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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thank you so much for your information. It's been very helpful. Yes, I'm sure she's getting some kind of cross contamination. Matter of fact I'm positive. Our kitchen at home isn't completely gluten-free. I'm still in the process of getting it that way. We really try by keeping one counter for gluten only!! The rest of the kitchen is all gluten-free. Hopefully bread crumbs are cleaned up?? I will have to say, I have never been a "cook", so this is a little challenging for me to find things gluten-free that our family will like and that I can cook to taste good. We did eat out quite a bit and conveniece food was always in our pantry. That has changed dramatically. I am cooking more and have found great gluten-free recipe's on Pinterest and several gluten-free cook books. My daugher is and always has been a wonderful eater, fruits, veggies, yogurt, and more, so this transition has been easier for her than if I had a picky eater. My 15 year old son is different. He is a very picky eater and we have turned his world upside down with no convenience food. He's adjusting well though. So, slight cross contamination in our home is definitely a problem I'm sure. She is a very determined/strong willed child and she knows what she can and can't do. I feel confident that she's folllowing her diet when she's not at home. She doesn't want to feel that sick ever again...is what she's told me. She has downloaded all the gluten-free apps on her i-touch so she can be refer to them for gluten-free information. We are very proud of her. So, it looks like I need to do some more cooking/baking and work on a gluten-free kitchen in hopes that her antibodies get back to normal. Thanks again for all your help. Take Care, Jenn
  2. Please forgive me, after 6 months I'm still learning all this. Her Gliadin Antibody IGG , which I'm assuming is the DGP was 7 and now it's 8, the DGP IGA was 4 and now it's 7, (went up a little)? Both were "in range"?? The TTG IGG was 13, now it's 8, TTG IGA was 6, now it's 7. Hopefully that makes sense to you. The G.I. doctor was concerned they were not coming down and going up a little. She asked me to see a Nutritionist. I'm really not wanting to do that. I have done so much research that I feel with no symptoms we don't need to go that route. My Pediatrician said no worries, as long as she's not having any symptoms. I appreciate your imput on this. Thanks again, Jenn
  3. My 12 year old daughter just had her 6 month lab work done after being diagnosed with Celiac in March 2012. Her levels are still high. She's feeling MUCH better on the gluten-free diet and hasn't had any stomach aches, headaches and she is tolerating stress much easier. Why are the levels still high and should I be concerned even if she's feeling 100%???
  4. Question...Is Modified Food Starch Gluten Free? I've heard conflicting reports.
  5. I recently read an article that states preservatives in foods are not good for celiacs and they shoud stay away. I recognize that preservatives are bad for everyone. It's just another concern and wanted to get feedback on this.
  6. I'm still so confused about Natural Flavorings and Carmel Color. It's in EVERYTHING!! Can anyone explain this to me.
  7. I agree with xjrosie. Why spend all that money on a lunchable when you can buy high quality meats/cheeses (Boars Head) and do it yourself. I'm sure the nutritional value is much better. I have a question about Zone Protein Bars. My DD used to eat the Peanut Butter/Chocolate one's before she was diagnosed with Celiac. I read the label and there's no gluten, however it's manufactured in a facility that contains wheat. I did skim through this thread and figured out that it depends on your sensitivity on whether to "try" it or not. As a Celiac isn't it important to just "stay away" from even facilities. Some symptoms are happening when you are not aware??? What's this about the whole Barley thing? The U.S. doesn't have to label barley containing ingredients?
  8. Thanks everyone. It seems to be getting better. She's such a trooper. And....the glass of wine does help Mommy!
  9. My DD has been gluten-free for almost 2 weeks now and her moods are all over the board. She's been very irritable. I'm not sure if it's hormonal (she's almost 12) or it's the gluten-free diet. She did the gluten-free diet for 12 days a couple months ago and was an angel, then we had to go back on gluten for the biopsy. Is this normal as she's adjusting to the food change. I'm thinking maybe my kitchen is as clean of gluten as I think it might be. We are still learning new things every day, so possibly some CC is going on? Any suggestions? Thanks.
  10. I thought Rice Krispies were gluten free. Am I wrong?
  11. Is the Kraft Deluxe cheese gluten free?
  12. My 11 year old DD was diagnosed in February with Celiac. Blood tests and Endoscopy were slightly postitive, but still positive. My DS, DH and I were all negative. My recommendation would be to keep your child on gluten and get an Endoscopy done if you want. I have noticed a huge difference in my DD since we have gone gluten-free. Her's is mainly behavior and headaches. Good luck.
  13. Thanks everyone. This information has made it a lot easier
  14. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! Now I can communicate with everyone