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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hi, I have been diagnosed with Celiac about 6 years ago. I did the whole change your diet, clean the cupboard, buy new pots, pans, toaster, etc. I have never been reactive to foods. it was an after thought test that lead to my diagnosis. After about two or three years, I fell off my diet. It was tough to keep up the extra expense, cooking two meals for me and my family, feeling rejected and excluded from outings and parties, and I hated every moment of it. So here I am. My ttg levels were retested. Guess what? I still have celiac disease....sigh.... I don't want it. I've been down this road before and I don't like it. My doctor is persistent that I must change permanently. I have diabetes (related to having celiac supposedly) and I am increasing my risk of stomach cancers and lymphomas. I get it. I know what I should do. It doesn't make the process easier. And so, I have to change. Adjust the family budget again. I don't enjoy most "gluten-free" alternatives. Fruit, veggies and meat are expensive and even more so when that's all your allowed to eat. I work three jobs. I don't have a lot of time to cook. Where are my quick and easy meals? I'm a picky eater as is. This is not helping. Sorry to vent. But this is where I am right now. Shedding tears and upset over this. I can't afford to do it and I can't afford to not do it.....
  2. The primal diet sounds interesting. I have already cut out carbs from my breakfast and very low carb for my lunch. How do sauces, dressings, and marinades fit into this plan? And dairy? I love my milk. Would I have to give that up entirely? Soda, yeah, wouldn't miss it. Neither the bread or pasta. How about rice, potatoes or corn? Would love some more input on this. I am already modifying my diet to lower my carbs so it wouldn't be too far of a stretch to cut out a little more.
  3. Hi, I was diagnosed in Jan 2012 with celiac disease and then in June 2012 I learned I was diabetic. This has lead to an internal struggle like you would not believe. I did well initially on the gluten-free diet. I experiment with a few new recipes and had some fails and some success. But then with the new diabetic diagnosis just through me for a loop. I had several mishaps with gluten in the process of trying to watch my sugar and carbs. I have finally wrangled my gluten binges (I hope!) but really have to get some weight gone to aid my diabetes. Any suggestions of diet plans or guideline? I know it will be a lifelong change of habit but it is very difficult learning to cope with diet restrictions. I really am not a huge fan of gluten-free bread or pasta. Maybe managing a meal once or twice a month. So to ease my stress I dropped it from my diet. I eat a higher protein breakfast usually consisting of extra lean ham and eggs. My lunch is usually protein based too, maybe a chicken salad or bean burrito. My supper is family oriented and more difficult due to time restaints. I am trying to make meal that are done in 30 minutes or less. I would love some suggestions. Is a lower carb/higher protein diet okay? My dietician suggested I limit my carbs to 45 per meal unless I was active in which case I could increase it to 60 per meal. I am consuming less per meal but I still have my fruit and milk too. I also eat a lot of almonds and peanuts (in shell). I am not losing weight though. I started back in Jan on a gluten-free diet and up to Aug I had only gained 4 pounds. My first week on my lower carb diet I lost 5 but the following week gained back 3. So it would seem I am stable, but I need to lose at least 50 pounds. HELP!
  4. I, too, use the Heinz ketchup without any issues. I can't speak for the beans though. I have never had them. I wasn't aware that there were testing kits available to test for gluten. Interesting for those who need them For now, I am going to trust the information I receive from the companies. In Canada, there will be a new labeling law starting Aug 2012 that all gluten will have to be identified in the ingredient list or on the package. Things will be a lot easier then.