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  1. Had my daughter's appointment today with her pediatrician. She said that the Celiac tests all came back within normal range including the IgA. She also said that she is a little bit anemic and wants me to start her on a multi-vitamin. Isn't anemia another sign of Celiac? However, the Zantac she gave us a week ago for her reflux is not working at all, so she is now prescribing Prilosec. I have to wait a few days for the new Med because we need pre-authorization from the insurance co. She also referred me to a GI specialist. However, because of her age, their is only 1 place for her to go and we cannot get an appointment until April 2. I know that is only 2 months, but watching my daughter is pain is so hard. This was my main goal during the appointment, so I am happy about that. My plan: In a few days we will start the new meds and if they don't work, then I am going to go ahead and start her on a Gluten Free diet. I understand I would have to have her go back on it if the GI Doctor wants to run more tests, but I just cannot wait until April, and then wait for the test and then results for her to start feeling better. Thanks for reading. Carrie
  2. Interesting. Do you currently have Celiac Disease? Or is that what you are trying to find out. I was just tested today, so not sure yet, but I was only 19 when I had a sudden onset of Tachycardia. Seen a cardiologist who did a 24hr halter monitor, and knew for certain that my heart rate was way above where it should be, but could not find anything wrong. He put me on meds to find slow it down, which worked and eventually I was able to get off the meds without my heart rate going through the roof. Besides that, I had a pulmonary stress test which showed I have problems taking in a deep breath. Nobody could ever find a cause and it was put off by most doctors as Anxiety. I however, always insisted it was something more, but nothing ever came back positive. I started researching Celiac because I believe my daughter might have it, and I realized I have some of the symptoms as well. Not sure if a family dr. is the right one to see, but is a good start. If you can't see him, maybe he could recommend a cardiologist for you to see in the mean time?
  3. My daughter just turned 5 in November. She was born at 7lb 6oz, but stayed in newborn clothes for 3 months. Since then her growth is very small. At 5 she is slightly less than 38 inches and only 28lbs. Her Drs. don't seem concerned. She has complained that her stomach hurt, but never really acted like it, so I have been passing it off as attention. Lately she has been telling me she has swallowed her throw-up. Since I suffer from Acid Reflux, I figured this most be the problem. We took her to the Drs. and I am currently keeping a log of her food, and giving her Zantac before meals. My husband was talking with someone at work, and they mentioned Celiac Disease. I've heard of this, but never knew what it was, so I looked it up. They symptoms my daughter has our: Acid Reflux Short Stature Canker Sores Rash Muscle weakness (needs OT and PT) I asked the Dr. to test for Celiac Disease but the test came back negative. I have an appointment on Tuesday and will ask more questions, but just wondering what everyone else thought. My gut tells me the test is wrong. I'm just not sure what to think. Thanks Carrie