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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Stomach Swells

    I may have to keep a food log, but I eat a lot of the same foods and haven't been able to detect anything. I'm lactose intolerant so I generally avoid dairy or take a supplement. I do also have diverticulosis, and I'm starting to think it may be related to that... I'll have to get more serious with it and see if I can't narrow down a food or something.
  2. Stomach Swells

    Hello! I've been dealing with celiac disease for about eight months now. I find that I still have severe stomach swells. It just comes and goes randomly and doesn't seem related to anything specific. For example, this morning I was getting ready for work and my stomach was so swollen that I could hardly wear my jeans. About five hours later the swelling had gone down, and I was literally holding my jeans to keep them from falling down! I also get asked "Awww, when are you due?" And that's no fun (thank goodness no one has tried to touch my belly, lest they be back-handed for invading my bubble!). I have this issue so frequently and it's very annoying. I started taking Probaclac Extra-Strength Probiotics around June and for a couple of months the swelling was nearly gone! Now it's back though. Does anyone experience this? Is there anything you have found that works well?
  3. Today I Celebrate Celiac !

    Congrats! That's awesome! :>
  4. Best Gluten Free Pizza Ever

    I'm going to check that out! Thanks!
  5. Yeah, But Yours Wasn't Real

    Oh my goodness! I just bursted out laughing and my husband turned and gave me that, "God, you're so strange" look.
  6. Yeah, But Yours Wasn't Real

    It's funny, cause little jokes like that make me feel better! I also have always had a tendency to feel more comfortable in the presence of "humor." I got a new job position just as I was going gluten-free and I'm in a completely new building with completely different people now. I've chosen so far to keep my gluten-freeness (I know that's not a real term, but oh well) to myself. I just don't want people to make a big deal of it, or think I'm making a big deal of it.
  7. Best Gluten Free Pizza Ever

    Johnny Brusco's has a gluten-free pizza and I want to try it, but I haven't been out in a while... Unfortunately I checked and there are no Red Brick's in my area. I've been really wanting some pizza but the frozen gluten-free ones are so expensive!
  8. IHOP

    I was curious about IHop. My husband has been wanting to go, but I couldn't find much ingredient information on their website so I was afraid I would just be asking for eggs as plain as I could get them. I am glad to know they put pancake batter in their eggs though...that just seems strange!
  9. Starbucks Reply

    I am so glad to see this! I had found a lot of conflicting information so I had contacted Starbucks and was pretty disappointed with the response. I just recieved it today. My e-mail: --- Original Message --- From: Christen Received: 2/25/12 8:41:10 PM MST To: <sbxinfo@buf.sitel.net> Subject: allergens Hello! I adore Starbucks, but I have recently been diagnosed with Celiac Disease and I can no longer eat anything that includes gluten! I know the website states that Starbucks can't assure anything is allergen-free due to cross-contamination, but is there any way I can find out if there is gluten in any of the syrups or ingredients used to make the blended coffees and beverages? I have attempted to find the information online, but I have found a lot of conflicting information. Thanks so much for any help or assistance you can offer! I'm surely hoping I can still have a Starbucks every now and then... Have a great day! Christen ========================================================= Starbucks reply: From: Starbucks Customer Care <info@starbucks.com> Date: Wed, Feb 29, 2012 at 11:25 AM Subject: Re: allergens <<#602160-7844277#>> To: Dear Christen, Thank you for contacting Starbucks. While we understand that some customers may have a need to know specific ingredient information prior to consuming a product, unfortunately we are unable to provide more in-depth information than what is currently available in the ingredient portion of the website. If there are concerns about this product possibly containing an ingredient that you do not wish to consume, we would recommend that product not be consumed. Thanks again for writing us. I hope you have a Starbucks day! If you ever have any questions or concerns in the future, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Ryan F Customer Relations Starbucks Coffee Company 800 STARBUC (782-7282) Monday through Friday, 5 AM to 8 PM (PST) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  10. I've been gluten-free for almost two weeks. My stomach is better and the abdominal pain is gone, but I have been having horrendous headaches. At work today I nearly tossed off my headset, crawled under my desk, and assumed the fetal position! I spent the whole weekend with my head buried in pillows and blankets over my head... I hope I'll be feeling as good as you soon!
  11. Oh my...I would definitely be giving them a call!
  12. Awkward Meals Out

    Yay! I'm glad you've decided to go! You'll have to let us know how it goes. :>
  13. Weight Issues

    I've never been small, but I'm 5'3" and when I was healthier (about 19 years old) I was about 145 pounds. Over the past four years (I'm now 23) I've gained weight continually, regardless of what I tried. In July I hit my all time high of 275 pounds. In August my weight started dropping and hasn't stopped. I've been very ill since then... Now, I'm only one week gluten-free, so not enough to affect my weight, but I'm 200 pounds. I guess the disease hit a really bad spot...? I'm not sure because my eating hasn't changed until just now.
  14. I am about to go home and cook some rice, green beans, and cod. My diet has been mostly consisting of rice and fish here lately since it seems to be the only thing my stomach can easily tolerate...