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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Silent Celiac

    Very good point regarding not knowing the true state of damage! Any recommendations for restaurants while I'm there? :-)
  2. Silent Celiac

    That was the question i was looking for feedback on. I had been eating gluten every day for years and years and stopped when I had no villi damage. Aside from some very infrequent contamination, I've been very diligent. What I was throwing out there was how much non-reversible damage could be done with brief contamination? Put another way, had I been diagnosed a week later initially, would permanent damage had been done? My mind's not made up. And thank you! Looking forward to it!
  3. Silent Celiac

    As an aside, I was positively glutened once at work. A co-worker decided to use the coffee strainer for her pasta, believe it or not. I cheated for a couple of meals last October over a 48 hour time period while on vacation, and ate a snack that possibly could have been contaminated last month after a surgery. Other than that, I'm incredibly diligent about it, but in each event, I never felt sick. I take what you say very seriously. I treat it that if you're going to cheat a little bit, you're doing as much damage as if you ate anything in the world you wanted. I guess what I don't hear discussed often and was looking for input on was this. For a person with no detectable villi damage who is diagnosed celiac presumably in the very early stages, who maintains a strict gluten free diet and is glutened for brief, isolated periods with no manifestations who then resumes a strict gluten free diet for extended periods, what is the likelihood for cumulative, non-reversible damage? I have to imagine that in the past eighteen months have consumed less gluten than I would have should my original diagnosis had been made a day later. I'm going to London and Wales. We're renting an apartment so I have every hope that many of our meals will be as gluten free as possible. (I can't guarantee how safe the pots and pans are...) There just may be isolated periods where I want to sample something.
  4. Silent Celiac

    Contamination not continuation.
  5. Silent Celiac

    Hi all, In trying to determine the cause of a slightly elevated liver enzyme 18 months ago, I discovered I was a celiac. I had not experienced any symptoms to that point and the biopsy showed white blood cells in the area but no damage to the villi. I suspect I caught it very early. As my wife is slightly gluten intolerent, we went all out eating gluten free and are ridiculously careful about cross contamination, especially considering I wouldn't know if I was contaminated. In terms of cheating on my diet, given the condition of my villi and lack of symptoms, I set the bar very high. I have only cheated the day after kidney stone surgery (I suspect some continuation with a snack I was craving) and while on vacation (two day period and only for a couple of meals.). Otherwise, I will drive 50 miles for a gluten free meal over risking it. I plan to be vacationing out of the country for two weeks this month and plan to relax my diet somewhat out of necessity. I recognize many of you see this as poisoning and could never do so yourselves, but my shoutout question is how much long term damage could inconceivably do with mild gluten exposure over a two week period. We plan to home cook most of our meals but it will be much more difficult to be as careful as we are used to being.
  6. Thank you so much for that, Lisa! I've been incredibly diligent about keeping any trace of gluten out of my foods because I am concerned about doing more damage that I just don't want to miss the possibility that it was anything else. Thanks for putting my mind at ease! I have a fatty liver diagnosis and am a carrier for Alpha 1 antitrypsin deficiency so I think there are enough liver variables to cause what is admittedly, a very slight uptick in one enzyme. I'll see what they say this week. Thanks again!
  7. Thanks for replying Lisa! Just to ask the crazy-man question I was dreading with my results this morning - given the biopsy results - it couldn't be misdiagnosis and that I had some other type of autoimmune disease, in your knowledge? With the lack of symptoms and now that the ttg iga was normal I was freaking out a bit. That's great that your levels normalized after a year! I honestly can say I haven't noticed a difference in the past six months. I have been incredibly careful about gluten intake and I can't point to any point where I've been glutened, so it's possible if I'd been a bit less careful I might have seriously felt it by this point!
  8. Hi all - I posted on these boards six months ago when diagnosed with Celiac. In preparation for my six month followup I got the blood work done in advance of the appointment and I have a concern as I sit here a week out. I'm hoping you can help! First of all, I went to the GI doc initially because of an elevated ALT enzyme level. They did the Celiac test on a whim. I was shocked when they told me I had it. These were my results from six months ago: Iga was 261, with normal range 69-309. Ttg iga was 45.62, with normal of 0-15. Ttg igg was 4.62 and negative. AMA was negative. SMA was negative. ANA was positive at 1:40, negative above that, and speckled. Normally negative at 1:40. Fatty liver. ALT to 55. Normal range 0-55 at that hospital, but my hospital's range 0-40. I've been as high as 73. This is what brought me to them. Antitrypsin deficiency carrier. They did a biopsy and here were the results there. "Final Pathologic Diagnosis: A. Duodenum Biopsy - Duodenal mucosa with increased intraepithelial lymphocytes and normal villous architecture; (see note) Note: A CD3 immunostain demonstrates increased intraepithelial lymphocytes throughout most of the architecturally preserve villi. Although non-specific, in conjunction with the known positive serum IgA TTG, the findings support a diagnosis of celiac disease. Gross Description - Received in formalin, is .4 x .3 x.1 cm aggregate of tissue fragments. Entirely in A1." And so we throw out the pots and pans, bury the toaster in the back yard, and I've made it my goal in life not to come into contact with a molecule of gluten anything for the past six months. These are the blood test results I get back this week in preparation for my appointment. Iga was 239, with normal range 66-436. Ttg iga was <1.2, with normal of <4. Ttg igg was 4.62 and negative. ALT to 54. Normal range 0-35 at that hospital. So of course, with the ALT still high and the TTG iga at normal after six months, I am hoping I was not misdiagnosed with Celiac six months ago. Is it normal for that level to drop so suddenly and can the ALT still remain elevated? Any words of wisdom would be most helpful!
  9. First Gi Doc Appt

