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  1. Thanks, that does help! The first thing I said to my doctor when he told me was "so what happens if I just don't stop eating gluten?" . He looked at me like I was a crazy person. And the thing is that now that I know whats going on with my body, other symptoms that I just used to ignore suddenly make sense. I did used to feel bloated and a bit ill after eating wheat and such, and over the past few weeks it has been more frequent and noticeable. But I do like to ignore things and say that its all in my head. Were your symptoms severe from the start, or something that just gradually got worse?
  2. Hi all, I have just found out today that there is over a 90% chance that I have Celiac Disease. I'm just waiting, probably until April, when I can have a gastroscopy to confirm for sure. I have very low ferritin levels and low b12, and I guess now I know why. And I must say I am quite miserable. I don't really want Celiac. I like, no, LOVE food! And I also feel guilty and angry with myself for feeling miserable, at the same time as I FEEL miserable. I mean it's not like I'm being diagnosed with cancer or motor neurone disease or even diabetes! I work in the health industry so I see people who would WISH they had Celiac compared to their problems. And yet, I can't help but feel extremely hard done by and depressed. It's like I'm losing a good friend. Food. Goodbye care-free live of spontaneous fish and chips. Goodbye delicious homemade cookie dough. Soon I will miss you all, but until I have that final test, I intend to eat every gluten containing food under the sun. If anyone has any kind words to help me get out of this self-pitying funk, it would be very muchly appreciated. Kind regards and lots of love, Gabbi