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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Canyon Bakehouse?

    Thank you for this, it does make me feel better. I ate just plain rice a couple of hours ago and still feel really sick, I think I just have to take it easy, it seems like when I get sick I just can't eat things for a while and it sucks. omg yeah that sucks, blah. I get SUPER bad joint pain too, mostly in my hips, it makes me feel like i'm 80 years old. It seems like there are other things I am having reactions to and can't pinpoint what they are. I'm wondering if I should cut out allll dairy and soy, I haven't cut out soy before and never really paid attention. idk. it sucks it's so up and down brown rice noodles seem to make me nauseas, it seems like only quinoa pasta sits perfectly with me, everything else makes me feel kind of sick. I sometimes wonder if I'm developing a problem with rice? ughh
  2. Canyon Bakehouse?

    No lol it's the opposite, I'm trying to look for validation that things ARE safe to eat. I've been trying a lot of new things the last few months and was doing well but then got very sick as a result of trying, and I'm starting with the one new food a week rule and trying to find things that will be safe to add. I just want to make sure I'm getting some input as to whether it's a good idea to try something or not, because the one time I didn't do it, with the stupid tortillas, it set me way back and I am moving soon and have to work and save up my money and I can't afford to be bedridden for weeks or laying around in the hospital
  3. Canyon Bakehouse?

    Yeah they suck so much! Sounds like we're pretty similar then lol blahh not fun! Yeah for sure. I do eat starkist tuna in water, and peanut butter as my sources for protein and the tuna does not seem to make me sick. I make a lot of stir fries and things like that, and pizza with the udi's pizza crust which are always super good. I finally tried olive oil the past couple days and could not tolerate it even though I spent days researching to find what was supposedly the safest one and now I'm sick again but caught it quickly. Oh nice, that's good I bet and thank you I think I'll switch over to that. I'd like to find tortillas I can have instead of the bread, but have yet to find any I know are safe. Are there any you can tolerate, do you know? A lot of people say mission brand, is it actually safe from CC though?
  4. Canyon Bakehouse?

    I see people posted at the very bottom saying it is actually certified, but I was unsure if this person was actually getting sick or not because from my experience, if anyone has ever gotten sick from a product I will almost surely get sick
  5. Canyon Bakehouse?

    I can tolerate other things but I'm scared to try a lot of things, too. I've had a lot of "gluten-free" things make me sick, and yeah I have a GI doctor. If things are made in a dedicated facility then I'm fine, like Enjoy life products are something I eat without a problem. And I've eaten a ton of those fruity pebbles treats ever since I was diagnosed. But Amy's makes me sick which I've seen is common anyway, food for life, same story there. All lay's products etc etc. I eat glutino, schar, udi's and enjoy life products but I have to be careful of glutino now because of some of their stuff packed with eggs and dairy. Pamela's made me really sick every time I ate it and Bob's Red Mill made me sick too. Haven't found beans or chips I could have without feeling crappy yet, blah. And once I'm glutened I'm screwed, I don't get the stomach cramps and D for a few days( I WISH!) I'm bedridden for 2 weeks, with a billion symptoms, severe nausea and terrible weight loss and muscle wasting, paleness etc. and neurological ones pretty bad. (myoclonus and tremors, dizziness, brain fog, depression, at my low point I had a crappy seizure)
  6. Canyon Bakehouse?

    Okay good to know, and I'm not sure actually, I do know that I react really easily to CC and was told I'm supersensitive, I do best when literally all I'm eating is rice and vegetables, but I have been able to eat gluten-free crackers and stuff, only glutino ones. the nut this, crunchmaster etc. make me sick. It seems like most processed foods make me sick, I'm a poor college student who cannot grow my own food or anything so I do need to try store bought products or else I'll starve. It's hard to tell, I've only been gluten-free just under a year and still trying to figure out what does and doesnt effect me.
  7. Has anyone tried their products? Right now I eat Udi's bread and I really love it. But the store I shop at here has a bunch of canyon bakehouse prodcuts they rave about and their cranberry muffins look SO good and I've been eyeballing them for months. But I haven't gotten them because I saw someone on this forum saying that they aren't trustworthy or certified (even though it says they are?) and saying they got all sick from their products and stuff and they sounded pretty pissed... so idk which is true, are they safe or not safe? They look good and I'm tired of just wondering...
  8. Muti Vitamins

    I take Slice of Life Multi+. They're gummies and taste wonderful which is great if you have a hard time swallowing horse pills like I do. Take two a day and the container lasts a month. I notice a big difference when taking them, I feel much better. I have been taking them for about 5ish months and so far they're great. I get them at my health food store, this is what they look like: Multi + vitamins
  9. Tea - Super Sen.

