage especially intestinal damage is glutimine the amino acid. The largest stores of glutimine in your body is stored in your muscles. My body was pulling glutamine from my muscle to recover my intestines and leaving my muscles high and dry with nothing to help them recover with so they would shut down and knot up. Time and a gluten free diet helped but because my intestines were so damaged they had a hard time soaking up enough nutrients to help my body recover. What I finally found was I needed the most nutritious calorie and vitamin rich food I could get and lots of it, I also need lots of amino acids for my body to use for recovery. Long story short its the paleo diet and force feeding my self even when my appetite was low that finally turned the corner for me. Chicken breast, Beef, eggs, pork, sweet potato's, potato's, Brussels sprouts(covered in olive oil baked for 30 min on 400 and dipped in home made honey mustard)green beans corn and all the fruit I could jam down my throat. That's what did it for me all my symptoms are gone even the knots. Im back in the gym and full of energy. Oh Hemp milk has 20 amino acids in it good protein and the chocolate is delish! I dont want to go on forever so if there's something you have questions about ill pop in once a day to check on the thread. P.S. DEATH TO GLUTEN!!!