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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Bloooooooated

    I know, it's just awful! I don't want to eat cold salad three times a day
  2. Bloooooooated

    As for the buttons and the bottom of the bowls, I use a paper towel with the buttons because they are disgusting in the first place. And the handle. And my tupperware I use have little handles on the side I use, I don't generally touch the bottom at all because it gets too hot.
  3. Bloooooooated

    Well by same conditions I mean they're the same batch of veggies. Yeah it's the fact that they're pigs at work and they don't clean anything, that's the issue I was bringing up. I've actually had a good healing time, I don't have any stomach pain at all as long as I stay free of any contamination. The fact that I get immediate pain right after I use the microwave every single time is more indicative of it actually being a problem. There are days when I bring salads instead and on those days nothing happens. And it's always right after, sometimes while I'm still eating my otherwise safe veggies or rice.
  4. I didn't see it since I'm at work but that is just horrible! Seriously??!
  5. I've never used that shade but comparing the color and shine of it, I'd say you ought to try "Hue" or "Pervette" by MAC. However I can't see any ingredient lists on their site. I do know that the two shades I have of theirs are gluten free and safe, I don't know about ALL their products though. http://www.maccosmetics.com/product/shaded/168/310/Lipstick/index.tmpl
  6. My Husband Doesn't Get It

    Yes, that's how I refer to it at work when people seem confused about it. It works just fine! Maybe not at home, they're a little slow about it but with my coworkers it has definitely helped!
  7. My Husband Doesn't Get It

    I agree that it's not fair at all when other people have more of an issue with your stomach issue than even you do! Ever since my diagnosis I've had more problems with my family than I used to. My grandmother is the hardest person about it - she has it stuck in her head that unless she makes something for me that I'm just starving myself? So she takes it upon herself to make me things all the time - loaded with gluten. She's old and I understand that she doesn't understand such a relatively new to society illness, but it does bother me that she tries to force bread and pasta on me. I know that in her time where she grew up, they were staples for stomach issues but she just refuses to understand where I'M coming from. I try to tell her that I can have rice and vegetables and healthy things like that if she wants to make me something but she just gets depressed and says she wishes I would get better soon and be able to eat her pasta again and she feels so bad for me. Honestly, the only person not sad about my own diagnosis is me - I'm happy to finally feel better after a decade of being sick every day. But everyone else sees it as I'm some kind of cripple for the rest of my life and through the way they treat me it makes ME feel bad. My grandfather even tried to push bread on me and got ANGRY with me when I told him my doctor told me I can't have bread anymore. I've shed tons of tears over it. I wish other people would get over their preconceived notions and simply UNDERSTAND what it's like for us. Especially my grandfather - who has high cholesterol and has to eat a restrictive diet himself! It also makes me not want to eat with my family anymore, because whenever I go to my grandparents' to eat, I'm afraid they're slipping some kind of gluten food in my dinners in a misguided attempt to make me "better". My own mom didn't accept my diagnosis at first. She called her own doctor to dispute "false positives" and to tell me all about how I could really not have this issue at all. It's so hard not to get angry and be like, sorry but hello! I'm feeling better not eating that junk, and all my tests were textbook positive, what more proof do you need?? And why would you dispute my medical issue with YOUR doctor in the first place?! And when they all go out for family dinners, it's always someplace I definitely can't eat without contamination. It's just all around rough when you don't have the support you need.
  8. Bloooooooated

    Uh, no, I eat my lunches with spoons and forks, and I don't touch any surface of the microwave. I even cover my food.
  9. Bloooooooated

    It's a pigsty! Nobody who uses it and explodes food in there is grown up enough to clean it. It's so bad. Two months now, why?
  10. Deep Sleep Since Going Gluten Free

    Me too! The last month being gluten free I can't get enough sleep. I used to be up with the sun even if I didn't have to go to work for a few more hours. Now I sleep till the very last moment I can, and when I get home all I want to do is sleep. I figure it's either the recent gluten-freeing or stress due to a major life change coming up, or both combined. Either way I figure my body is telling me I need something and I'm not thinking twice about it!
  11. Bloooooooated

    I'm definitely in the minority about shared microwaves. I have the same issue at work, and I keep my food covered. I still get stomach pain for hours after microwaving my steamed veggies at work - I did a test with the same batch of veggies at home in the same conditions and there was zero problems. The next day I heated up my broccoli at work again and BAM pain! It's irritating because I have to either eat cold salad or the broccoli my stomach badly needs for lunch. I'm trying to get a work from home job because this contamination thing makes the workday 2x as hard.
  12. So Discouraged

    I have nothing to add except complete understanding here. I hate that some people can't understand how serious contamination is. Most people just think I'm really snooty and it gets on my nerves because it's not my fault I'm highly sensitive! I wish people could be more understanding and I'm really happy I found this board.
  13. Some people are asymptomatic and some only get minor symptoms I've noticed! I wouldn't put my trust in the biopsy either, as they can miss the damaged parts even if they take five biopsies as per normal. From my bit of understanding, the blood test shows which antibodies you're making to fight off what your body thinks is an enemy, so even seeing antibodies built to fight gluten means you're probably at least gluten sensitive if not celiac itself. The best way to tell outside of a blood test is to go gluten free for a few months and see if your anemia seems to clear up.
  14. Depending on how sensitive she is, even just a bit of seasoning can definitely bring it back. I've been gluten free about a month now and the longer I'm off it the more sensitive I am. Even my lotion with oat oil gave me hives this week, and I found I can't even use the microwave at work anymore without feeling stomach pain for a few hours after. I guess the tiny specks in the heated nuked air is enough to make me really sick too. Which really stinks because then I have to make the choice to have stomach pain OR eat cold food all eight hours of the day.
  15. Yeah, even in small amounts I get sick. I have to cook and eat everything separate too. One thing I do, I cook for my mother and myself, is that I cook gluten free stuff for the both of us. She doesn't really care either way. But if she did, I'd have to be really careful and sanitize everything and keep it separate. Also yeah I mostly go with fresh produced and rarely have processed foods outside of cereal. It's easier to be super safe than to keep eating bits of gluten everywhere hidden.