    Your TTY levels are similar to mine. I believe the endomysial reading is the genetic test for Celiac Disease (I did not have that test) but at the very least is as clear cut and accurate as you can possibly get. Best of luck on your endoscopy (It is a snap) and let us know your results!
  10. First Gi Doc Appt

    I recently had a positive blood test for Tissue Transglutaminase antibodies, which was reported on the test as TTG AB IGA, and my understanding is that virtually all Celiacs will have a positive hit on this particular test, but not all positive hits as necessarily Celiacs, as it can indicate other autoimmune issues. They will follow up with the endoscopy to confirm the finding and report back on the degree of damage. In my case it was the GI doc who performed the test and later did the endoscopy, so I would imagine the GI specialist will schedule you for the endoscopy and do other followup bloodwork.
  11. First Gi Doc Appt

    Hi Christine, Which specific blood tests did you have?
  12. Thank you everybody for the information. That was exactly what I was looking for! I'm about to go and restock the shelves with gluten free products so I'm not walking around the house drooling. Plenty of gluten free wraps and buns so I can at least look at the local burger joint without tearing up.
  13. Hi all, In terms of the DH, it was something my wife looked at when she was trying to figure out her skin issues. When she looked at pictures of DH, it looked nothing like what she had, which appeared more like eczema, although I'm sure that's not the most reliable way of doing things! Matters were made worse for her because before we got to a dermatologist, her PCP put her on a sulfa-based cream for a burn on her arm that she had a horrible allergic reaction to (we thought it was an infection), and it took us a few days to realize that the growing rash was the size and shape of her bandage. We're going to transition into a fully gluten free house by the next couple of weeks to hopefully eliminate cross contamination, but as was said here, there's nothing we can really do about her work, for her or for me. The only saving grace is she works for Whole Foods which delves more into the gluten free areas than other bakeries or supermarkets, but unfortunately, it's not a gluten free kitchen there. Fingers crossed! As for the cats, of course, it's not that simple. I adopted two cats last year, and a month later the cute one had an intercession and needed emergency surgery. They weren't sure if a particular allergy contributed to her belly issues so they have her on a hypoallergenic diet, which cuts down on the available options of what I can feed her. I may decide to just live in the shed before the week is over. Could I trouble anyone here to offer a second, and perhaps third opinion on the biopsy results I received in the mail?
  14. And followup stupid question of the day, but do the symptoms generally follow villi damage? I wondered if the normal villi was why I might be asymptomatic.
  15. Thanks Lisa! My TTG IGA was 45.62, with the normal range being 0-15. My antigliadin antibodies were both normal. When that was the only result I had back, I had read online that, "TTG false positivity has been described in patients with both type I diabetes and autoimmune hepatitis. Theoretically, it can also be falsely positive in other autoimmune disease." As I'm asymptomatic and had mildly elevated LFT/fatty liver, I was afraid it would be one of the other issues mentioned above. I guess my issue when I posted today was do I have two inconclusive results that together may mean celiac's disease or two inconclusive results that together almost certainly mean celiac disease. Put another way, intraepithelial lymphocytes couldn't mean anything else, right? And thank you very much!!!