    In case anyone sees this in the future,I finally did get an email back from Twinings and this is what it says enjoy the tea!
  10. Tea - Super Sen.

    I drink tea ALL the time, stash is said to be safe and I drink it the most and haven't had problems with it to my knowledge. I sure hope twinings is safe! I'm just coming out of a glutening at the moment and started drinking their peppermint herbal tea yesterday, so that would be a disaster if it weren't. So far so good. I emailed the company asking so I will post here when I get a response. Funny that drinking excess amounts of tea causes high blood pressure, I drink tea constantly and have been for years, and my blood pressure, if anything, is actually a bit on the low end.
  11. Also, I am wondering about making a big bowl of mixed cut up veggies for the next day or 2 to snack on, but was wondering if that may be harsh on my system since sometimes veggies like lettuce carrots celery etc. are said to be slightly more difficult to digest? Should I avoid that and stick with the fruit or do you think maybe it would be fine? Any certain fruits or veggies/combinations anyone knows to be good when you're in the healing process? I love all fruits and vegetables and am not picky, I'm just assuming some are probably a better idea than others?
  12. Thank you I'm so irritated I didn't check into it like I normally do, I hadn't known what a crappy company they are, how pathetic. It seems the only brands I can trust are glutino, schar, and enjoy life. I also live off of fruity pebbles snacks and envirokids bars and those don't bother me either, same with Larabars as far as I know. I have a really hard time finding meats that I know are safe, which is funny because just plain meat shouldn't be something to worry about, I just live off of tuna and peanut butter for protein, because it seems all the meat I find has stuff added to it or doesn't say what's in it so idk what to trust because I have to know for sure. Ahh I actually did get the pacific natural broth but after triple checking on this forum saw some people saying they react, and someone said that a bunch of people in a support group react and all refuse to eat it so that's all I needed. I'm like the canary in the mine, if even someone out there has a reaction chances are I'm going to as well. Blahh. Thanks! Ahh I know how that goes, it sounds like we are similar And after reading your about me I had the same thing, a TON of health problems but never the biopsy, and had the blood tests months after going gluten free but the difference without gluten is like day and night, that's the only thing that makes sense and fits perfectly. It's a defeating feeling, it sucks soo much! Thank you for all the advice, I will definitely have to try those things. How do you get the chicken, how is it packaged and are there certain brands or something that are safe? The only ones I can find here are in the frozen section and they say they have broth added so I don't trust it, but I haven't checked every store in my city. The avocados are a good idea, I make this guacamole I LOVE but I don't make it often, I do know the avocados would be good for the nutrition though so I should do that. Yes actually when I was first healing and first started my gluten free diet I used to drink ensure every day. For some reason I could only drink small amounts of it because it would make me nauseas, but then again I had to force feed myself everything I ate and I made myself eat every hour regardless of whether or not I was hungry, and that helped me heal pretty well, I think. Maybe I should just try the initial healing routine all over again. I've been eating bananas and small fruits here and there and living off of peppermint and ginger tea, and last night I was able to have some rice that actually made my stomach feel AMAZING and it was wonderful. Woke up feeling like crap again but now I'm better than yesterday already and eating a little more. Getting glutened sucks so much it seriously feels like your whole life stops and you can't do anything! Thanks a lot for the advice, that is interesting. I actually never thought about trying anything like that, I have to try it for sure. And as far as the pumpkin goes I love pumpkin so I'm sure that would both do my body some good and be delicious too! I'll try some of these things, today I'm finally starting to get that "healing" feeling in my gut and I know I'll be able to eat more and more. Are there specific nut brands or brands of almond butter that are safe and good? I've wanted to use nuts a lot but could never find straight answers everywhere, I found out blue diamond has CC and could not find anything on fisher brand.
  13. My mom just left to the store with a list of things, I honestly can't find anything helpful online so idk what to do, I want soup but I haven't found a 100% safe broth and the stores in my city dont sell just legit plain chicken it always has broth and junk added to it so I can't make my own broth out of anything other than just onion and potato. I'm having her get some celery and carrots, and some schar bread so I at least have something. I can't live off of tea and bananas forever, I lose weight very rapidly because my metabolism is so high and it makes me really weak. This sucks so much. I really wish I hadn't eaten those stupid tortillas. I can't help but bawl my eyes out because I feel so betrayed by my own body and by these stores who sell "gluten free" safe items omg.
  14. Thank you, I do usually try to make a lot of my own things but right now im so weak i cant even get out of bed and you can literally see every one of my bones. I feel like I'm dying, and I really need something fast because it's to the point where it feels like it's an emergency and I need something ASAP. My family is freaked out because I look like a skeleton and I can't go anywhere or do anything, I just really am desperate for help at this point. I need something I can eat that is fast so I don't starve to death because I already am starting to.